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Silvia Milani's amazing Maxine's Challenge transformation

  • Before
    80.60 kgkg
  • After
    63.30 kgkg

“The Challenge showed me food is fuel, not an escape from reality, like I was using it before. The impact and change in my life was hard at the start, but I’m so glad I did it!”



Tone & Shape

Reason to start The Challenge

I decided to enter this challenge only after seeing my photos (I was unsure till this moment): I had no idea I got to this stage, and once I saw the photos I decided that I want to be a better version of myself. I want to be healthy inside and out. I want to be more confident, and in order to do that I need to feel good in my skin. I want a slim and toned body. I want to enjoy going to the beach and swimming pool with my kids, instead of hiding under large clothes. I used to have an outgoing personality … where is it now? Where am I? I am doing this challenge to find myself, once and for all, and I am finally ready for it. There’s no turning back!

What did you like most about The Challenge?

I loved everything really. The meal plans were very good, as they taught me the importance of eating proteins, to keep hunger away and to build lean muscle; the training plans were a fantastic base to build on; the forums helped a lot, particularly with the mindset; and I loved the fact that the Coaches were very active, and replied to every message so promptly. I found their answers so useful.
I loved the way this Challenge has empowered me: yes, I had fantastic physical changes; the most astonishing thing however is the way my mind has changed: I have become such a confident, happy and energetic woman … I feel so empowered and I believe in myself now.
I also loved discovering the Maxine’s products, particularly the choc caramel crunch bars and the strawberry powder … Yum!

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

The initial phase, particularly nutrition wise: the first 2 weeks I really had to dig dip to adjust to a very different way of eating … but oh boy was it worth it!! I am very happy that I decided to dig deep and decided to stick with it. It then became easier and easier.
Also weight training was pretty new to me, as I used to be a cardio junkie; the amazing thing with weight training though is that results come pretty quickly and you feel motivated to continue.
Another very hard thing for me was the decision to set my profile as public: I didn’t really like the idea of people seeing my initial photo, in undies and bra. I looked so fat and I was ashamed. I am now so happy about my decision to go public, because I don’t think I would have made it to the end if I hadn't.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

The Challenge had an ENORMOUS effect on my life: I am so confident now, I strongly believe in myself, in what my body can do; in the power my mind has over my actions, and how I can take control: I now see food as fuel, as nourishment for my body to work at its best, rather than an escape from reality. I no longer use food to numb my emotions; I no longer hide.
Also, I have much more energy to play with my kids, to go to the park, and play soccer with them.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

Do it. Do not think twice. And if you are brave enough, go public: it was a big decision for me, as I did not want other people to see me before photo, however I thought that the fact that my initial photo was up there, for everyone to see would be a great trigger for me to succeed. And it definitely was: it was always at the back of my mind.

Do it: this Challenge will change your life in so many positive ways. But be prepared to push your limits. And never feel defeated, even if you had a bad day, nutritionally and/or training wise. Life throws any kind of things at us, and it is never the perfect time to start; success however lies within the person’s abilities to deal with life’s imperfections at their best.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

Blogging was initially an effort for me, however it quickly became part of my daily routine and added to my motivation to succeed and to stick to the nutrition plan: I decided to be 100% honest in what I wrote, and I didn't like the idea of writing that I binged, so I decided not to binge in the first place!


  • Silvia Milani
    19 Oct 2014
    9:33 PM

    Wow!!! Last day of the Challenge, and last Blog! I have to say that initially the all blog thing was a bit of a struggle for me, but now I absolutely love it and I am going to miss it so much!!! Writing a blog actually kept me focussed, and I am thinking I have to keep on writing, even just on a notebook. Today was a tipical Melbourne day: very warm during the day, followed by a sudden change in weather in the evening: I ended up power walking by the beach wearing a jacket!!! (I was wearing a singlet during the day!) I actually loved it: it reminded me that you shouldn't simply get used to things; instead, you have to be prepared to face and embrace change :-) As today was very hot, I was craving an ice cream. Instead I had some frozen orange segments: delicious and healthy. Well, I'll wrap up by thanking everyone for their help during this adventure: Coaches in the first place, the Ambassadors, but also the fellow Challengers, and all the beautiful People who are behind this amazing challenge. Guys: you are changing lives, I bet you are very proud of your job! Silvia 2014 Challenger

  • Silvia Milani
    18 Oct 2014
    4:50 PM

    Wow, 2 days left ... but even though I have already had my photos taken on Thursday, I am determined to complete this challenge (and beyond). This is a lifestyle, not a 12 week fix. Tonight I am going to a birthday dinner. I have already planned not to have the cake (I am not big on sweets anyway), and enjoy some lighter option in moderation; I will avoid fillings such as bread, which don't add anything to the meal. I have also exercised extra hard this morning: I did RPM, Grit Strength, and 2 small group training classes (one was circuit based, the second one strength based). Over 1,000 calories gone! I love this feeling that exercise gives me!

