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Reason to start The Challenge

My name is Bec, I am married to a wonderful supportive husband & we have 6 beautiful children aged 3 through to 15. I am also an Emergency Nurse and I work most weekends.
I signed up for this challenge because I’ve neglected my health whilst caring for others, and I have realised I need to start taking care of myself too. I’ve had an unhealthy relationship with food and struggled with body image since my teen years. I’ve used food as an escape, and I have never exercised consistently, maybe because I see it as a form of punishment rather than as self-care and something I can use to improve my mental health. I’ve put on 15kg since having 5 babies in 7 years, and I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin. I also struggle with depression, anxiety and PTSD, so my mood, my sleep and my energy levels are something I am really hoping will improve by doing this challenge.
I have tried and failed so many diets, and I’ve gotten to a point where I struggle to believe that I can make a permanent positive change. I chose Maxines Challenge because of the support and accountability that is offered - I know I need people around me to encourage me to keep going and to keep me accountable when I feel like giving up. I am hoping not only to make it to the end of the challenge, but to make it a permanent life style change. I am hoping and believing this challenge can be the turning point for me!

What did you like most about The Challenge?

What can I say, there is so much to love about Maxine's Challenge! I have attempted many weight loss journeys before, but this was by far the simplest, yet most life changing journey by far. I loved the customisable training and nutrition plans - they were simple and easy to follow. Because I was working out at home, it was so easy to switch out exercises if I didn't have the equipment or confidence to do the set exercise. Being able to customise the meal plan to omit allergens and intolerances, and switch out foods to make the meal plan enjoyable to my personal taste was amazing! I loved how easy the App was to navigate, and there was a wealth of information available to help me on my journey. I think what sets Maxine's Challenge apart though is the phenomenal support systems they have in place - being able to select a mentor made all the difference for me, on top of the Facebook support page and the Forum where you could always be guaranteed a response - and there was no such thing as a "dumb" question. For someone like myself who had never done any kind of weight training previously, it really helped build my knowledge base and confidence. I have learnt SO much about weight training and nutrition, and I have fallen in love with exercise and fuelling my body with the right nutrients.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

Starting! The night before the challenge started, I was crying and telling my husband I didn't want to do it anymore. I had so much fear (mostly attached to failure and not being good enough) and had to overcome some faulty mindsets (regarding exercise and a healthy diet being "self-punishment"). Once I made it through the first two weeks (and the crazy detox!), I began to fall in love with the feeling of moving my body, and my energy levels started to soar with all of the nutritious food I was fuelling my body with. This gave me the motivation and determination to keep going.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

Maxine's Challenge has literally changed my life. Before I started, I had slipped back into a dark place and I could feel the depression and anxiety beginning to take over my life. I had no energy and no motivation, and I struggled to get out of bed each morning. I was using alcohol and emotional binge eating to cope with my overwhelming feelings, and this only served to pull me into a vicious cycle of feeling worse and worse about myself and my life. Not only has Maxine's Challenge given me improved mood, energy, focus and purpose, but it has also impacted the lives of my husband and 6 children. My husband has never seen me with so much energy and self-confidence in the 12 years we have been together, and my children are in awe of my strength and determination. Watching me fuel my body with the right food and work out every morning has prompted them to ask questions about food and fitness, and I have been able to instil into all of them the important message that the goal should always be "strong not skinny". My husband has also been so inspired by how drastically the challenge has changed my life, that he is joining me for the September challenge - which is something he said he would "never do"! I am so grateful for the impact this challenge has had not only on my life, but on 7 other precious lives around me!

