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152 cm


Get Strong - Intermediate

Reason to start The Challenge

I did the challenge last year and had great results, I'm disappointed in myself that I'm so unfit again.
I'm really hoping to keep some of the great habits going after this challenge.
I have roped in my husband for support at home.
I'm excited to be fit again!

What did you like most about The Challenge?

Feeling better within myself, feeling like a better, fitter and healthier me.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

Reminding myself to go to the gym when stressed rather than drink or eat unhealthy choices.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

I feel better in my every day clothing because they fit so much better, the gut overhang is not over hanging or being squished into my pants.
I'm so much more comfortable every day!

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

Do it!!!!!
Great support, great advice and great guidance, you will learn so much that you can use for the rest of your life.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

Thank you for everything!


  • Natalie Kay
    16 Apr 2018
    8:03 PM


    End of challenge: I just checked in, I actually want to keep going. I just entered the May challenge, I know I can keep the positive progress going. Yay!!

  • Natalie Kay
    8 Apr 2018
    6:38 PM

    Day 7, week 11; I'm feeling happy and sad the challenge is coming to an end. I have just decided to do the next challenge to keep my health and body in a good place. The time off the challenge should give me time to put my house as a priority for a bit to bring it back up to 'normal' cleanliness levels πŸ˜‰ I'm feeling good and I really want to keep the balance of house/fitness/life etc etc.... I want this me to be the 'normal me. I can only try!

  • Natalie Kay
    26 Mar 2018
    11:44 PM

    Day 1, week 10; Oooh! Almost 12 weeks. This workout plan is ripper! I was unable to workout more than once last week, so feeling doms this week, it's so interesting after all of the workouts that I can still get doms, it's a good feeling. Bring on the last few weeks, I'm feeling great and feel like I will have a couple of good habits to continue with after the challenge 😊

  • Natalie Kay
    18 Mar 2018
    12:04 PM

    Day 7, week 8; I picked a good light for these photos, I look like I have a tan! Only down 2kg from last check in though dam it's crazy how much change in shape I have for only 2kg weight difference. Obviously I'm happy with my progress😊 Mr is away on work from today to Friday evening, so gymming will be tough this week. New program woo!!

  • Natalie Kay
    7 Mar 2018
    3:58 PM

    Day 3, week 7; Positivity! I'm getting over a cold that has gone through the kids first, I had the last two days off to relax and recover which have been amazing. I'm feeling much better today, yay! I noticed my skin feeling softer a while back, one of the positive changes. My belly is still there, though I know it's smaller, my legs look smaller and when I'm lying down I have more down bits than up lumps. It's nice noticing changes, although they sound strange to explain. Doing the get strong program I'm definitely noticing a difference in my body, all positive.

  • Natalie Kay
    1 Mar 2018
    8:41 PM

    Day 4, Week 6; I'm exhausted, life/ kids/commitments/ work are getting the best of me. I'm struggling to eat my food at the right times and work out at the correct times, I'm basically keeping on track (not eating or drinking anything that's not on the plan) I can do it, I just need some help, which I won't get..... Next week I will focus more on the challenge.

  • Natalie Kay
    24 Feb 2018
    8:08 AM

    Day 5, Week 5; Dom, Dom, Doms......... All week! For me a new workout program = Doms.

  • Natalie Kay
    20 Feb 2018
    2:41 PM

    Day 2, Week 5; I'm slowly getting through the new program, lying leg circles....I'm confused by them, the forum addresses and answered my question, so I did them 'right' i didn't feel anything being worked, further investigation to be done!

  • Natalie Kay
    18 Feb 2018
    5:45 PM

    Day 7, Week 4 I just checked in, I'm feeling super flat and unmotivated. Life is a bit hectic at the moment and getting the better of me. Hopefully it will slowly improve in the coming week. I'm still holding my head up, just with a bit of support from my hands.

  • Natalie Kay
    12 Feb 2018
    12:42 AM

    Day 7, Week 3; I'm starting to not be able to finish my meals, a couple of days ago I forced down the last month full, today I just listened to my body and stopped when I was full. It was a good feeling! My body has adapted and is ready to smash out the last week of this part of the program and get stuck into the next exercise and eating plan! Very soon 😊

  • Natalie Kay
    10 Feb 2018
    12:15 PM

    Day 6, Week 3: I was starting to worry, I sometimes weigh myself in the morning, for body processing /recovery interest. On the 8th my weight was 66.6 On the 9th it was 66.6 This morning was 65.5..... Thank goodness, I thought I was about to summon the devil!

  • Natalie Kay
    4 Feb 2018
    4:28 PM

    Day 7, Week 2: I used my husband's Max's intraboost, cola flavour, Wow!! It was the most intense and long, strength gym work out I have ever done! I'm slightly worried I won't be able to do anything but roll out of bed tomorrow.... Ha ha, I will use it again, though not for every workout. I need to embrace this great mental and physical feeling, remind myself I can have it all of the time by eating well and exercising with the support from Maxine's products and team. Feeling good! :)

  • Natalie Kay
    3 Feb 2018
    5:46 PM

    Day 6, Week 2: I woke up feeling great! I can see my waist again and my breasts are getting smaller, a happy/sad moment, I have to chant to myself 'smaller breasts means less fat everywhere, which is good' I remember from my last challenge the first 4 weeks were the biggest weight loss weeks, then the changes tended to be more in my shape rather than weight. I'm excited to notice positive changes 😊

  • Natalie Kay
    29 Jan 2018
    3:20 PM

    Day 1, Week 2: I'm feeling like a fit person in an overweight body. My body is feeling so good with the food, internally, it's hard to describe. I can feel my muscles repairing, I can feel my stomach muscles, I feel when I shut my eyes or move that I don't look as I do, I feel like the coating of fat around me isn't there, I can't wait until this feeling and the reality align.

  • Natalie Kay
    25 Jan 2018
    8:43 PM

    Week 1: Missing Mr Nick, he is in Sydney and back tomorrow (Australia Day) I'm going to give him a big hug, then fang out of the driveway and to the gym. I'm loving the meal plan, and the day one leg day soreness has finally subsided...... Give me the gym!!!!

  • Natalie Kay
    17 Jan 2018
    6:58 PM

    Pre challenge: Wednesday 17th January 2018 I just uploaded my about self motivation! Thank goodness I'm signed up for the maxine's challenge! I find the photos hard to look at and accept as truth :( I'm looking forward to getting started.

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