  • Silvia Milani
    16 Oct 2014
    9:42 PM

    Bikini and heels: this is all I needed today to be happy! I had my photo shoot, and it was the best experience ever! I loved every single moment of it, and to my surprise i wasn't embarrassed, not even a bit. On the contrary, i felt so confident! But the challenge isn't over: i will continue to Sunday and beyond. I have some other goals i want to achieve, so no tie for rest yet (and I love feeling so strong and fit anyway :-)

  • Silvia Milani
    15 Oct 2014
    10:29 PM

    What a pampering day! I had a beautiful haircut, followed by a spray tan. I have to say, the spray tan was such a weird experience: standing naked in front of a woman spraying me ... not sure i enjoyed it as much as my time with the hair stylist :-) My skin seems a bit dark, i hope tomorrowmorning shower will fix it up! I finished my pampering day with an outing to the cinema ... it was great to just enjoy this time just relaxing,and not rushing from one place to another .... Tomorrow is the big day, the day where all my efforts will be celebrated, with my photo shoot. It's going to be a bit of a drive, but this photographer was recommended by a PT who works at the gym where i train, and i don't know anyone else anyway .... i am confident all will be worth it, and i will have beautiful photos to remind me of my accomplishments. Now off to sleep!

  • Silvia Milani
    14 Oct 2014
    10:59 PM

    I'm feeling so nervous: tomorrow I will have haircut and a spray tan, in preparation for my photos on Thursday. In fact today i was so nervous that i was tempted to overeat. I had to look at my "magic wristband" so many times, and it worked :-) I have been wearing this wristband since the beginning of the challenge, and it has helped me quite a few times. Its message "remember your why", makes me reflect all the time, and has taught me to be mindful. Today i did bootcamp and TRX

  • Silvia Milani
    13 Oct 2014
    11:43 PM

    I've gotta say: for the first time in my life, I love my body! First of all, I'm amazed by the things it's able to do, everyday; by how strong it is; by the fact it doesn't let me down. Also, for the first time in my life, I am proud of how my body looks! I love seeing my muscles, and feeling them. This is a totally new thing for me, as I've always admired other women with muscles, but never thought i could also get there! Today i stepped back the weights a bit in preparation for my photos, as read in the guidelines. It was hard because i am really enjoying pumping iron :-) I did TRX, CX Worx, and RPM Nutrition was good, however last night i woke up at 2am starving, so i had a chicken tenderloin!! Lol, I'm so happy I didn't reach for the cheese :-)

  • Silvia Milani
    12 Oct 2014
    10:05 PM

    Final day of week 11 already!! And what an amazing day! I started the day early and saw hot air balloons on my way to the gym. I had a great cycle session: the instructor is sort of a philosopher and spoke about how 87% of self talk is negative, and the need to focus on the 13% positive thoughts. He also spoke about facing our fears and pushing boundaries ... he really pushed to give my all to the session, and left me thinking afterwards. In the afternoon I went for a beautiful walk by the beach with the kids. I'm loving having active outings with my family! Nutrition was spot on: I had yoghurt with protein powder and psyllium for breakfast; chicken tenderloins with salad and sweet potato for lunch; asparagus frittata for dinner, and snacked on yummy fruit, veggies, and protein shakes.

  • Silvia Milani
    10 Oct 2014
    10:11 PM

    I can't believe that week 11is almost over ... Wow, this challenge is going really fast ... Today started a bit bad, when i woke up with a sore shoulder: I still went to the gym, but i hadto change my plan, no weights anddid cardio instead. I did step and circuit. At night my shoulder was better, so i went back for CXWorx :-) Today i also cooked 2 batches of chicken tenderloins in my air fryer: one batch with rosemary, the other with a delicious thai spice mix. I have also just prepared tomorrow's breakfast, to eat at the gym, in between RPM and grit strength :-)

  • Silvia Milani
    9 Oct 2014
    10:49 PM

    I have blogged before about my love for home made natural flavoured water ... well, I have a new toy: a water bottle with a section where I can put lemon, mint, etc. I tried it today for the first time and loved it :-) Today I also went bikini hunting, to wear for next week's photo shoot. It was really scary, as i think last time i had a bikini on i was maybe 15, but i loved id that im a size 10 in most brands!!! I'm still feeling a bit self conscious though ... i hope I will manage to gain some extra confidence before next week. I need to work on this, mentally. Training: weights and body step. Nutrition was 100% both today and yesterday. Training yesterday: PT (30 minutes) plus grit and cycle.

  • Silvia Milani
    7 Oct 2014
    10:19 PM

    Tody i really trained hard: Tuesday is my biggest training day of the week, and as I'm getting fitter and stronger, i'm able to push harder. I did weights, pilates, TRX, and circuit. It's only on Tuesdays though that i do so much, due to classes i love on my gym's timetable. I decided to try pilates today as i needed a more "calming" class, and yoga was not on the timetable: I loved it! Because my training is so intense, I'm not cutting back nutrition wise, as many fellow challengers are doing. This plan has been working for me, exactly the way it is, so i don't want to cut anything, and i keep on enjoying all the food in the nutrition plan :-)

  • Silvia Milani
    6 Oct 2014
    10:01 PM

    I haven't posted for a couple of days, as i have been extra busy and very tired: my washing machine broke down on Saturday, and i have spent most of the weekend looking for a new one. Haven't bought one yet, still deciding on the model, but it will have to happen early, as i have tons of gym clothes, plus loads from my kids!!! Many things have been breaking down or being damaged lately: my car was damaged while parked at the gym (luckily the person who damaged it left his details); my computer died - I'm now using mi kids'tablet!! Now the washing machine! On a more positive note, i am getting stronger and stronger, and enjoying my weight training more and more. I am also recovering very quickly, but i will still make sure i give my body time to recover :-) Food wise, i have been experimenting in the kitchen: i made turkey breast meatballs, but instead of baking or panfrying them, i decided to boil them. I also used psyllium husks instead of semolina: it worked so well!!