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

JUST DO IT! Don't overthink it. It's easy to come up with reasons why you can't, or why it "won't work for you". Reality is, the pain of staying the same is far worse than the pain of change - and the rewards FAR outweigh the pain! Once you get started, you will discover the amazing support that is out there and you will realise that making your health a priority will change EVERY area of your life, not just how you look and feel physically! There really is no price we can place on our physical, mental and emotional health.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

I started my first ever Maxine's Challenge with no idea about weight training or proper, balanced nutrition, and only a handful of basic equipment to use at home. I never thought it would be possible to transform both my body and my mindset so dramatically in 12 short weeks. I had the odds stacked against me - I had to homeschool Monday - Friday then work on the frontline every weekend, so I was trying to navigate a high-stress life whilst dealing with traumatic events, both current and past. I had all the valid excuses in the world to say it was too hard and just quit so many times, but I had read so many stories of lives that had been transformed by this challenge, and so I was inspired and determined to make that my story too. I am so grateful that I chose to trust the process and fight my fears, because my life has been changed forever. Thank you to Maxine's Challenge, and to all of the people who supported me on my journey - I could not have done it without you! I will be forever grateful.


  • Rebecca Latimer
    3 Aug 2020
    8:34 PM

    Week 11 was a HARD week. Being a nurse working in the midst of the COVID crisis in Melbourne, my stress levels really sky rocketed with news of multiple colleagues coming down with the virus. With homeschooling & trying to run a big busy household, it all became a little too much. Somehow I managed to push through and do all my workouts, hit all my steps, and not eat anything I shouldn’t - but my weight didn’t budge and it was extremely disheartening. BUT I have had my little teary, picked myself up, brushed myself off and I’m determined to give this last week my 110%. My biggest fear is that I won’t be happy with the number on the scales or what my final photos look like - BUT I have been trying to redirect my thoughts to focus on what I HAVE achieved in 3 short months. I have no regrets, I am so grateful for this challenge and for the amazing support I’ve found along the way. It truly is a one in a million program! Can’t wait to finish strong & then have a short break before giving the September challenge my best shot 💪🏼

  • Rebecca Latimer
    26 Jul 2020
    2:47 PM

    Well I completely missed the Week 9 journal entry 🤦🏻‍♀️ I definitely struggled through Week 9 with HANGER, I had no idea how hard it would be - for some reason I thought that once I got past Week 6 and then Week 8 it would be easy! Not so! I felt like I was hungry pretty much from one hour post lunch until the end of the day, and I was really surprised by it as it seemed to be only such a slight drop in calories! Thankfully my energy didn’t dip, and I was still able to power through my morning workouts. Besides the hunger, my biggest struggle in Week 9 was seeing all these posts from people who have lost massive amounts of weight and / or have got some serious muscle popping through. My weight loss has been steady but SLOW and I started with so little muscle that there’s no hope of it popping 😂 especially with my home workouts & not lifting heavy. However I keep reminding myself to stay in my own lane and focus on bettering myself every single day. Week 10 was perhaps even harder with homeschooling starting again 🤦🏻‍♀️ The first few days I wasn’t able to get my steps in & I had added peanut butter in to my night time shakes to try & curb the hunger and I could literally feel it slowing my weight loss. So I had to refocus & be determined to push through my hunger and to get my steps in as impossible as it seemed some days. It’s so easy to get stuck looking at myself and thinking “you still have so much weight to lose and so much muscle to build” instead of looking at myself and saying “damn girl you are looking so good, look how far you’ve come!” I have a massive fear of not reaching my goal & of feeling like a failure / not good enough so that has caused anxiety lately but I’m still determined to do my best & tick off each days nutrition and training. Having the COVID lockdown here has been super stressful not just affecting home life but work life - the anxiety of going to work now is heightening with the outbreak and with colleagues going down with COVID. It’s been a tough week but I’m blessed to have an amazing hubby and a great mentor who encourage me to keep going. Looking forward to a big fat Parma & Chips at the end of the challenge also helps 😂 🙌🏻

