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163 cm


Tone & Shape - Intermediate

Reason to start The Challenge

I did my first challenge in Feb this year and I decided I want to keep going and smash some more goals.

When I did the first challenge I decided to join as I really wanted to get healthier and have more healthy habits in regards to eating and exercise.

What did you like most about The Challenge?

I like that the plans are so easy to follow, and that they change every 4 weeks. I love the support that is available online.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

The hardest part for me this time was the emotional and mental side of things I faced and had to get through to complete the challenge.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

The challenge has had such a positive impact on my life and it has made me believe in myself again. To believe that I can achieve what I set my mind to. That I can be a stronger and more healthier version of myself.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

Do it!!! Just take the leap and go for it, it is amazing!!!

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

It was a roller coaster ride for me because of my own personal issues I faced this challenge. After 17 years I finally lost all my pregnancy weight from my first son William. William was stillborn at 40 weeks and I held onto the extra weight for a long time because when I have tried to lose it before, I found I self sabotaged as it was too painful for me to face.

This challenge made me realise as hard as it was, I was ready to lose the weight.

It was tough going for me mentally and emotionally because of this but I'm so proud of myself that I did it. I never thought I would be able to before but the challenge helped me realise I could.


  • Monique Eedy
    12 Aug 2017
    7:47 AM


    Took my after photos today and I'm so happy ❤️ I lost 10.1 kilos doing this challenge and I'm so proud of myself for all my hard work this year and what I have achieved

  • Monique Eedy
    9 Aug 2017
    11:58 AM

    Pretty excited today. At the start of this challenge I attempted to do a real full on push up and I fell straight on my face lol When I did the first challenge in Feb I struggled to even do push up's on my knees, they were so hard to do! Today I did 3 full on push up's! I was so excited! One of my goals was just to be able to do 1 full on push up, by the end of this challenge, so to do 3 today, I'm so happy 😊

  • Monique Eedy
    4 Aug 2017
    5:23 PM

    One of my friends gave me a size 8 dress, at first I was like nah don't give it to me it won't fit but they were like just try it on and what do you know it fits!!! I know they are just numbers on the back of clothes but it was still exciting that I am wearing a size 8 dress as I haven't been that size since high school and I'm 38!!! Not long to go now ❤️

  • Monique Eedy
    31 Jul 2017
    7:09 PM

    So I got to wear my two new dresses on the weekend. First dress I wore when I was in a local karaoke final and I ended up being 1 of the 4 finalists selected to compete in the QLD final in September ❤️ I was really happy with how I sung and performed and loved feeling confident in my new dress. Second dress got worn in Brisbane. Stuart and I went away for the weekend, kid free for the first time ever! So I wore the second dress out to dinner in Brisbane. We both stuck to our plans and it was easy with so many food places near where we stayed, including max brenner! Last 2 weeks of the challenge! I admit I'm not feeling 100 percent this week but I still went to gym today and did the best I could do. Looking forward to taking my after photos at the end of this but I'm already so happy with how I have gone this year and how I look, so I'm not stressed at all about the photos like I was the first time around (don't know why I stressed back then as I was like omg when I saw them). Hope everyone else is smashing it out and I can't wait to see everyone else's transformations from these 12 weeks 😊

  • Monique Eedy
    26 Jul 2017
    1:50 PM

    So this happened today!! Needed to buy a dress (so got two because there was a sale lol) and both were size 10! It's been 20 years since I have had clothes saying size 10! So pretty excited today ❤️ Also for anyone out there who gets disillusioned by the scales, the last time I weighed myself my weight hasn't changed for 3 weeks but my clothes are looser! So don't let the scales make you think that you aren't working hard or that body isn't changing.