  • Silvia Milani
    3 Oct 2014
    10:19 PM

    Today i got suspended mid-air!! Yes, that's right: I went down a big box to pick a toy for my kids (who were driving me), at a shopping centre. This was a big thing for me: i had to get over te fear of 1) being suspended mid-air; 2) being the centre of attention (people were gathered around, watching). I am pretty sure i wouldn't have done it 10 weeks ago. My confidence has definitely soared thanks to my participation in this challenge, and the changes to my mindset are incredible! I am so much more confident, happy, and positive!!!

  • Silvia Milani
    2 Oct 2014
    8:00 AM

    Yay!!! My Challenge Pack has arrived :-)It only took a few days but oh boy I could not wait!!! I love it. I can't wait to wear the Maxine's singlet, now that i feel more confident and happier in my own skin! It's a tribute to this challenge and how it helped me to overcome many insecurities. My job is not finished yet, particularly mind wise, as i often focus on my imperfections, but I've come a long way already, and there's no going back :-) Also, it will be good to start using the training diary, as currently I'm using blank paper and often it get lost.

  • Silvia Milani
    30 Sep 2014
    10:53 PM

    How important is water for our health, but also for our metabolism to function at its best .... However sometimes drinking plain water can be boring, so I created my own version of a healthy "soft drink": filtered water, lemon slices, mint, and apple cider vinegar .. it is actually yum (even my kids like it :)) Today i really worked hard at the gym: bootcamp + weights + trx Nutrition was very good. the think I am enjoying the most is the nitetime protein made into a hot chocolate :)

  • Silvia Milani
    28 Sep 2014
    10:03 PM

    Day 63 Warm day in Melbourne, just a taste of summer. But oh boy this wind!!! Today it was my rest day, and decided to have a nice walk by the beach: see my pic for a taste of the melbourne wind :) Yesterday i overate a bit, and it made me upset and disappointed in myself, BUT today i killed it .... followed the nutrition plan to the letter. I'm so proud of myself and how far i came, because I haven't given up at all ... this new me is oh so different from the old me ...

  • Silvia Milani
    26 Sep 2014
    10:31 PM

    Day 61 I am absolutely shocked (in a positive way) of the way my arms and shoulders look. This photo was taken tbis morning. I posted it on Facebook and my mum (who lives far away and hasn't seen me for many months) couldn't believe it was me!!!) All the hard work i have been putting on is finally getting rewarded :-) And i have to say, i LOVE resistance training. I used to only like cardio prior to starting tbis challenge, but i have now completely changed. I also decided to enlist the help of a pt for the next few weeks (to boost my training and to learn new exercises and tricks to make them better). I started today and it was really good! Training today: PT (weights), CX Worx, and cycle class

  • Silvia Milani
    25 Sep 2014
    10:10 PM

    Day 60 I wrote in a previous blog entry that i always wear black. BUT the fact is, i crave colours. Today i bought the most colourful gymwear - the brightest piece is in the photo - and I can't wait to wear it. I still need to lose some more inches, as i purchased a size smaller than my current one. My goal is to wear it by the end of week 12 :-) On another note, i took the kids out and about today and they wanted to eat at a noodle bar. I was so happy that i was carrying my homemade lunch (asparagus frittata) and didn't crave the food they were eating. Training today:weights, bootcamp and TRX

  • Silvia Milani
    24 Sep 2014
    10:12 PM

    day 59 My computer hasn't been fixed yet, so here i am with my phone again. it's school holiday and days are full on. i had to step back my exercise because I'm so busy with my kids, but I'm making sure we are very active; we have been to the swimming pool, parks, and the beach so far. I also dedicated more time to cooking, particularly veggies (see photos for my fave combination) and lean turkey breast. i have been using lots of chilli and reducing salt use. as for exercise, today i did weights and body step

  • Silvia Milani
    22 Sep 2014
    10:57 PM

    1st day of school holiday: it went better than expected, the kids behaved and we had lots of fun in the park. i also taught them how to do pushups :) i will have to keep this post short and sweet as my PC died today and i'm using my phone (and I'm hopeless LOL:it's the third time I'm writing and losing the same post!) training today: weights and cxworx At the gym i was asked whether the green drink in my bottle was cordial! i had to explain it was actually chlorophyll: fantastic to energize and alkalize the body :)

  • Silvia Milani
    20 Sep 2014
    9:05 PM

    Day 55 Ok, I have been taking Max's Nitetime for a couple of nights, and it works!!! I wished I knew about it earlier, but hey better late than ever :-) Today for lunch I treated my kids to lunch at a Lebanese cafe ... and I am PROUD to say that I planned for it really well: I ate a piece of chicken breast just before leaving, and once there I only had a tabbouleh (small serve) and a small skinny cappuccino. And even though my kids chose high carbs and fat foods (these can be seen in the background in the attached photo), I was not even tempted to try (as I was afraid that if I tried just a tiny amount I might not be able to stop :-P) S, this was a big achievement for me. Today I did bootcamp, RPM, and CXWorx. Yesterday I did weights and CXWorx.

