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Reason to start The Challenge

I have always put everyone else first and in doing so I let my body and health go. I am 45 years old but feel like I am 80. I am exhausted all the time, out of breath sore from the strain the weight is putting on my joints and body. So this year is about me being the best vision of me that I can be.

What did you like most about The Challenge?

I loved everything! There is so much help and support available from the daily posts, podcasts, group chats, forums, coach support, exercise plans and the challenge community. It’s such a well-rounded program and addresses so much. Everything was set out easy to follow and I loved the fun weekly mini challenges. The food was simple yet yummy and fitted so well with the rest of the family. It didn’t feel like you were deprived or on a diet. It so easily became my way of life for real life changes.
The coaching support was so incredible and they are always willing to go above and beyond to help you. I always felt supported and valued. I was part of the Platinum team which just had that next level of support.
I fell in love with The Challenge because it made me feel young again, more alive plus stronger mentally and physically.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

The hardest part for me was overcoming my own objections, barriers and excuses and also committing time to myself. Realising that I am important and that I need to commit to taking care of myself and then giving myself permission to be ok with that. I had to establish a routine and stop over analysing everything. Each week I grew emotionally and physically stronger. I was pushed outside of my comfort zone with small weekly challenges from my coach that saw me achieve non scale victories each week. I had to trust the process and my own journey.
I also came into the challenge with various injuries and limitations. I had a stroke 6 years ago which presents some weakness and a hand and knee injury that requires some adaption to exercises. But with the support of the challenge community the exercises were adapted to suit me and my needs.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

I feel younger, alive and the healthiest I have been in ages. I am so much more confident and have grown mentally and emotionally.
My anxiety and depression has improved incredibly. I have gone from last year having 3 operations, 2 on my badly broken finger in order to save it from being amputated. The other operation was an emergency operation due to a rare bowel condition. The year was filled with operations, injuries and illness which saw me put on weight and not be able to exercise. I was so depressed and my anxiety had increased. I knew that I needed to change my life and that exercise, good nutrition and mindset where the answer and that the Maxine’s Challenge was the key.
I also feel I have more balance in my life. I was so work and family focused that I had forgotten about myself. I now make time for myself and don’t feel guilty about it. I am also motivated to create goals for myself and my fitness.
During the 12 weeks we all experience life's ups and down and I was no exception to this. Before The Challenge I would of dealt with these stresses by hitting the fridge hard and emotionally eaten big time. I knew I had changed when I just naturally went for a walk during these stresses instead of my usual coping mechanisms without really thinking about it.
We also had the COVID 19 virus to deal with which was big for me as it took me completely out of my comfort zone at my gym. Normally I would of used this as an excuse and given up instead I changed my thinking and saw this as a chance to grow emotionally and mentally. This was merely a little speed up in my journey. I had to find solutions and adapt my workouts. I dug in deep to the challenge community and coaches went over and beyond to help.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

Oh that's and easy one!!!
Do it, commit to it and you deserve it!
If you want to make real life changes this is the program for you. All you need to is to make a promise to yourself to commit to the 12 weeks no matter what the outcome. If you commit to the program and trust the process you will see results.
Engage in the social platforms and don’t forget about the mindset side of things. There is so much help with podcasts and videos to assist you with making real life changes. You have so much support, information and resources but you need to believe in yourself, believe you are worth it, trust the process and then put the work in.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

It has been an incredible journey not just of transformation on the outside but also within. Thank you so much to the beautiful Helen Booth who I love and admire so much. The amount of extra support you have put in and your belief in me is incredible. xxx
Also a Massive thank you to everyone involved in all the mindset activities and articles, podcasts and huge amounts of information that is given. I can not express how much this has helped me to grow emotionally/mentally and assisted me in making myself a priority in my own life.


  • Sarah Waters
    21 Apr 2020
    4:52 PM

    Last workout today for the challenge and I did so good. I can’t believe how far I have come it blows my mind thinking about it. Checkin tomorrow, looking forward to seeing my final results and then celebrating with the girls on our zoom call . So excited to see everyone’s results, it’s a privilege to be apart of everyone’s journey. You all look fabulous ♥️💪

  • Sarah Waters
    18 Apr 2020
    6:24 PM

    My Maxines challenge shirt finally fits me. Worn it with pride to Bunnings today and had this sweet lady stop me and ask if I did the challenge? She said I looked amazing and then asked when the next challenge is starting. I was so blown away, can’t say that has ever happened to me before. I was a bit shy at first but then thought hey I have worked hard so enjoy it. Plus I really do think it is such a supportive and informative challenge so it was really easy to promote. Plus my shirt fits!!!!!

