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Although, at times, this challenge has been exactly that 'challenging', I have found it incredibly rewarding and educational. The encouragement and love from all involved has been so helpful and motivating. I have definitely learnt life long skills that I will be able to continue post challenge.



178 cm


Get Strong

Reason to start The Challenge

I have been an elite netballer for 10 years and have recently retired. I go to the gym 7 days and week and train my heart out; however, I see no changes. I feel this will be a sensational educational tool and therefore a lifestyle change.
I am excited to train my body properly and work hard to achieve something I am extremely proud of.

What did you like most about The Challenge?

Where do I even begin? Although, at times, this challenge has been exactly that 'challenging', I have found it incredibly rewarding and educational. As an ex-elite athlete I thought I knew and understood health, fitness and nutrition but wasn't I wrong. This challenge has taught me all about portion control, weight training and persistence. I have thoroughly enjoyed being in contact with the ambassadors and other participants. I have found their transformations inspiring and I'll be incredibly sad when it ends. The communication and contact between the participants and ambassadors has been so helpful. I was never embarrassed to write anything or ask any question... The forum has been amazing! The encouragement and love from all involved has been so helpful and motivating.
I have definitely learnt life long skills that I will be able to continue post challenge (until February).

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

For me the hardest thing would have been being social and continuing on the challenge. When I choose to commit to something, I do this 100% and throw everything into it. I certainly had to knock back a few social occasions as I would have found it extremely difficult to justify my decision 'not to drink' or 'not to eat chips and cheese'. That also was another difficult thing for me... Justifying my decision to take part in this challenge. For me, this has been an experience that does not end at 12 weeks but continues on from now. I have worked so hard and I am extremely proud of myself. Hopefully my friends will understand this too.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

This challenge has enabled me to reassess my health physically and mentally. I have learnt so much and I know that I will be able to pass this information on to my friends and those around me who are also interested.
Because of this challenge, I have managed to reignite my passion for nutrition and I look forward to the potential of future study in this area. As a PE teacher, I have managed to lead by expat and the girls I teach appreciate this, hugely. Such a rewarding experience.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

100% do it! Lock it in! Start now! Here is the program. Don't give up... Throw yourself in and the results will come. Trust the process. Believe in yourself and be passionate about change. This isn't a diet but a lifestyle. No regrets. Have the support from those around you, but finally, love yourself during this process.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

Thank you to those who designed this amazing transformation process/challenge. I am so proud of myself for completing this and have managed to inspire others while doing something I have loved. You helped me believe in myself and brought back a confidence that I had lost for so long. So, thank you!


  • Natalie Tommasini
    2 Nov 2015
    6:19 AM

    I haven't blogged for a while! So thought I would write one now... I can not believe we are in the final week. When I began this challenge over 13 weeks ago, I didn't think that I would learn so much and achieve what I have. It really is a life changing experience. I know about portion control, the importance of nutrition and weights/healthy lifestyle. I always thought I was healthy but this made me open my eyes a little more. My skin feels amazing from the veggies and clean eating. I have energy. I just wish I were sleeping more! one week to Go!

  • Natalie Tommasini
    27 Oct 2015
    2:25 PM

    I can't believe we have less than 2 weeks left... Crazy! hitting gym hard and enjoying myself while doing it. Definitely my happy place :)

  • Natalie Tommasini
    24 Oct 2015
    7:33 PM

    Feeling very flat! two weeks to go! People dont understand this challenge and why I am completing it. But I'm going to keep going. Gives me a goal. Love it.

  • Natalie Tommasini
    18 Oct 2015
    2:20 PM

    Hit the gym this morning... To be honest, looking forward to a sleep in when this 3 weeks is done! I can't remember the last time I actually slept in... But still powering through. Weights first, followed by a run with rower and burpees... Smashing it! just want the results :(

  • Natalie Tommasini
    17 Oct 2015
    11:59 AM

    Well last night shocked me with the 2kg weight gain! I have been 100% on everything... But with the help of the forum and some beautiful people, I have begun to feel a little better... Just hope it stays like that. I hit the gym for legs at 630am this morning, went on a massive incline walk and finished my session with a spin class... Bring on Saturday and the final few weeks of this amazing life experienCe :)

  • Natalie Tommasini
    16 Oct 2015
    9:58 PM

    Feeling average this week. Shark week... But I haven't had my time of the month for 8 weeks (since starting the challenge). I don't know why, but I havent and I'm on the pill. I also have gained 2kg and no idea... I'm gutted :( so deflated to head into last 4 weeks. I was so happy.