  • Silvia Milani
    18 Sep 2014
    9:27 PM

    Day 53 Finally it's here!!! I have been waiting for it anxiously ... I am talking about the Nitetime protein of course :-) I didn't purchase this initially, as I thought it was more for the guys (as it's marketed as Max's), however my sleep has been disturbed lately, and I learnt from Facebook groups that this protein can actually help, so I purchased the big pack :-) And I have to say, it tastes delicious. I just had my first scoop and I LOVED it, it's thick and creamy, and not overly sweet. Hopefully I will have a good night sleep ... Training: bootcamp + TRX

  • Silvia Milani
    17 Sep 2014
    9:39 PM

    Day 52 I was so terrified of looking at my week 8 photo: I was afraid I wouldn't see any changes. I have been working very hard, both with training and nutritionally, but as the weight loss hasn't been so dramatic as in the first 4 weeks, I didn't expect to see any changes. Also, I took my week 4 photos very late as I had been sick, so the timeframe between week 4 and week 8 photo was 3 weeks only really ... Oh boy I was so wrong ... I can definitely see things happening ... Muscles are popping out everywhere (love my strength training). I can't wait to see amazing changes to come in the next 4 weeks ... :-)

  • Silvia Milani
    15 Sep 2014
    8:36 PM

    Day 50 I am so glad today is over and I am going to sleep soon ... I have been tempted by food all day ... I didn;t give in, but it was oh so difficult ... I think the problem is that I love carbs so much and even though we do have some carbs in the Maxine's challenge, I still crave bread (occasionally) and real good original Italian pizza. Oh, and a pad thai!!! I better stop here, otherwise I will dream of carbs all night :-P I know though that this challenge is far more important than eating this stuff, so I will persevere :-) Today I had one of my fave snack: vegie sticks with a teaspoon of homemade chickpeas and chilli dip :-) Training today: Weights + RPM + CXWorx

  • Silvia Milani
    12 Sep 2014
    11:59 AM

    Day 47 I'm in the 60s!!! YAY ... Happy dance :-) I am so excited about it ... This is HUGE for me ... I know I am not where I want to be yet, but I had this sort of mental barrier that I wasn't able to leave the 70's. Now I KNOW I can do this, not just hope I can. On a less positive note, I had some knee pain in the last couple of days, so I decided to change my training routine and cut off some step classes for the time being. Today I did Cycle and Pilates, and will be back to the gym in the evening for some weights.

  • Silvia Milani
    10 Sep 2014
    9:50 PM

    Day 45 Today I finally got to cook for the week. I got sick of eating salad and steamed broccoli with tuna or chicken. So I did a big batch of beef with loads of vegetables and chilli :-) I also cooked silverbeet and onion, ready to make omelettes. And I steamed some asparagus (Yum, I LOVE asparagus). Training: I did weights in the morning. Then at night I decided to do a double (pump + step). I am pretty tired right now, hopefully I will have a good night sleep and give my muscles a chance to repair. Today I bought some compression pants and a top/bra. I really loved them and decided to buy them in size "small", so I have an extra goal to work on. I can't wait to fit them!

  • Silvia Milani
    9 Sep 2014
    9:40 PM

    Day 44 Feeling a bit flat today. I ate a bit more than usual, and feeling a bit guilty about it, but I can't change the past. I will focus instead on how to prevent this from happening again. Strategy 1: do not keep anything sweet or savoury at home that is not part of the allowed food list. This is very challenging as I had young kids, however I will try and limitate these food even more (anyway, they are not good for my kids either). Strategy 2: make myself a cup of tea. I love this, as I have so many herbal and green teas. Strategy 3: read the Maxine's forums and/or other challengers' blogs. Morning training was very good as I was fulkl of energy. I did weights and bootcamp. Even though I was feeling a bit weak I came back to the gym in the evening 'cause I felt guilty about the extra eating, and I did some steady state cardio.