  • Sarah Waters
    16 Apr 2020
    9:59 AM

    My week 11 results. Out of my comfort zone putting up a photo of my butt being so exposed but hey that’s what the challenge has been for me growing stronger not just physically but also emotionally. 💪

  • Sarah Waters
    16 Apr 2020
    9:56 AM

    Did an extra workout this afternoon. 45 minutes of boxing and my arms are dead. There is no way I could of trained with the intensity that I have now compared to the start of the challenge. I was flat out just walking to the car let alone going for 2 walks a day doing weights and then doing a boxing session just for fun. Then finished the day off with one of my favourite meals... photo doesn’t do it justice.

  • Sarah Waters
    14 Apr 2020
    4:39 PM

    Having a big clean out of my wardrobe as part of my transformation. So good to say goodbye to size 16 and 18’s 😬. Never shall we meet again. So excited to be able to wear most of my size 12’s and 10’s some are weird sizes and will be another future goal to work towards. Think I will have to have a dress up day sometime in the next couple of days 💕 ♥️ Wore both my boys out again today doing a workout with them. I think they secretly love me being able to workout with them. Now that they won’t be going back to school next term I told them I could be their PE teacher. 😆💪🏋️‍♀️

  • Sarah Waters
    12 Apr 2020
    5:44 PM

    I survived Easter and I wasn’t tempted at all. Had my healthy pancakes for breakfast and healthy pizza for lunch. Helen had approved a chocolate egg or hot cross bun if we wanted it but I actually didn’t feel like it. Boys had there Eggs and so did my husband but I was happy to have my burn bar. I have had 2 days rest and only little walks as my blood pressure was up a bit on Thursday and Friday so I just wanted to rest. Bit of family drama going on. But so proud to say I didn’t hit the fridge and emotionally eat. It didn’t even enter my mind as a coping strategy. I went for a walk! And did some stretching. That is like a major win for me. Also my sheike dress that I got 2 years ago for Christmas now fits and I pushed outside of my comfort zone and posted a picture of myself in it. 2 more weeks to go on this challenge, I would love to be in the 70’s when I finish although I am just trusting the process and my body and just going with it.

  • Sarah Waters
    3 Apr 2020
    6:45 PM

    Week 9 check in photos to week 1. Had a bit of a downer day today just wanting to get out and about. Miss all the girls at the gym so much. Did the zoom all last night though, it was really good. All the girls were so nice, wish I had been able to do it earlier but was always working at that time on a Tuesday and a Thursday night. So hey that’s a plus to being at home through all this. When I do the next challenge I am definitely going to make sure I don’t work on one of those nights to be able to be apart of it. Messaged Helen today as I was having a bit of a freak out about this weeks results. It was just that I have put so much effort into the last week I expected more but I know that I have to trust the process and my body will do its transformation at its own pace and I need to stop being so hard on myself

  • Sarah Waters
    30 Mar 2020
    12:17 PM

    Worked out with my boys this morning. Did core and went for a 2.5 km walk with the weights in my backpack of the weight I have lost so far.

  • Sarah Waters
    30 Mar 2020
    9:10 AM

    So all in all it’s been an ok week with my first week of social isolation. It certainly has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster for me though. I think partly because I am such a people person, I am always out and about and have such a crazy active life. It’s also the frustration of not knowing how long this will all be for and not knowing if the big social events I had coming up will even be on. They were big motivators on this challenge. I did have a photo shoot booked for the last week of the challenge to celebrate my success but that had to be cancelled. But hey I can have it on the next challenge when my results will be even better. On a big positive note my size 10 jeans fitted me this week. 🥳 so excited! I didn’t think they were going to fit they were a little tight on my calves though. Also as part of my week I tried to always get my steps in. I decided on one of my walks to take the weight I have lost in a back pack for a walk to feel how much weight I use to carry around with me every day. 13kgs is heavy and I think my knees, joints and body thanks me for taking this extra weight off.

  • Sarah Waters
    27 Mar 2020
    8:37 AM

    Week 8 photos Happy with my progress down 13kgs now and feeling a lot better. The Covid 19 situation is making it harder more with mindset and motivation. Using our platinum Facebook page a lot more to stay focused.