  • Rebecca Latimer
    15 Jul 2020
    3:31 PM

    Week 8 weekly journal entry, only 3 days late :I I have to admit heading into Week 9 I was feeling extremely anxious, as I knew the training intensity would be increasing along with a calorie drop. I have worked so hard the past 8 weeks and I really want to finish strong. Nothing has changed for me..... Some days I feel like working out, some days I don't. Some days I feel strong and energised, other days I feel like my head and heart aren't in it, but I push through anyway. My goal beginning the challenge was to tick off "Stuck to nutrition plan" and "Completed workout" every single day. I am determined to push hard until the end, and to know I have given it everything I have got, regardless of whether I hit my goal weight or look as toned as I would like to. It is easy to fall into the comparison trap - I know I need to keep my blinkers on and focus on being a better version of myself every single day. I know that my mood and energy are better, my strength and stamina have improved significantly, and I am much happier in general now that I am finally taking care of my body. I am nervous but excited about what results this last 4 weeks will bring, and I know that no matter what I will have no regrets because I am going to finish up in MUCH better shape than when I started! I have learnt so many invaluable lessons about food, fitness, and mindset, and I am so grateful for all the love, support and encouragement I have received from family, friends, mentors and fellow challengers throughout my journey. Bring on the sprint to the finish line!

  • Rebecca Latimer
    9 Jul 2020
    11:27 PM

    Seems like posting 4 days late is becoming a trend here 🙄😂 It’s been a huge week here in Melbs..... My friends & colleagues in ED have been hit hard by the second wave of COVID & it’s been pretty scary times for Victoria. This week my daughter turned 16 & we had grand plans to take her down to the mornington peninsular to visit the Hot Springs for the first time & she was utterly devastated when it was announced we would be going back into lockdown 😓 It’s been a rollercoaster ride that’s for sure.... I finally feel like we are settling into our new home but Week 7 was a hard week in terms of my energy levels and motivation. I pushed through & did all my workouts / didn’t break my nutrition plan but my heart wasn’t in it. I’m battling a lot of fear and self doubt - especially because I’m having to recheck my expectations for this challenge to make sure I’m setting realistic goals. I put a lot of pressure on myself at the beginning to lose a certain amount of weight & to look a certain way by the end of the challenge, and whilst I don’t want to give up on my goals I also don’t want to have unrealistic expectations that result in me becoming disappointed and disillusioned. I am not lifting heavy weights, and I’m not doing proper dead lifting or deep squats with barbells (and obviously not using a leg press machine being at home) so I am trying to push hard in each workout by increasing reps / sets and taking less time for breaks between sets.... BUT it’s hard not to get caught up in the comparison game. I still can’t see much muscle definition at all due to the many layers I’m trying to shed 😂 but I’m hoping that I’ll see a little at least by the end of week 12. I’ve never been “toned” or “muscular”, just fluctuated between skinny (unhealthily skinny!) or overweight. I am trying to glean as much as I can by following others who are ahead of me in their journey and I do feel like I’m learning something new every day. I am trying really hard to relax, trust the process, and gear myself up to do the next challenge while I’m in the mode and have the momentum behind me. My hubby & kids have been cheering me on & its been so encouraging and motivating for me when I don’t “feel” like exercising and eating clean. I’m forever grateful for their love and support and I really want to finish strong and make them proud ❤️

  • Rebecca Latimer
    2 Jul 2020
    7:11 AM

    Ok this week I am 4 days late to post!! Sunday I didn’t even have the capacity to do my usual weekly meal prep, so there was no way I was going to be able to gather my thoughts to write a journal entry. Getting through Week 6 without missing a workout or messing up my nutrition was my biggest fear.....we moved house last Tuesday, so I was anxious about how it was going to work. But somehow I managed to smash out all 6 workouts & not eat anything off the nutrition plan. However, I underestimated the struggle once the adrenaline of the move wore off..... after working all weekend, I came home Sunday night & felt like I didn’t have the physical or mental capacity to even think about my meal prep, and I could see my hubby was exhausted so I told him to lie down on the couch and rest before starting back at work Monday. Every workout so far this week has been a struggle, but I have pushed through and my meal prep was done by Monday night. I am stoked to be past the half way mark, and I have no desire to go back to emotional eating - but my motivation to train hard has definitely waned. I am still forcing myself to get up each morning & push hard, but I just feel like my heart isn’t all there & I am not feeling as strong due to the exhaustion of the move. I still avoid the scales, and looking in the mirror some days I’m happy with my progress & sometimes all I see is how much work there is to be done. I have pretty much had to start from scratch in terms of muscle building (ie I had barely any muscle mass to begin with) so I am still working on altering my mindset to very long-term (I am planning on doing the November & January challenges at minimum, as I know I have a lot of work to do in order to change my body composition & achieve my goals). Once I start my workouts I (mostly) enjoy them, and I love the endorphin rush. I have been getting super hungry some days, so having the meal prep done stops me from going off track with my food. I’m nervous to see my week 8 results, but hopeful that by week 12 I can start to see some muscle definition. Seeing other challengers lift heavy & popping muscles can be deflating when I can’t lift heavy and my tiny muscles are hiding under some layers 😂 But I know it’s just the start of my journey & I am hoping it will be a permanent, life changing experience for me! Off to workout now 💪🏼