  • Silvia Milani
    8 Sep 2014
    8:54 PM

    Day 43 Half Way!!!! Yesterday I read something on the forums about the benefits of adding some higher reps (lower weight) workouts to one's normal routine. So today I decided to try Body Pump ... I can't say it's my favourite class yet, however I really felt my muscles working. Being my first class I focussed on technique, and kept the weights fairly light (but still challenging). I will definitely add Pump to my routine, at least twice a week :-) I also did Body Step and CxWorx today. Nutrition was Ok, but I feel I could do with a break from meat/chicken. I am struggling a bit on that aspect, but I decided to do this challenge properly, so I will stick with it. On the other hand I am loving the maxine's burn bars and the protein powder :-)

  • Silvia Milani
    7 Sep 2014
    7:40 PM

    Day 42 Today I decided to weigh in, and I was very disappointed to see that the scale didn't move since 10 days ago. I know I shouldn't focus on the scale, however I can't wait to get under 70, and I am putting so much effort ... I then went to the gym and improved my PB on the leg press: I managed to do 4 sets @ 147kg (100kg + 47 Kg machine starting weight), plus a warm-up set @ 122Kg. We had lunch at a cafe, and I made sure I choose the healthiest cafe, and I then selected a quinoa salad with a soft boiled egg (I also left 1/3 of the quinoa). Not sure about calories, but it shouldn't be too bad. I am very proud of myself as I managed to skip the dessert :-) In the afternoon I had a long walk (almost 2 hours) by the beach: it was such a lovely sunny day, I really enjoyed that, and at the end I could really feel it in my glutes and legs (as I really pushed hard in my morning weight session).

  • Silvia Milani
    6 Sep 2014
    9:35 PM

    Day 41 Cardio day: I did Bootcamp, BodyStep, and a bit of core (CxWorx). I decided to do weights tomorrow, as the extra day gives me more time to recover. Spent some great family time; at the end of the day I also convinced the kids to have a walk at the local park :-) So I sneaked in a bit more cardio! Even though I exercised so much I didn't feel very hungry today, and I managed to stick to the Maxine's nutrition plan. It's interesting how some days I am so hungry I could eat the whole house, and other days I am Ok with the plan. It is a balancing act :-)

  • Silvia Milani
    5 Sep 2014
    8:57 PM

    Day 40 Sometimes it is so hard ... I look at myself in the mirror and all I see are defects. Just over 6 weeks to complete this challenge, and I am questioning whether I will be able to dramatically improve, particularly my tummy and my arms. It is so weird: people keep on commenting on my weight loss and toning results, and it seems I am the only one who doesn't notice. I know that I have to trust the challenge, the nutrition and the training plan ... it is just that sometimes it is so hard to believe in myself. Nutrition was Ok, except for the fact that I had a taste of a deliciously cramy yoghurt at a new shop. It was the size of a teaspoon, so I don't think it would affect my results (as a one - off). For lunch I made a deliciously spicy broccoli, cauliflower and chilli soup. I added half a cup of brown rice, a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil, and ate it together with grilled chicken tenderloins. Simply delicious :-) Training: Weights, Body Step, Functional circuit Off to chill out a bit and REFOCUS!

  • Silvia Milani
    4 Sep 2014
    8:56 PM

    Day 39 Today I decided to challenge my body and tried a new class: Barre attack. I didn't know what to expect, but I was very tired to lift weights, as my 6am bootcamp today was strength based (not much cardio), so my muscles were already exhausted. Anyway, even though I appreciated some of the moves of the Barre class, it was just not me ... I couldn't wait for it to be over (and not because I was phisically challenged): I found it a bit boring. I don't regret trying it, as I think it's always good to surprise your body with different exercises, but I think next time I rather use the gym floor :-) As I didn't do much cardio in the morning, I went back to the gym at night and did my favourite class: Body Step. The instructor is amazing; she's a bit older than me, and she has an amazing body, really ripped. She is an inspiration for me, and I hope one day I will get to have a body that is similar to hers. Of course everyone is different and you can't find 2 people who look the same, however what I mean is I'd love for my body to be ripped. It's not just a dream: I am actually working hard for this, and I will get there, one day at a time, one meal at a time, one training at a time :-)

  • Silvia Milani
    3 Sep 2014
    9:40 PM

    Day 38 Mixed feelings today: on one hand I felt very good as I spoke to a nice gal who comes to my gym. She is very keen on losing weight and improving her image (she is already so beautiful though), and I gave her a couple of Maxine's bars to try. She loved them, she posted them on Facebook, and she bought a few boxes. I really look forward to my morning snack, as I LOVE the caramel crunch bars, and I am glad I gave her an idea how to replace sugary snacks/cakes with something that is much better for you :-) On the other hand I got a bit annoyed at night, when I went back to the gym for some cardio: I did Body Step, and before the class one of the participants told me that I should stop loosing weight because it is showing on my face!!! Why some people can be so negative when someone is having success in whatever they are willing to achieve? I feel inspired by people achieving their goals and being successful: it makes me believe that anything is possible if you really want it! I will stick to my optimistic vision of the world and will go ahead with my challenge ... negativity OUT OF MY LIFE. Today's training: Weights + BodyStep

  • Silvia Milani
    2 Sep 2014
    10:04 PM

    Day 37 Tired! This is exactly how I am feeling tonight. However, I am only physically tired: mentally I am as pumped as ever :-) Today I did: Weights, Bootcamp, and then tonight I went back to the gym for more, and I did some steady state cardio :-) I am really pushing my limits, as I want to see more and more results ... Nutrition was good and according to plan, and right now I am enjoying a "hot chocolate" made with Maxine's choc protein powder (I followed the instructions on the video on how to make it using the microwave) ... simply delicious :-)