  • Sarah Waters
    22 Mar 2020
    8:23 PM

    But late but these are my week 7 photos , I will get my week eight comparison up tomorrow. My knee is really swollen and sore today. Luckily it’s my rest day. I brought new shoes and I am pretty sure that’s what has done it. Not sure I will be able to workout tomorrow with my legs. Hoping another night or rest it might be alright. Even though I have a home gym I really prefer to workout at gym. So far we haven’t been closed but it’s looking like the Qld government will bring it in tomorrow.

  • Sarah Waters
    20 Mar 2020
    6:06 AM

    Really starting to feel the changes in my body now. Not just the visual but also how much easier it is for me to do things. I am constantly surprising myself and feeling proud of achievements.

  • Sarah Waters
    14 Mar 2020
    7:14 PM


    A bit late but Week 6 check in! Half way. Lost 12.1kgs & 41 cms. The week 6 photo really isn’t a great photo. My son took the photo and I didn’t have the best underwear on. Came down a bit sick today so trying to get better didn’t do any workouts. Think I should just rest then get back into it. It is really hard though to stop I am actually looking forward to my workouts each day now.

  • Sarah Waters
    9 Mar 2020
    11:02 AM

    So proud of my workout today! Lifted heavier on all of my exercises and my form was still really good.

  • Sarah Waters
    5 Mar 2020
    9:14 PM


    So this week has been a bit crazy work is really busy and a bit stressful. My IBD has started playing up probably because I haven’t rested enough and last week I went a bit crazy doing too much cardio. It is really hard to break those old beliefs that you need to do heaps of cardio to change your body and get results. So in saying that my weight and measurements have stalled a bit. 😢 only lost 2cms and weight stayed the same. Have eaten everything as per plan and measured everything also. So it can only be just too much stress on my body which I know from the past has always caused weight gain or stalls in my weight loss. So this week I am definitely going to do a couple of Pilates classes and get more sleep.

  • Sarah Waters
    29 Feb 2020
    10:53 PM


    End of week for and although I am really happy with my results this week has been a tough week. Feeling really tired and a bit like I am getting sick. Started taking my Ama for e tablets tonight to hopefully ward off any cold or flu and thinking maybe I need to start taking a multi vitamin again. Did my 5RM today and was really pleased with my results I actually surprised myself.

  • Sarah Waters
    23 Feb 2020
    1:06 PM


    Ok so the back photo doesn’t do me justice I have decided. Really happy with my progress but even more happy with how I am feeling within myself. My anxiety and depression has improved so much and my digestive issues are also so much better. My focus for the next 4 weeks is to really up my workout intensity. Seem to have a really good wrap on my food and water. And proud to say I have made exercise an important part of my day that is a non negotiable. I use to get upset with clients at work when I would cancel my training times to fit them in for treatments in the day spa. I would put myself last and by giving up this important part of my day I didn’t give my clients the best of me. So weight is 97.7- 89 ( 8.2kgs) Bust 110- 101 (9cm) Waist 108- 94 (14cm) Hips 123- 113 (10cm) Total cm loss = 33cm

  • Sarah Waters
    18 Feb 2020
    8:18 AM

    Oh I am so sick 🤢 my glands are like golf balls and I have a massive headache. Today is meant to be my test day anyway but it’s crap because I am feeling so motivated and won’t even get my steps up today. Trying to sleep but can’t even sleep.

  • Sarah Waters
    16 Feb 2020
    6:41 PM


    Well what a difference 2 weeks makes. Really happy with my physical changes but also have with the internal changes and health improvements. There is no way two weeks ago I could possibly mow the lawn for 30 minutes let alone 1.5 hours. Walking was hard and I was out of breath just walking to my car. Now I am doing 20,000 steps a day. And can walk up the stairs at work without feeling like I am dieing. Looking forward to seeing how my body will change over the next few months.

  • Sarah Waters
    13 Feb 2020
    7:20 PM

    Omg I can’t believe how much stronger I have got already. Amazing I do have muscle memory. Did a really hard boxing session today after my weights session and then also did 10 minutes on the stepper. Which I might add I thought was going to kill me. Now I never thought it possible that my muscles in the sides of my chest could get sore. I thought It was my lungs but actually think it is muscular. Feeling very motivated at the moment looking forward to weighing and measurements tomorrow

  • Sarah Waters
    9 Feb 2020
    6:56 PM

    Omg I am so sore today!! Thought I would increase my weights yesterday and boy am I sore. Doing lots of foam rolling and stretching, so glad I didn’t have to do legs today. Have meal prep a couple of lunches and 3 dinners. Oh and breakfast for the week is all organised.

