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Nerrilee Myatt's amazing Maxine's Challenge transformation

  • Before
    90.0 kgkg
  • After
    74.70 kgkg

“Nutrition was a problem for me. I didn’t have a healthy relationship with food, so the biggest change is Maxine’s has set me on a good course.”



Tone & Shape

Reason to start The Challenge

I've completely let myself go while trying to balance work and family since having my little girl.
I actually can't believe I've hit 90kg. I'm feeling very low.

What did you like most about The Challenge?

I desperately need to do something about my weight as it was getting out of control. I was lost and doing the Maxine's challenge has completely saved me.
What I loved most was probably the weights sessions. I've never lifted before and I didn't expect to enjoy it so much. I think it was because of the weights that I was seeing changes in my body so quickly.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

Fitting in workouts was difficult for me. I work part time and have my husband and my little girl. Fitting my workouts in meant a lot of time away from them in the evenings and weekends. On my days off I would put my little girl in the gym crèche for a morning workout and I get the guilts every single time. Even though she enjoyed the crèche and what I was going was improving my healrh for all of us - it was still hard taking so much time for myself.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

I've done a lot of challenges, and paid for a lot of pt over the years. However each time I end up going back to my old ways and end up putting on more weight than I'd lost. Of all the challenges I've ever done, even ones I've been very successful at, I've never actually completed one. Ive always started putting weight back on before the end.
I'm not sure what has made Maxine's so different. The weights are addictive because you see such changes in your body.
I've always enjoyed being actuve but it's my nutrition that lets me down. Doing Maxine's has helped me to tune up my diet and think more about fueling my body for my workouts than eating for enjoyment all the time. I've become better at eating cleaner, which I never thought I would be able to do. I'm really intetested in a Paleo diet, in terms of cutting out processed foods.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

A previous challenger who had amazing results told me that she did exactly what was on the workout and nutritional plans. I desperately wanted the results others had gotten on this challenge and I committed to joining a gym and following the plans.
I would highly recommend the Maxine challenge to anyone struggling and wanting to change themselves for the better but I would tell them they do need to commit to it!

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

I'm so glad I did it! It has saved me!


  • Nerrilee Myatt
    16 Oct 2014
    4:40 PM

    I'm starting to feel so much better about myself now that the weight is coming off. I'm trying out sky fit with some friends tonight so I've spoiled myself with a new top :) I'm really getting into buying new gym gear.

  • Nerrilee Myatt
    16 Oct 2014
    8:15 AM

    I couldn't help myself. I had a sneaky weigh in to see how I was going.....

  • Nerrilee Myatt
    15 Oct 2014
    8:20 PM

    I took this photo this morning. I don't have abs yet but I am feeling nice and slim. I went shopping this morning for a bikini for final photos and I've booked in a fake tan. I'm putting a bit of effort in, to finish the challenge properly, but really it's not the end for me. I still have a long way to go. I'm 30 in about 6 months. At 90kg, I didn't think I'd be able to hit 30 being healthy and happy. But now we're almost finished the challenge and I'm down just over 13kg with one more weigh in to go. More importantly, it's taught me me so much about nutrition and exercise. Being involved in the Maxine's challenge has saved me!

  • Nerrilee Myatt
    10 Oct 2014
    9:42 PM

    I can't believe we are in week 11 and I'm still going strong. I've been eating really clean the last few days. It's been easy and I'm enjoying it. I never thought I'd be able to eat "clean" seriously but its been a process over the last 11 weeks to get to where I am now. I don't want this challenge to end!