  • Silvia Milani
    1 Sep 2014
    8:15 PM

    Day 36 I finally managed to do the photo comparison (see attached) :-) Extra happy with the results, BUT I can't see any changes in my ARMS!!! I don't know whay is that ... my tummy is definitely smaller, my bum also, and even my legs are slimmer (and unfortunetly my boobs are also smaller) ... so why are my arms still sooooo fat? My Mum has got fat arms (I hope she is not reading this blog ... if so: SORRY MUM!) ... but I don't look like her at all ... Anyway, recently I bought quite a few sleeveless tops/tanks (smaller than my actual size) as I am hoping to wear them at the gym soon ... but I have this "arms obsession" that I need to overcome. I will work more and more on my arms, and hopefully I will see some more muscle definition and less fat in my next photo (week 8) ... Exercise today: CxWorx + Circuit + BodyStep

  • Silvia Milani
    29 Aug 2014
    6:59 PM

    Day 33 Great training day. I did weigths, followed by bootcamp. Nutrition was good, I was a bit extra hungry but I managed to stick to my plan. Tonight it is going to be challenging, as in 15 minutes I am heading to a local movie night with the kids. Food (cake/nibbles) will be provided, so I prepared some veggie sticks to keep my hands and mouth busy when the sweet and fatty treats will be served. I know I will be strong enough to resist. On another note, I haven't managed to work out how to do the comparison photos thingy: I'll try and do it over the weekend.

  • Silvia Milani
    28 Aug 2014
    9:07 PM

    Day 32 Finally!!! I am so HAPPY to be back here ... I missed this space so much ... The reason I didn't upload my week 4 progress pic any earlier is that I was sick :-( I have been so unwell, and my kids caught the flu from me also, so the last week or so has been so heavy and bad ... I am so glad it's over. Also, I just had a look at my photos, and even though my body is still far from where I want it to be, OMG: the comparison with the photos taken just over a month ago left me SPEECHLESS! I don't like to brag, but I have to say I couldn't believe my change. In the last week as I couldn't access the Maxine's blogs and forums I have been reading posts from members in various Facebook groups to keep the motivation up, and many Ladies published their photos (before and after) and I was stunned at some changes, but I didn't believe I also would change so much ... well I was wrong ;-P (lucky for me). Anyway, tomorrow I will try and learn how to use one of these apps for putting 2 or more photos next to each other and will do with mine. For today, I just published the photos taken today. Now, as I mentioned, I have been really unwell, a pretty bad bout of flu, with very high fevers and extreme weakness, so I obviously couldn't workout. I slowly got back to exercise through some gorgeous power walks by the beach, and I eventually ust resumed my workouts at the gym and I feel great. Nothing is gonna stop me! I want this so badly ... Nutrition wise I tried to be as close to the plan as possible, but I had to have some honey to relieve my sore throat, and also some chicken stock and some boiled white rice to help my digestion, so it was not 100%. Now it is back to 100% though! No excuses here

  • Silvia Milani
    19 Aug 2014
    9:51 PM

    Day 23 Great day today, for 2 reasons: 1) I got to use my new gloves, as I did upper back and biceps at the gym :-) 2) I got another Maxine's pack (which I had ordered last week); and I got quite a few bonuses: weight belt (I don't even know how to use it LOL :-P); yet another shake, a t-shirt; and the best one: the Maxine's magazine and DVD!!! Now I am so curious to try the Maxine's chocolate protein powder (as the other pack I ordered I had strawberry and vanilla - I love both, but strawberry is particularly delicious); so this time I ordered chocolate, strawberry, and my fave bars: caramel crunch. 3) I trained extra hard. Now, there is a negative aspect also: my nutrition today was not 100% right ... I was very hungry and ate a bit more as the plan allowed. BUT, if this had happened 2 months ago, I would have thought "you know, I stuffed up, I might as well keep on eating all evening" ... this time I decided to go back to the gym to burn the extra calories instead ... I am so proud of myself, this for me is a huge achievement: it shows my mindset is really changing! Training today: weights( Upper back and biceps), bootcamp and steady state cardio.

  • Silvia Milani
    18 Aug 2014
    9:26 PM

    Day 22 Week 4 has just started, how exciting!!! Time is really flying in this challenge, and I am feeling empowered day after day. Today I got 2 things in the mail that I have ordered in the past 2 weeks: the first one I am gonna use straight away: lifting gloves :-) No more excuses for not lifting heavy now ;-) The second one I won't wear straght away: it's a (small) size 10 bikini ... this is to wear in 9 weeks (hopefully), on my hot new body ;-) Today I started being more serious with my weight lifting, and I did a full leg session (ouch!!). Then I also did cardio (body step). Nutrition was good, according to plan :-)

  • Silvia Milani
    17 Aug 2014
    7:56 PM

    Day 21 Finally REST DAY!!! And I thoroughly enjoyed it :-) My body had a chance to fully recharge and I am ready to smash it tomorrow! I spent good part of the day prepping vegetables and cooking for the week. The main things I prepared are: a huge pot of broccoli soup (ingredients: broccoli, garlic, chilli, water); beef with mixed vegies and chilli (as per my previous experiment); and steamed vegetables (green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus). It was a big job, but now I am happy and confident this week will be good ... It's all about PLANNING!