  • Monique Eedy
    25 Jul 2017
    10:20 PM

    Transformation Tuesday! The photo on the left was taken in December 2016 and the photo on the right the end of June 2017 😊 Feeling so happy with how far I have come ❤️ I really love my body now. Less than 3 weeks to go with the challenge now 😊

  • Monique Eedy
    16 Jul 2017
    5:27 PM

    I broke one of my fingers at hockey over the weekend and my left hand is swollen and so sore. It's only a little break so they said about 2 weeks to heal. Just means I will have to go about doing the challenge a bit differently then I planned for these last four weeks. I won't be starting the weights side of the program for a few days till my hand settles down, so it's cardio for me until then. This isn't the way that I saw things going with the challenge but I refuse to give up and I will keep doing the best I can.

  • Monique Eedy
    13 Jul 2017
    9:25 PM

    Photo on the left is when I started my first challenge in Feb and the photo on the right was taken for the week 8 check in this challenge. I'm really happy with how my body looks and feels now. I happy with what I weigh and just feeling so good about myself. So whatever happens in the last 4 weeks will just be a like a bonus to me 😁

  • Monique Eedy
    8 Jul 2017
    11:29 AM

    I have written on here not that long ago about the mental battle I'm facing with this challenge and I admit I'm finding this second round so much harder mentally than the first. I did something this morning I said I wouldn't till check in, I weighed myself. Now I'm only 200 grams away from losing all the weight from my first pregnancy...where my son William was stillborn and I nearly died. It's been 17 years this October since I lost him. Nearly 17 years of holding onto the weight from his pregnancy, that's a bloody long time to hold onto something, and it might not make sense to others why it's so hard to let go off but it makes sense to me. So I've had a cry today and getting through my workout was tough because of my mind. But through it, some clarity came. I have learned through grief and pain over the years, the only way is through. There's no getting over and you can only run away or try to delay facing it before it makes you face it. So right now it's painful but once I finally lose this weight, I won't have to face this part ever again. Even if I put weight back on, that weight won't have any connection to William. Instead of seeing it as losing a part of him again, I could see it as just another thing I do in his memory. I wish I could say that makes me hurt less, it doesn't but that's what will get me through. I have been through a lot in life, just like so many other people have and sometimes it's the time when you feel your weakest you discover your strength, your courage. Crying doesn't make you weak, struggling doesn't make you weak, it just means your human.

  • Monique Eedy
    5 Jul 2017
    4:37 PM

    The first photo was taken in July 2016 and the second was taken July this year. We both have been working really hard to get healthier and after I did my first challenge this year in Feb, and we decided to do this one together. We aren't a perfect couple, we have broken up and got back together more than once, so no point pretending we are couple goals or anything like that lol We love each other though and I'm glad we are doing the challenge together this time and that we can encourage and support each other through it. He helps me push myself harder when it comes to the weight sessions and I push him to make sure he does cardio lol Unlike the majority of people, I love cardio lol he hates cardio lol We both have been getting hangry at times during the challenge but we haven't killed each other.....yet lol I think if we can get through doing this challenge together, then we can get through anything lol

  • Monique Eedy
    4 Jul 2017
    4:44 PM

    Transformation Tuesday! The first photo was taken on 12th of November 2016 and the second photo was taken on July the 1st 2017! All up since joining the gym at the end of November I have lost 20.3 kgs. Doing my first challenge in Feb helped lose the majority of that and this challenge is helping me to lose more. Pretty happy now with my weight so focusing more on getting stronger and fitter. Really proud of myself for how far I have already come and can't wait to see how much further I have got by the end of this challenge.

  • Monique Eedy
    28 Jun 2017
    11:28 AM

    Got my top 50 shirt in the mail from my 1st challenge I did in Feb this year. Had an awesome cardio session today, I got up to 16 mins of running straight today and did 24 mins in total. 10 of those minutes I did at a faster speed than before as well. Feeling really good this week and strong ❤️

  • Monique Eedy
    25 Jun 2017
    8:32 AM


    It's been 17 years since my weight started with a 6! To think only 8 months ago it started with a 9. After my emotional meltdown about my weight loss earlier this week, I have decided I'm really happy to see a weight starting with 6 and I'm making no more goals to do with weight. My goals from now on will be about fitness and strength ❤️ I won't be weighing myself every week anymore, I will just do it for the 8 week and 12 week ins.