  • Nerrilee Myatt
    27 Sep 2014
    11:59 AM

    I haven't blogged in a while. I think I was mostly blogging when I had troubles, where as now I'm really into the swing of things, going through the motions. I'm still going hard but it has gotten easier. I feel I'm a completly different person to the start of the challenge. I was unmotivated, had no energy. I was binge eating most days. I felt very low. However, now I feel like a completly different person than what I was. I feel like my old self. I'm keeping on track with my nutrition without too much trouble and I'm working out (usually) twice a day. I'm doing my weights but I'm trying to keep the cardio up as well as I still have a fair bit of weight to go.I'm down to 78kg. Which is a total of 12kg lost. I really wanted to be back to 68-70kgs by my 30th. I had 6 months and it just seemed an unreachable goal to loose 20kg plus. Maxine has really got me focused! Now I know I'll be getting to my 30th Birthday being a fit, happy, and healthy 30!I've lost 10kg a few times since having my little girl. It always comes off fairly easy but then I would put it back on within a month, and each time more came back on. I'm a classic yo yo dieter. This time really feels different though. Normally I calorie count and do as much cardio as possible which leaves me drained. And of all the 12 week challenges I've done, every one, I've started to give up around the 10 week mark and actually never finisehed one. This time I've reached week 8 and I'm going strong. They weight is coming off, but because of the Maxine workouts, I'm feeling strong. I have so much more energy, even thought I'm eating less and working out more.Another massive difference with this challenge is my nutrtion. In the past I would be dieting, but I would still eat take away and then do cardio to try and cover those calories. A maccas snack wrap is just over 200 calories and I would often have them for morning tea, thinking 200 calories was okay. This time, I'm just not eating take away. I just don't want to be eating it. I think byt eating better, I've lost my craving for that kind of food. Once or twice I've wanted something, so I'll set myself a gaol to make a healthy altnative.I've also cut down on coffee, not even on purpose, I just stated to prefer tea most of the time.

  • Nerrilee Myatt
    10 Sep 2014
    3:47 PM

    I feel like I'm finally getting some good definition in parts of my legs and arms :) Last week my goal was to skip social stuff and make the gym my priority. I did that but I must admit I felt a bit flat all week. And after chatting and laughing with my pt on Saturday morning I realized the social stuff is important too. I had a big goal last week. Might weight was at 81.7kg and I wanted to get under 80kg. That meant I had to loose 1.7kg and it might have been a bit unrealistic, but I thought I'd aim high. I was at the gym morning and night, and the end I lost 1.2kg. That takes me down to 80.5kg. So I definitely expect to be under 80kg by the end of this week! After feeling very flat last week, and sore and tired and having knee issues - I decided to go a little easier on myself this week. I skipped the Monday and Tuesday weights. I go from work to the gym on those days and it means I get home very late. So this week I planned cardio on those afternoons. I jogged to and from the kindy to pick my daughter up. I still got some workouts in, but I also got to pick my little girl up from kindy and be at home with her and hubby at a reasonable time.

  • Nerrilee Myatt
    3 Sep 2014
    8:40 AM

    This is a picture from my fitness pal of my progress so far. While I'm really happy that my weight is dropping I still have this overwhelming feeling of disappointment with myself. After I had my little girl, when she was about 6 months I hit 78kg and I thought that was huge! So dispite going really well so far and being down 8kg, I'm still 81kg - which is still 3kg away from what I thought was huge just 2-3 years ago. And although my clothes are starting to get loose - they are the clothes I bought a few months ago when my regular clothes got too tight. I'm also disappointed that I can never seem to get anyone interested to work out with me. I can't get a single person to come to zumba or revs class with me. And I've worked out that I think I'm wasting my time doing hours of low intensity cardio. So I've decided to be more selfish in that respect. Last week everyday we were out all day everyday and it was really tough fitting my workouts in around social things. This week I'm just going to do I want to do all week. Even if that means being a little antisocial. I have a goal that when I weigh in on Sunday I really want to be under 80kg. I haven't been under 80kg in a long time and it would really give me the lift I feel like I need at the moment.

  • Nerrilee Myatt
    30 Aug 2014
    4:36 PM

    Having an awesome day today. Feeling so dufferent from the beginning of the challenge. Hit the gym early for weights and my first revs class - what a workout! Took my hubby out for a massage. He's been working really hard. Had a treat lunch. It was only 425 Calories, avocado, feta and smoked salmon. Also spoiled myself with some new work out gear from Lorna Jane. I'm going through my gym clothes really quickly now that I'm at the gym everyday!!

  • Nerrilee Myatt
    28 Aug 2014
    7:55 PM

    Massive day today!

  • Nerrilee Myatt
    26 Aug 2014
    8:49 PM

    I haven't found the time to blog. Fitting the workouts in takes up a lot of my free time. Starting to feel like the gym is my second home since I'm there everyday! When I first printed off the weeks 5-8 plans I was really nervous about stepping things up. I wasn't sure I could do it. But I planned my week out in the fitbook and then I was feeling like it was possible. I'm so glad I got the fit book. It has been a really helpful tool and I would definitely recommend one for beginners! So far I've been to the gym after work both days this week. Did Chest, Back and Legs Monday and today I did Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps and Abs. It was definitely a step up, but now I know I can do it - although I am going to be sore this week! It's already setting in...