  • Silvia Milani
    16 Aug 2014
    8:10 PM

    Day 20 MEASUREMENT DAY!!! And I am SMILING :-) So, a few days after I registered for the Maxine's challenge, I had my measurements taken at a gym. That was exactly 28 days ago (it was one week before the challenge start). Today they took the measurements again, and I was stunned!!! I uploaded a photo with my results, but to summarise a little bit: I lost 36 cm (only measurements were: shoulders, navel, waist, hips: so the 36 cm do not include arms, chest, thighs!!!!!). And I reported a weight loss of kg 8.8!!! I have to say I have stuck to the plan to the letter, and I have given it all when exercising, but this is way more than I expected :-) I am aware it won't always be so easy, as my weight loss will slow down, but this is a great start! I now want to focus more and more on lifting heavy, and build as much lean muscle as possible.

  • Silvia Milani
    15 Aug 2014
    9:36 PM

    Day 19 Today I felt like a tiger ... strong, agile, beautiful, determined. It also made me think how much other people's comments/opinions are still so important for me. I had 2 different people telling me how good I looked, and a lady at the gym also told me that I am "such an inspiration" ... Well, all I am doing is eating well and exercise (kicking butts!), but it was so good to see that people are starting to notice! Yes, I know that this simply reflects how insecure I am ... I have been self conscious for all my life ... Maybe now it's time to move on? On the other hand, I am doing this challenge for me, it's true, however I also want to show other people that IT CAN BE DONE. If I can do it, then it's true: anyone can. I am fighting my emotional eating, and I am winning :-) I am a tiger!!!

  • Silvia Milani
    14 Aug 2014
    9:36 PM

    Day 18 My day started with a great bootcamp - focus on legs ... I managed to jump on top of a tall tyre ... and I didn't take the easy way out (step-ups) ... I couldn't believe I could actually do it :-) Then I had my favourite breakfast: oats porridge with Maxine's vanilla protein powder and a little bit pf psyllium ... It was simply delicious and so filling (I find it is the most filling breakfast). My shoulder is getting better ... I can still feel a bit of tension, but the pain is almost gone. I think I won't be using the upper body till the end of yhis week, and hopefully I will be Ok next week. Off to sleep ... today I am very tired

  • Silvia Milani
    13 Aug 2014
    9:32 PM

    Day 17 Today I discovered an amazing thing: a couple of drops of coconut flavouring in my coffee make it delicious :-) My issue was, before this challenge I was used to only drink "cappuccinos" (either with dairy milk or with soy milk). Once I started the challenge, I switched to long and short blacks only, but didn't really enjoied the flavour. A shop assistant actually gave me the idea of adding a bit of flavouring, and it really worked :-) Now I am looking forward to my coffee!!

  • Silvia Milani
    12 Aug 2014
    7:26 PM

    Day 16 Today my shoulder was still painful, but I can feel it's improving :-) For my training today I did steady-state cardio (stationery bike and elliptical) ... I found it a bit boring, as I am used to HIIT and circuit style training, but I decided to take it easy today, as I think my shoulder injury was a way for my body to let me know that it needed some rest :-) I got a good advice from the forum, on what kind of leg exercises I can do (as I won't be able to do upper body till my shoulder get better), so tomorrow I will do strength training focussing on lower body only. Nutrition was good ... I got a bit hungry in the afternoon, but I managed to keep the hunger at bay with a big glass of water mixed with 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar ... it might not sound appetising, but I actually didn't mind it :-) Now off to finish reading with my kids, then prep food for tomorrow, and then finally some rest time ...

  • Silvia Milani
    11 Aug 2014
    9:40 PM

    Day 15 So, I have to say I haven't started week 3 in the best way: I injured my left shoulder while doing shoulder presses ... Went to the Dr, and lucklily she tinks it's just the muscle and should go within a week or so. I really hope so, because at the moment the pain is pretty bad (even though it is slowly improving). Today I had 2 best friends: my arnica cream and my pressure points ball ... together they are helping me pushing through this injury :-) So, no upper body for me for the week, this means that I will focus on my lower body only and I will be extra careful with my diet. Not many lower body exercises in the full body strength plan, so I will just add some, like lunges, bridges, step ups. And I will do my HIIT / bootcamp modifying the exercise so that the upper body won't be involved ... I want to make sure I fix this injury for good.