  • Monique Eedy
    24 Jun 2017
    6:29 PM

    I played hockey today and we only had 8 players against a team with 11 and subs and we won! I also scored the second goal of the game and that's my third goal for this season! I also did my gym session in the morning. After playing a defending position for years, it certainly is taking getting use to being put as a forward. I have played hockey for a lot of my life and even as a bigger person I played and ran. Obviously doing the first challenge and this one has done wonders for my fitness and running. I have had a couple of people playing on opposite teams say things to me jokingly of stop losing weight, you run too much now! One of the ladies today said omg you run too much I just want to chop off your legs!!! Hahahha I am just really loving playing again especially after last year where I only played 4 games before I ended up in hospital with pancreatitis and ended up having to get my gall bladder removed. During the 1st month of this challenge I had a fortnight where I played 7 games of hockey, because of catching up on rained out games. I'm so sore tonight after doing the new program this week, but it feels good as I know I'm working hard. Can't believe we just about at week 6 already!

  • Monique Eedy
    23 Jun 2017
    4:32 PM

    Week 5 and the new program, omg I am so sore! Wore my new Wonder Woman leggings to gym today, they are a size medium. The last leggings I bought were size large and getting big on me now. These leggings fit so well and I felt awesome in them today.

  • Monique Eedy
    21 Jun 2017
    12:52 PM

    Still feeling a bit flat today but I got my workout done. The first photo I took on the 1st of Feb and the second photo this week at the start of week 5 of my second round of Maxine's challenge. I've worked really hard this year and I'm really proud of myself. Looking forward to seeing what more has changed by the end of this challenge.

  • Monique Eedy
    20 Jun 2017
    3:37 PM

    What's on my mind? A lot is on my mind and my heart at the moment. I have been doing well with the challenge and I am physically feeling stronger everyday. But mentally at the moment I'm struggling big time. When I did the first challenge I did write about how my first son William was still born at 40 weeks pregnancy and I nearly died from preeclampsia in 2000. I never lost all the weight from his pregnancy. I think I've held onto it for so long for psychological reasons. In the past when I have even lost a little bit of the weight from his pregnancy I have self sabotaged and put the weight back on. This is the furthest I have got, I only have 2.8 kilos to lose and all the weight will be gone from his pregnancy. I had made my goal weight my pre pregnancy weight from him but today I decided I needed to change it. Today I actually cried at the gym because I just couldn't stand the thought anymore of that being my goal weight. I couldn't stand the thought of celebrating when I get to that weight. I'm struggling because to me it feels like if I lose all the weight, (which it looks like I will really soon) then I lose a part of him again and today the thought of it all just hurt. I kept thinking will it hurt if I just hold onto this little bit of weight for a little longer....I know it won't be long before it really does go. Thankfully my partner was at gym with me today and so I was able to talk to him and him give me a hug which helped. I know I have said this year that after 17 years I felt ready to let go of this weight and I have done well so far, it just looks like the last few kilos will be the hardest on me, not physically but mentally. I still finished my workout today, I felt like I really needed to work out, especially because of how I felt. So right now it's hard on me, physically the workouts are hard but rewarding. Mentally it's really tough going but I'm not giving up.

  • Monique Eedy
    19 Jun 2017
    5:45 AM


    Start of week 5 and I have lost 5.7 kilos! So I'm really happy with that. I am not far away from the goal weight I made for myself at the end of the first challenge, so I'm glad this challenge is going well too. 8 weeks to go!

  • Monique Eedy
    5 Jun 2017
    12:17 PM


    Start of week 3 and I have lost 4.4kg so far on the challenge. Not expecting to lose as many kilos this time around and I am ok with that. Haven't written much as just been really busy but loving doing the challenge again

  • Monique Eedy
    22 May 2017
    6:33 PM


    Day 1/84 and round 2 of the challenge for me! I loved what I achieved in the last challenge so I just wanted to keep going. Looking forward to smashing more goals over these next 12 weeks

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