  • Nerrilee Myatt
    22 Aug 2014
    8:35 PM

    These are my week four progress photos. I'm so happy with the results. When I started I was at my lowest point. I had registered on the 15th but wasn't planning to start until the 28th but then I was so shocked by my before photos and so upset at my start weight that I decided to get started seriously straight away. My back photos are the worst. I knew my tummy was getting big but I didn't know about all those fat rolls at the back. I practically had no waist! I weighed in at 90kg! When my little girl was one, 78kg was the biggedt I'd ever been. I could not believe I'd let myself get to 90kg. I'd gotten to 84kg and stopped weighing myself as I didn't want to go over 85kg. When I registered I thought I'd be 85-86kg. I was very upset to have hit 90kg. People say diets and 12 week challenges don't work (and I've done a few and that's true for me). But at this weight and state I need to do something dramatic to loose the weight and then work on maintaining it. I've seen the amazing results that others have had and I want that! I've been working hard the last 6 weeks and I'm so glad it's paid off in the results I have this week. It's really motivated me to keep going.

  • Nerrilee Myatt
    16 Aug 2014
    8:52 PM

    Just home from a disco party with my little girl where I managed to avoid all the party food. Then on the way home I actually went through the McDonald's drive through. Thinking I could grab something on the healthier side since it was late and I hadn't eaten since lunch. And then I couldn't do it, I knew everything would be 500-800 calories and full of crap. I ended up with a diet coke. The picture is what I had for dinner now that I'm home. I had avocardo on a piece of wholegrain toast with some light ham and a coffee - I figure I could eat almost anything and it would e better than anything I would have had a Maccas!

  • Nerrilee Myatt
    15 Aug 2014
    10:44 PM

    Doing well so far this week. Nutrition has been good and I've exercised even though I couldn't get to the gym with my daughter sick as well as working late shifts. This morning I missed the gym as I didn't want to get out of bed and when we were up I felt too tired. Had planned on going in the evening however while I was getting ready for the gym I tried to check online whether evening crèche began at 5 or 5.30pm, only to discover that there was no evening crèche on Friday nights. So the I thought I would finally use my driveway for some sprints - but then my daughter fell asleep on the lounge room floor. I couldn't go ouside to run with her asleep inside. We have a big house on acerage and if she woke ip she wouldn't gave know where to find me. So I decided to jump on the treadmill. 15 minutes into the program she woke up and cracked it. Do I decided to get off, settle her down and the we could go outside for sprints. Didn't exactly all go to plan but I did get my sprints done in the end! I did 10 sprints up and walked down to recover. It was only 20 minutes but it was a tough workout. Really got me puffing. Made me feel like I could vomit - so I know it got me to my limit. I actually feel a bit proud of myself. And now I know I have an excellent tool for cardio which probably beats walking.

  • Nerrilee Myatt
    11 Aug 2014
    11:52 AM

    Well, last week I started out awesome but didn't end the week great. Friday ended up being a blah day. I had a massive cold sore, didn't feel well and I was sore all over from my increased weights on Wednesday. I didn't eat well at all - and then we even had fish and chips for dinner. I did get my nutrition back on track for the weekend though. And I did a two hour walk on Saturday but didn't make it to the gym again. Ive stated this week with pt at the gym and I'm feeling good about smashing it this week! Felt good at the gym this morning. My tights are fitting me that little bit better. However my daughter woke up with bad conjunctivitis a can't go to daycare today or tomorrow. Hubby stayed home today as I had pt and work from 1pm today. Tomorrow though, I won't be able to make the gym as no day care means no crèche either. Normally when she's not well I feel really stressed and usually end up binging badly. Planning on not doing that this time! At least she's not very unwell, its just her eyes that is keeping her home. I think I also slipped last week as we just have too many social commitments during the week. It makes fitting the gym in and eating well that much harder. This week my plan is to be less social and more organized!

  • Nerrilee Myatt
    7 Aug 2014
    8:32 PM

    Probably my worst day since I started. Had planned to go easy on myself in the morning as do my cardio in the afternoon. However I had woken up with a cold sore and by 1pm I was really not feeling well. I didn't do my cardio. I haven't eaten badly but I not perfect either. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow. My plan was gym in the morning and now I'm thinking I'll have to do today's cardio tomorrow afternoon.

