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148 cm


Tone & Shape - Advanced

Reason to start The Challenge

I am frustrated trying to lose weight by myself. It feels like a yoyo, i lose weight and then hain it back. I joined Maxine Challenge 3 years ago and that was the only time I felt accomplished. At this stage of my life. I need guidance. I just want to feel that when I look at the mirror that I feel good about myself and enjoy the clothes that I wear. I am a very short person ans everything seems to feel big. Everytime i join the challenge I learn more about how do tackle in improving my fitness.

What did you like most about The Challenge?

The support and resources, I've learned a lot on self discipline on my eating habits. The Maxine brand supplement helps as well with cravings and over eating.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

To be able to think positive of myself, that I am trying hard and I am making a difference to my fitness life.
I am always hard on myself and when I get given a task of workouts and then life got too busy and I can't get to the gym. I feel let down but towards the end of the challenge I was able to complete the challenge with positive outlook and feeling of always trying my best is good enough.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

I have more energy on every day challenges. My kids and especially my son is not eating healthier and my whole family are starting to do a fitness activity together.
Mau Thai classes even my 6 years old. They all ask me, mum is this healthy before they eat it.
The fact that my whole family is doing an activity together is really a plus for me.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

It is definitely worth it, life can be so busy with many responsibilities. But we need to do something for ourselves.
I am a mum of 3 kids and a fulltime manager and a devoted wife. Sometimes life can be so busy that we do things for others. We need to do something for ourselves, to be fit, to be healthy so that we can live life the fullest. Maxine Challenge not only encourage you but teach you how to do this. There are many supports.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

Doing the final photos for me was hard, I still have a long way to go. I do struggle thinking positive of myself or even telling myself 'you did a good job'. I don't feel comfortable taking photo of myself, even though other people seem to think they look good but for me I want to be better. This Challenge help me start to be a better person outside and especially inside, I would like to be able to say to myself one day that I look good and feel positive about myself. it is a journey and I am on my way.


  • Ronna Florrimell
    24 Mar 2018
    9:28 AM


    Looks like I havent journalled for a while. Its been so hectic at work and I feel I havent tried my best in my workout. Completely stressed out. But I am happy with my eating. This is the first time that I really feel that i am not craving as much and giving to food that is not allowed. Great work out with my PT. We discuss about that we are its own critic. And she is right. I am never satisfied. Hopefully one day. I will look in the mirror and say well done, good job! So rethinking my goals. Happy with my progress..i kmow weight shouldnt affect me but I would likento be less than 50kg at the end of this challenge. 1.7kg to go.

  • Ronna Florrimell
    27 Feb 2018
    5:09 AM


    4am gym sessions I know that going to the gym this early I am not awake and its harder to push myself but being a mum with 3 kids and a loving husband who complains that he doesnt see me because of kids activities after school plus gym. So i work a way to go to the gym first thing in the morning, then work, then pick up the kids after school, then helo with homework and cook dinner at the same time and then take them to either swimmng , basketball or martial arts class. This is my days everyday. So gym in the morning and I am doing the best I can. Normally I need at least an hour and a half to work out. Slept in this morning and manage to squeezed in a workout. Yeyy me!!

  • Ronna Florrimell
    18 Feb 2018
    9:05 PM


    So I feel that my eating habits has been better but I miss one week of working out because life just got too busy. But I am still happy with the progress. I feel that I havent been to dissapointed with myseld in terms of giving in to temptation in the last weeks. My husband thinks i have some little improvement.

  • Ronna Florrimell
    10 Feb 2018
    8:18 AM

    Starting to feel positive, I can see a very very very small improvement. My shorts are loose yey!! My husband thinks I am sucking it in but why do I feel that I have to put my shorts up the whole day. Arghhh he is just giving me a hard time. Because i know its loose. 😊 just keep on going keep on going keep on going ....

  • Ronna Florrimell
    28 Jan 2018
    6:57 PM

    Week 1 reflection- 1. Not to forget to take my burn pills after breaky. 2. Not let my cravings and temptation for the wrong food wins. 3. Always do my best in all my workout. 4. Do not let emotions and how hot it is to take over my mind not to eat properly and workout. 5. Not to condemn yourself but there is always start again. Would really like to be better every week. Until it becomes a good habit.

  • Ronna Florrimell
    27 Jan 2018
    7:12 AM

    I hate how I look in the mirror and the bench press is straight to a big mirror. I look at it and all i see are all the flabs that are sticking out of my clothes. And sometimes I feel I work out so hard and there is no progress. Cant even put it on social media like facebook and there is no support there because of all the negative comments like "becareful you are going to look like a guy or asian girls shouldnt look like that" At least in this journal there is no room to comment. Better get back to my workout.

  • Ronna Florrimell
    26 Jan 2018
    9:38 AM

    Good start in the morning, woke up went and did leg and back workout. Exhausted. Ate correctly for breakfast. I have a friend over for the long weekend Please please please be a good day today.. no cheating do not be tempted. Please please be a good day 1 good day at a time

  • Ronna Florrimell
    25 Jan 2018
    8:37 AM

    So I had to go all the way to the other side of the city for a meeting with a potential client. Wore my pants but on my goodness hate the feeling that my old pant its slightly tight couldnt breath and I had to take out the button arghh.. cant wait in 12 weeks where I can fit in this pants better than what it is now. I will make sure I am on point and look at this photo if I keep getting tempted to eat food that is not in the meal plan.

  • Ronna Florrimell
    24 Jan 2018
    8:01 PM

    Today was an epic fail with my diet! Arghhh what is wrong with me. Cant seem to control my blood sugar and it went down and ate crap arghh 😠.. Did my workout this morning. Need to adjust insulin more.

  • Ronna Florrimell
    24 Jan 2018
    4:54 AM

    Day 2 I wasnt too impress, my insulin pump was not working for some reason and my blood sigar went up to 18.9 and I couldnt exercise. I had to lower down as soon as possible. Created for me to sleep half of the day and then my blood sugar went down and I had to habe jelly beans. This is not good. On the plus all my Maxine protein came and now I am using it. Day 3 loving the maxine burn. Walk up at 3am to go the gym and I had a lot of energy. Yeyy!! All by myself at the gym.

  • Ronna Florrimell
    22 Jan 2018
    7:57 PM

    Day 1 feel great. 100% on point with the meals. This is my ultimate goal is to wat healthy and not be tempted and give in to the wrong. I did the leg work out and I feel like I can do a lite better but my body is starting to get use to working out in this intense again.

  • Ronna Florrimell
    21 Jan 2018
    10:02 PM

    Week 1 photos.. arghhhh I am not happy with my photo 😔

  • Ronna Florrimell
    21 Jan 2018
    9:55 PM


    So here we go again? This is my third try. My aim this time around is to stick to plan and the process. I am going to try my very best this time, to have self control in terms of my eating habits. I really would like to be under 50kg and be a size 8 comfortably not tight and feeling fat. I want to feel confident with myself. This morning I did body conditioning workout. Its amazing how much your mind battles and saying its enough. This is too hard. But I manage to do 6 sets which is great achievement for me specially my mind was telling to give up after the 3rd set. Then this afternoon my daughter wanted to go to the gym. I didnt feel like it but I push myself and I did enjoy spending time with my daughter. She wants to do this at least ones a week. Which will be good for me and for her.

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