  • Natalie Tommasini
    13 Oct 2015
    11:08 AM

    Love the challenge, love the changes and loving how my skin feels. BUT... not loving how busy my gym is 24/7 and how hard it is to find the machines to super set! GRRRRR

  • Natalie Tommasini
    5 Oct 2015
    9:24 PM

    Day from hell. Smashed cardio twice today and weights. feeling so bloated 24/7 and disgusting. Feel like giving up. Car got hit tonight too. im so over it.

  • Natalie Tommasini
    4 Oct 2015
    4:52 PM

    This week I have felt up and down! Was a little unwell Friday night (to the point of hospital almost) but got through it with rest and water... Back in gym on sat and Sunday. Im working hard and back to school tomrorow. I prefer routine, so this is good. Been chatting with my partner about what after this? Ummmm, continue with the occasional treat. Loving it but hoping for big changes soon!

  • Natalie Tommasini
    29 Sep 2015
    6:02 PM

    It has been a while since I have written. As usual, I have followed the plan religiously and not swayed from the plan at all. However, I am permanently bloated and feeling huge. I can't get my head around it. On top of that, I am developing NO muscle in comparison to the others.

  • Natalie Tommasini
    23 Sep 2015
    9:44 PM

    Lots of cardio today but still feeling bloated. I want to wake up and feel great - ALL day!!!

  • Natalie Tommasini
    22 Sep 2015
    4:39 PM

    Today I felt good but then it hits afternoon and I feel crap. I don't get it. But I'll be ok. Happy with legs session today and took a day off cardio. Ready to smash out cardio twice tomorrow! Woo hoo... Love cardio!

  • Natalie Tommasini
    20 Sep 2015
    7:18 PM

    It's week 5 and I am feeling big than when I started. I'm not seeing any muscl definition and I am feeling really grumpy and gross. When do changes occur? I know it's a process but I want it now. I'm working so hard and following everything. when I eat, I feel gross

  • Natalie Tommasini
    14 Sep 2015
    7:28 PM

    Been away in NZ for 4 days... During this time: - I did NOT eat one thing out of the plan... The only problem is that I may have over eaten and not measured! So hard when you are out. I think the restaurants hated me by the end of the stay in Queenstown. - I resisted Fergburger... It was EVERY WHERE - Went to the wedding of the year and DID NOT touch one bit of alcohol or food out of line. It was HARD... Actually, it was SO hard. Everyone was so drunk and laughing etc... I felt out of place and brought my partner down I think too. But happy I did not eat or drink out of line! - Smashed the gym every day I was there. Even paid for a weights session at a gym! - Woke up at 3am (the day we left) so I could get my work out in before driving to the airport. All this said, I still FEEL LIKE CRAP! I do NOT get it... I hate it! Should be feeling awesome and I am not :( Hopefully a new plan etc will set me up!

  • Natalie Tommasini
    8 Sep 2015
    10:53 AM

    I am pretty happy with my week 4 check in! The scales say that I am down significantly and my skin feels great! I have alot of energy too - which is awesome! My measurements are between 4-6cm down too. Feeling really happy. I am excited to see what the next 4 weeks brings and I am hoping to start getting muscle definition now. Can't wait. That's all for now!