  • Nerrilee Myatt
    7 Aug 2014
    8:31 AM

    Weighed in this morning. I couldn't hold off any longer. I'd lost 4.5kg since I'd registered in the 15th and I was keen to see where I was at this week. I'm a little disheartened I'm only down .5kg this week. I guess I've just got to keep going.... The initial weight loss was a lot of boating I think, so I have to realize those big numbers weren't going to happened every week. That's still 5kg in just over 3 weeks which is excellent, so I'll just have to think of it that way.

  • Nerrilee Myatt
    6 Aug 2014
    8:46 PM

    This is my dinner tonight. I did gym in the evening. I'm restricted to crèche hours to go to the gym. On Wednesday, Because my little girl has dancing, we miss morning crèche. So my plan was to do evening crèche. But it got to four o'clock and I really didn't want to go! It took half an hour of procrastination before I managed to get into my gym gear. Fortunately my little girl is loving gym crèche and would have been upset if I piked so we had to go. We got there at 6pm and we we're leaving at 7.20pm - my little girls bed time is 7pm. So then I get the guilts that because I've been at the gym, hubby gets home from work to an empty house and no dinner and my little girl gets home late and doesn't get to bed until after 8pm. So then I'm the tired and hungry myself and anything healthy will take ages to prepare.... thus, baked beans and an egg for dinner that I think took me less than 2 minutes to gobble up.

  • Nerrilee Myatt
    5 Aug 2014
    9:34 PM

    Me after my 60 minute swim at the gym after work today. Pushed myself to do a extra 10 minutes to really make it count. Feeling pretty tired after I got home and had a shower with my little girl. I ended up doing eggs for dinner! I had 1 egg, 2 white scrambled eggs with spinach and shallots. I gobbled it up and could have easily eaten it with toast but I had a coffee afterwards instead. And now I might finally in bed. I think I'll be feeling sore tomorrow from yesterdays weights workout. I'm feeling a little down this week as the first two weeks I saw and felt such a difference, and now I haven't felt like there's been any more change. I'm just going to keep following the plans and hope I get the results. I'm holding off on weighing myself as I'm normally a serial weigher and if I weigh in and I've gained I'll sprial into a depression and sabotage all the good work that I have done in the last few weeks.

  • Nerrilee Myatt
    4 Aug 2014
    4:09 PM

    Feeling pretty tired after work but I've made it to the gym, now I just have to get out of the car and go in.... I'd rather go home and be with my family :( BUT it is my first gym visit since my Maxine gym bag, towel and shirt arrived :)

  • Nerrilee Myatt
    1 Aug 2014
    9:55 AM

    My daughter was coughing all night last night, so it was a night of broken sleep. It crossed my mind to skip the gym this morning but I didn't. I made it and I completed my weights workout before my daughters swimming lesson :)

  • Nerrilee Myatt
    31 Jul 2014
    7:22 PM

    Tried to get to the gym twice today and failed both times. This morning we got late and would not have had enough time left in crèche for me to do my workout so I went walking with my daughter in the pram for a hour. Hubby was due home late from work so I thought I'd get to the gym for the evening crèche session. But when I got to Forest Lake I realized I'd forgotten my wallet, which meant I couldn't put my daughter in crèche. It would have been half a hour to go home and back again, so we went walking again!

  • Nerrilee Myatt
    28 Jul 2014
    9:27 PM

    And here are my before photo collection. Very confronting. I didn't actually realize just how terrible I looked. I would have kept waiting around for the official start of the challenge but seeing these photos got me motivated to start two weeks ago!

  • Nerrilee Myatt
    28 Jul 2014
    8:58 PM

    Everyone seemed so excited about day 1 today, but for me it was just another day. I started following the meal plans and exercise plans two weeks ago. I'm glad I got an early start as the first week was a big adjustment from over eating whatever and whenever. I thought maybe I was missing out by not having a "last" meal before the official start but then I think about how not only have I dropped a couple of kilos in this first two weeks but I am also feeling so much better than what I was a few weeks ago. And luckily I have been practicing my self control over the last two weeks as the picture is what was in the tea room at work today, I was surprisingly not tempted too much. Although it's not all easy. I'm sore all over from weights yesterday and I'm so tired from work today, then cardio at the gym, then picking up my toddler from kindy and coming home to cook dinner, clean up and then getting our little one off to bed. Hopefully I can keep it up for the next 12 weeks . I'm already seeing and feeling the results so I'm excired to think about what might be possible by the end of the challenge!

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