  • Rebecca Latimer
    21 Jun 2020
    9:24 AM

    This week I’m getting in early with my weekly journal entry, because I know I won’t get it down otherwise! This week has been interesting- despite looking at the new training plan & thinking it didn’t look that different, I found that I struggled through the new circuits & my muscles are quite sore again. Thank God for my foam roller! My sleep hasn’t been great due to stress (I think) and it’s been a struggle to get out of bed each morning but I’ve been determined not to miss a workout so I haven’t! I’ve been trying to really focus on my technique rather than increasing weights, and even though I get down about not being able to lift heavy, I am constantly trying to improve my form & push my body hard - no half arsed workouts. I’m finding my biggest mental battle is when I look in the mirror - because I don’t see what I want to see. I need to keep reminding myself that I can’t expect week 12 results at the end of week 5! It’s a process. Trust the process. Focus on building muscle and eating clean. I haven’t eaten anything off the plan and I’m proud of that! But I have 2 birthdays coming up so that will be a true test. Also moving house in 2 days so that will also be my biggest test thus far. Despite us drowning in boxes and mess, my hubby is still helping me meal prep after work this afternoon so I can stay on track in amongst the move. Meal prep containers were the best thing I could have bought to prepare for this challenge! They have helped amazingly - not just because of their capacity to make prep easy but because it’s helped me keep on track mentally. I’m looking forward to reaching the half way mark next week because I’ve read that most people who make it to the half way mark finish the challenge successfully. Hoping my 8 week photos are something less cringeworthy too 😬 I’m still mentally prepared to do the September challenge to reach my goal, so it’s just keeping myself in the right mindset for the next 5 months 💪🏼 One day at a time!! 🙌🏻