  • Natalie Tommasini
    5 Sep 2015
    7:54 PM

    Been having a good week with diet and exercise! I really feel like this has been a big learning curve. I thought I was healthy but what really did it for me was portion control. This has taught me that and also what to eat, when! I used to skip meals, hoping this would let me lose weight too... CRAZY thoughts! Went shopping today and bought smaller sizes - I am feeling great and VERY happy :)

  • Natalie Tommasini
    3 Sep 2015
    11:15 AM

    Feeling really flat today and starting to get sick. Just what I needme tidally and physically! Ill get there though... Hopefully changes soon :(

  • Natalie Tommasini
    31 Aug 2015
    11:06 AM

    Had a rest day yesterday and really enjoyed it! Love the rest days now! Never used to but now I appreciate them and understand the importance. Bring on Week 4 (officially week 3)...

  • Natalie Tommasini
    29 Aug 2015
    10:11 AM

    I have not blogged for over a week as I am using my Instagram account as my main method of motivation - nt15challenge - for anyone interested. I think I will keep this a weekly blog instead :) Massive week at work. I was exhausted. I am a teacher and year level coordinator and it was a tough week. But wouldn't change it for the world. I love my job and am passionate about health and fitness. I made it to the gym every day, again, this week and now I am looking forward to my day off tomorrow. My man and I are planning to go to the movies and see the Jake Gyllenhaul movie - can't wait. My cardio sessions this week were back at my old stomping grounds - Fighters Factory. It is a boxing/fighters factory and I am obsessed. I live close to an hour away, but made the journey out there twice this week. Weights are moving up and I am beginning to feel ok now. I am feeling less sluggish and have more energy. I am doing the Get Strong program on the Tone and Shape diet plan and I am not, surprisingly, hungry. I get the occasional craving for a sweet, but I am so committed to this, so no touching or buying them from me! I head to NZ in two weeks for a wedding (4 days). I am going to smash out two gym sessions there. But worried about my diet. I will be taking my bars, powder and nighttime, so that will be ok. Not drinking... I am not a big drinker anyway and have only drunk twice this year (Mexico and my 30th). So that shouldn't be a problem. More worried about what everyone will say. But who cares, doing it for me (and 6 weeks in Perth at the end of the year). Ready to smash out week 3 (but week 4 for me)... Can't wait. Loving the lifestyle change and I have learnt so much. Food portion being the main one! Maxines - can not wait till week 12 :)

  • Natalie Tommasini
    23 Aug 2015
    7:49 AM

    For the first time in about 12 months, I am giving myself a rest day. I cant help but feel guilty for it but I know my body needs one. Feeling sore in the shoulders today. My man is sick, so I don't want to overdo it and become sick too. Feeling good and really loving the program. However, struggling to go to the toilet. I have not been for days. This is so frustrating as I used to go 3/4 times a day. Heading to the nutritionalist for some digestive aid... I need it! Or I will be the size of a house. Looking forward to week 3 (but officially week 2). My meal planning is perfect and I am eating nothing off the plan. Really enjoying it and learning about portion control. I think this was where I really struggled before. I used to eat really well BUT eat SO much of it!

  • Natalie Tommasini
    21 Aug 2015
    9:38 PM

    Long day! Went to gym and managed to get 1 hour of cardio in but then the fire alarms went off and the entire gym/centre was evacuated. I called it quits from there. Weekends are hard and I find them the most challenging. Dads 70th Birthday on Sunday but I will be bringing my own salad; however, having some prawns with the family. Hopefully I do not feel guilty for this at all - probably will. Even though it is tuna and salad for lunch. See how I go. Over today!

  • Natalie Tommasini
    20 Aug 2015
    9:19 PM

    Today has been a busy day at work and I am buggered. I went to gym this morning and did spin, went back this afternoon and did some cross trainer and the weights program from get strong. I feel like nothing is changing and this is my second week on the program. Fingers crossed I begin to feel and see some changes soon - just feeling deflated. BUT will not crack at all.

  • Natalie Tommasini
    17 Aug 2015
    3:53 PM

    Day one of official challenge, although day 7 for me! I am loving the challenge so far and not even craving other goods. Occasionally I feel like some chocolate coated almonds but that is because I used to eat them every afternoon after teaching and before the gym... this will pass! Have discovered a new way to drink the shakes and LOVING it even more. I have a nutribullet and this makes them so fluffy and delicious - yum!

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