  • Sarah Waters
    7 Feb 2020
    9:01 AM

    Had an awesome week, went from 97.7 to 92.2. Centimetres are down too, Bust 110cm now 106 Waist 108 now 101 Hips 123 now 120 Happy with my food this week but not so much with my exercise. Work commitments and kids things have got in the way. Need to sort a plan out for the next week. Thinking of doing up a whiteboard with all our commitments on it.

  • Sarah Waters
    5 Feb 2020
    7:22 AM


  • Sarah Waters
    5 Feb 2020
    7:22 AM

    I am so happy I weighed myself this morning and I am now 93 kgs so that’s 4.7 kilos lost in the first week. I didn’t get to do my workout yesterday as one of the girls from work called in sick so I had to do extra hours. Definitely need to make sure that I exercise in the mornings before I start work so that I can make myself a priority. I have my phone call with Helen this morning too so looking forward to it.

  • Sarah Waters
    1 Feb 2020
    4:54 PM

    So day 4 today, weekends are always so hard for me as we travel a lot with kids basketball and we socialise a lot with friends who drink a lot. Partly it’s a mining lifestyle thing, always big drinkers and lots of eating out. This will be my biggest challenge on the challenge but after losing a friend last year to a heart attack I know that it is an important lifestyle change. Can’t keep living life to an excess. Had friends over last night I had veg sticks and mineral water then had the open burger recipe on the plan. Was good because I didn’t feel like I was missing out. Exercise today was just walking as part of my active recovery.

  • Sarah Waters
    29 Jan 2020
    9:38 PM

    Well first day done and dusted. 😁 Was always first day back at school for my boys so things were a bit rushed and a bit crazy. Did my exercise program and got a bit confused with the circuit bit and ended up doing extra. Also confused as to which training plan I should be doing the emailed one or the one in the PT app that was recommended. ?? Thinking I will do the one Steve emailed and use the app he suggested (Stronger) It’s been interesting seeing the difference in the amount of food I have been eating to now. Have been eating healthy but way too much. Not use to so much protein either so hopefully my digestion will be ok. Photos are of my breakfast, lunch and me after my first workout 🏋️‍♀️

  • Sarah Waters
    28 Jan 2020
    6:34 PM
  • Sarah Waters
    27 Jan 2020
    5:12 PM

    Well it’s Monday and the challenge starts on Wednesday. Many mixed feelings at the moment. Most of my prep week has been about understanding my emotions and planning my time management. Delegating jobs for my 13 and 17 year olds so that I do get time for myself. Last week when the prep emails came through I was freaking out slightly. Looking at be nutritional information and the exercise not worried if I can do it I know I can it was more about after the challenge finishes and also worried about what people would think. This isn’t my first challenge. I have done the Fernwood 12 week challenge before and did really well but then life just seems to get crazy and I no longer make my self a priority after the challenge finishes. I also get freaked out about it being a “lifestyle change “ even just writing that now freaks me out. I mean I love wine and socialising. A lot of our friends that we socialise with all drink. But then I also know that I can’t go on living this life in EXCESS that I currently do. I do everything in excess. I seem to live an all or nothing lifestyle. So definitely one of my goals is creating a balanced life . Another is to make my self a priority. But hey I am a competitive person and I do thrive off competition. So another goal is to get into the top 10. So part of what I have been doing over the last week is noticing how I am feeling in my body and mind before the challenge starts. At the moment I am having problems with my hip flexors and hips hurting all the time. My arches in my left foot have gone and I have trouble walking and I lie awake at night in so much pain. My left knee is still bad but has gotten worse with the weight gain. I am easily out of breath and I am snoring again ( my poor husband) . My anxiety is not going good at all and I have very little self confidence. None of my clothes fit me and I am now in at top size 16 with some of them not even fitting. I am addicted to sugar, overeat especially if I am nervous or upset. I hate being in photos and when I am I am always photoshopping them to make myself slimmer. So over the next 12 weeks and beyond I promise to myself to make myself a priority to give 100% but have a balanced approach to my exercise. I promise to journal and write down what I eat so that I see any triggers and celebrate successes. I promise to form new habits that will nurture me. When I finish the challenge I will be able to function easily and do daily tasks like walking without pain and discomfort. I will be leaner so that my joints aren’t in pain and I can enjoy life. I will be confident and wear all the clothes I love and feel good in. I will be able to say NO to others and make myself a priority.

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