  • Rebecca Latimer
    15 Jun 2020
    4:07 AM

    It’s still hard to believe that the first four weeks are already over! It’s gone so fast, yet I feel like I’ve been doing the challenge for ages 😂 I knew this week would be a huge test for me..... I finally jumped on the scales on Friday and my initial reaction was utter disappointment.... even though I had tried to tell myself all the right things.... “you are not defined by the number on the scale, your progress isn’t measured by how much weight you have lost” etc etc.... my first thought was “I have worked my butt off and not eaten a single thing off the plan for THIS!?” From this moment, I had a choice - follow my usual pattern & derail / self sabotage by comfort eating, OR choose not to let the negative thoughts take hold and choose new thought patterns. I literally had to tell myself to stop letting the number on the scales control my feelings, and to measure my progress differently than I’m used to. How do I feel? Amazing! Are my clothes getting looser? Yes! How is my energy and mood? So much better than when I started!! Plus, I have actually found a love for exercising and I have been gaining strength and stamina every week. Besides the scales, my other fear is seeing photos of myself in underwear. I sucked it up & took my photos - although the changes were only ever so slight, they were enough to motivate me that my “small weight loss” was visible. Unfortunately I rushed my initial measurements so I’m not overly confident in them, however I still managed to drop 10cm from bust, waist and hips. Again, adding to my motivation! I’ve honestly never measured myself as a way to measure my progress so it’s something I’ll have to get better at 😂 The other thing I’ve realised is - I have never done proper weight training before, so it’s going to take me a lot of time to not only strip off the layers of fat, but to build the muscle underneath. I have not had a gym membership since before having my eldest daughter in 2004 - and since then I’ve only really done cardio based training or core strength training (post natal rehabilitation) - after having big babies & 6 quick deliveries I needed to focus on my core & pelvic floor, so I’ve only done clinical pilates and yoga (besides one 4 week boot camp program when my eldest was 3 years old, in preparation for my best friend’s wedding 😂). My focus has ALWAYS been weight loss, never muscle gain. This challenge has taught me so much in such a short period of time - including the importance of healthy weight loss (the proper methods for losing body fat at the right pace) and the importance of building muscle to change your shape and to gain a “toned”, strong physique rather than just looking “skinny”. It’s been a huge mindset shift for me, but a necessary one for both my weight loss journey and for my mental health. In the past I was on a rollercoaster & completely controlled by my emotions & negative self talk. It’s been really grounding for me getting off the rollercoaster and allowing myself to walk this journey, learning new ways of thinking, and trusting the advice of people who have gone before me & achieved amazing things! I am so grateful for the support I have received from fellow challengers, and I am beyond grateful to my amazing hubby for his support and encouragement. Without it, I would have given up by now! He did all my meal prep for week 5 without me assisting at all & I don’t take for granted how blessed I am to have him! ❤️ I’m hoping I can “UP” the weight training in this next phase - because I’ve never done “weight lifting” and because my core and pelvic floor are still not 100% I need to go easy, but I am determined to push myself and not just plateau. We move house at the start of week 6 but I’m determined not to miss a single training session & my Sunday meal prep will still be prioritised so I don’t eat anything off the nutrition plan. I am determined to give this challenge my best, to finish strong, and to be proud knowing that despite what the scales might or might not say, I’ve given it everything I’ve got and transformed my life. I’ve already decided I’m doing the September challenge, and I’ve given myself 2 challenges to reach my goal (12-15kg weight loss & some serious muscle gain) so that it’s more likely to become a way of life instead of being another notch in my “yo-yo diet” belt. Thank you to everyone who has supported and encouraged me on my journey, I appreciate it more than words could possibly say ❤️ I hope one day I can be the inspiration to others, that you have been to me ❤️❤️

  • Rebecca Latimer
    8 Jun 2020
    11:29 AM

    Once again I’m late with my weekly journal entry 🤦🏻‍♀️ After working yesterday morning then coming home to do food prep with my hubby, by the time we got the kids into bed I was exhausted & crashed soon after crawling into bed 💤 Week 3 was a hard week. I haven’t been sleeping properly, and have been struggling to get out of bed each morning. However, I’ve been determined not to miss a single training session so I haven’t. Some days my heart wasn’t in it. Most days actually. But I pushed through and did my absolute best anyway. I’m finding I’m exhausted by mid afternoon, and have needed a coffee to get me through the evening chaos with 6 kids. I do feel like I’m stronger and have more energy despite the sleep deprivation and exhaustion though. I have found the past week my thoughts have been working against me - eg, you’re not losing weight fast enough, you’re going to give up and fail like every other time you’ve tried to lose weight, how are you going to make it to the finish line when your motivation is already dropping so rapidly etc etc..... I’ve found that the best thing for me to do when I’m feeling like this, is to jump on to the Maxines app and read testimonials from past challengers. Reading about their journeys and seeing their transformations has been what has inspired me to keep going when I feel like it’s too hard. I am honestly petrified of this Sunday’s weigh in / photos / measurements, because if I haven’t lost much / changed much I know it will have the potential to completely derail me. BUT I am determined to trust the process and finish the 12 weeks. I’m moving house in 2 weeks so I’m also nervous about staying on track amidst the chaos of the move, but I’ve already talked through the logistics with hubby - making sure my meals are prepped for the week, having my supplements in a box at the door, and moving my exercise equipment straight into a designated room set up ready to go the morning after the move. I really am excited to see what I can achieve by sticking to the nutrition & training plan! I have no idea what to expect when the plan changes at the end of this week but I’m excited to go on the journey with everyone else doing the challenge. Bring on phase 2! 💪🏼

  • Rebecca Latimer
    2 Jun 2020
    2:38 PM

    I planned on writing a journal entry every Sunday, but I was exhausted by the end of a long working weekend so here I am, 2 days late. Better late than never hey?! Week 2 was full of highs and lows. Personally, I received devastating news and found myself in a situation I never saw coming. Having to deal with trauma on trauma, it would have been easy for me to slip back into bad habits - wine, chocolate and any other comfort food I could get my hands on to try & escape a harsh reality. Instead, I pushed through the pain & kept going with the challenge, determined not to let someone else have the power to sabotage my goals. There were two days where I couldn’t stomach my lunch or dinner, but I managed to complete my workouts and not eat anything off the plan. This was a huge accomplishment for me, because in the past I would have caved - no doubt about it! Feeling my strength and stamina building was also motivating. I was surprised by how much stronger I felt doing my workouts in week 2 versus week 1. Even though I can’t yet see any physical changes, I definitely feel so much better. My mood and energy levels have improved so much already. Instead of feeling like I have to survive another day, I’m feeling excited to tick off boxes to reach my daily goals, which add up to achieving weekly goals. Knowing that every day counts has given me the drive to stick to both the training and nutrition plan. I’ve avoided the scales and the mirror, because in the past I’ve weighed my progress by what the scales and the mirror tell me. This time, I am measuring my progress by being able to tick off daily goals. Knowing that I am giving it my best shot, and being encouraged by others to trust the process, is what keeps me motivated to keep going. I have been overwhelmed by the support & encouragement of strangers who have never met me, but make the time to answer questions and cheer me on. Maxines truly is an amazing, unique program with community support like no other. I feel very blessed to be on this journey and I’m excited to see my 4 week results!

  • Rebecca Latimer
    24 May 2020
    10:18 PM

    I can't believe the first week is already over! Reflecting back, the absolute hardest part so far was starting. I am so grateful that I had amazing support and encouragement, because if it wasn't for that, and if I hadn't have paid for the challenge and been shopping for all the food for the first week, I probably would have given up before I even began! I scoffed my face with junk & had my favourite alcoholic beverages the night before day 1, and I suffered for it! I struggled through the first workout, and felt like I was completely incapable of completing the exercises properly. By just after lunch I was in full blown detox and by the time my hubby got home I practically threw his dinner at him, asked him to deal with the kids and went to bed - I was asleep by 730pm! However, I pushed through, and each day I felt stronger and more energised. The Maxines supplements have been amazing - the pre-workout and creatine have made such a difference to my workouts and to my muscle recovery. I have also been taking magnesium and glutamine supplements which seem to be helping. I still feel weak and unfit, but I can also notice that I have been gaining strength and stamina slowly over the week, and it also became easier to wake up to my alarm at 530am as the week went on. I have been pumping my favourite music while I train, and I have discovered that I actually enjoy exercising first thing in the morning, and realising that I am capable of getting up early and completing a good strong workout has actually been so empowering for me. My kids are mesmerised, and love watching and asking me questions about what I'm doing. I have been loving my morning smoothies and night time smoothies, but I found I got sick of having the same lunch and dinner every day for a whole week so I have decided to do alternate lunches and dinners for week 2 which will be more work, but worth it in the end! I also decided not to weigh myself until the 4 week mark, and I am also avoiding the mirror - I am trying to focus on following the nutrition and training plan and trusting the process. I have been so hung up on quick results and rapid weight loss in the past, but I really want this challenge to be a complete mindset and lifestyle change so I'm shifting my focus to how I feel instead of how I look. "Slow and steady wins the race". Can't wait to see how much better I'm feeling in another week's time!!

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