  • Silvia Milani
    10 Aug 2014
    9:26 PM

    Day 14 I can't believe 2 weeks already gone!!! And I am already getting used to this new lifestyle. I started creating new recipes to have more variety in my meals, and today's was yummy. I made a batch of spicy turkey breast mince in lettuce cups: I used (for 5 portions) - turkey breast mince 500g - chinese cabbage - garlic, chilli, and ginger - onion - carrot - shitake mushrooms - capsicum - coriander - zucchini - 1 tbs reduced salt soy sauce - iceberg lettuce, for serving I had it as it was for dinner today, but tomorrow I will have it for lunch with brown rice :-)

  • Silvia Milani
    9 Aug 2014
    10:05 PM

    Day 13 Great training today ... however it was so hard food wise!!! Maybe the cold weather is making me craving the "wrong" foods. Also, I have been to Costco today, and they were offering so many samples: chocolate, pavlova roulades, croissants, even toast with butter!!! I said "no, thanks" to many... or took one and gave it to the kids, who were so happy of getting some extra treats :-) I managed to keep my hunger at bay by buying some beautiful strawberries and treating myself to a large one. Next time I'll make it easier for myself and I will venture food shopping only after eating!!

  • Silvia Milani
    8 Aug 2014
    9:02 PM

    Day 12 (or day 5 of week 2) Cardio day for me today: I did bootcamp (HIIT based) and loved it :-) I was folding my gym wear today and realised I only have black tops (see photo)!!! I have like 12 tops all the same!!! And this is due to my body image ... I don't want to stand out and I always had this idea that black slims you down anyway. But when I see overweight women in colourful tops I actually admire them, and most of the time the colours look really good on them ... still I can't bring myself to wear colorful tops! Or sleeveless tops! So, I want to add something to my goals for this challenge: I want to own and wear colourful and/or sleveless tops/gymwear, and be confident about it!

  • Silvia Milani
    7 Aug 2014
    9:49 PM

    Day 11 (or day 4 of week 2) Great day today: I did weight training and bootcamp: I really smashed it ... And a "good" thing is that I almost lost my pants at bootcamp ... eheheh how embarassing ... but at the same time it's another sign that I am slimming down :-) Today I had a large bowl of salad, and I added some salmon in springwater, avocado and extra virgin olive oil, it was delicious and my strategy was to have lunch early, before the rest of the people got their delivery from the cafe' ... I made it just in time, and the smell of their food was delicious, but I was already full from my salad, so it wasn't too bad in the end ... my strategy worked :-) I also took a picture of the table in the breakout room in the morning ... people went for the scones only, and left the watermelon!!! If I could I would have eaten half of that watermelon, and wouldn't have even looked at the scones ... I love natural over processed, more and more. I finished my temp job today ... good that I will have more time for my studies and for myself, but on the other hand I'll miss the money!

  • Silvia Milani
    6 Aug 2014
    10:09 PM

    Day 10 (or day 3 of week 2). Today it was a bit similar to yesterday, and I was constantly thinking of food :-(. I ate a bit more than the prescribed nutrition, however it was only in the form of lean protein (a boiled egg, and some chicken). The part I enjoied the most was foam rolling at the end of my training (see photo) ... I LOVE foam rolling, and I always try and leave some time for it, because I know my muscles won't be so sore the day after. Tomorrow I have to be extra strong: it is my last day at my temp job and everyone is having lunch delivered from a taiwanese cafe. I had a look at the menu and I had to decline: everything was deep-fried ... so I will be eating my tuna salad instead ... and I am sure the smell from all these dishes will be very tempting ... but I MUST focus and remember the reasons I am doing this challenge.

  • Silvia Milani
    5 Aug 2014
    9:43 PM

    Day 9 (or day 2 of week 2) This week I am doing some temp work, which is a bit boring, particularly in the long afternoons. I went to the meal area a few times to get a cup of tea, and every time I got tempted by a beautiful fruit platter (and some cake also, but lucky for me that was gone straight away - funny how people would grab that over fruit!) Anyway, I went to the bathroom instead and took some photos of me to remind me why I am doing this, how far I've come, and how long I still beed to go. I managed to stick to my herbal teas :-) Couldn't get to the gym today, so I am gonna do some pilates now.

  • Silvia Milani
    4 Aug 2014
    8:37 PM

    Day 8 (or Day 1 of the second week) Yay!!! The first full official week done and dusted ... I am in the full swing of week 2 ... but I have to say today has been more challenging than usual. For some reason I have been craving salty foods, and it's confession time: I couldn't resist a slice of smoked salmon after I already had my dinner. One of my kids was eating it and I just ate it .... After that I wanted to continue eating, but - and this is my success today - I managed to STOP! And if I think about it, if I hadn't entered the competition publicly I would have probably given up already. I am now thankful for my decision, even though I was so embarrassed for posting my photo online ... I know I can do it! Another success of today was deeply enjoying my new favourite herbal tea (see photo) ... I absolutely loved it, it was filling and helped breaking up the afternoon. Now, I just have to refocus and be stronger than ever ... this week will test my willpower, I can feel it .. I need to be ready

  • Silvia Milani
    3 Aug 2014
    10:36 PM

    Day 7 I Can't believe the first week of the challenge is already over ... I am very proud of my efforts this week. I had some moments of temptations, particularly in the 2 days I was exhausted, however I managed to stick to the plan, and now my head feels so much stronger!!! Today the weather was the best it has been in a long time, and it was great having a long walk by the beach (see pic). I didn't go to the gym , as it was my rest day. I was tempted to go, but decided against, as it's important to give my body the chance to rest and recover. The walk was lovely and recharged me :-) I planned my meals for the coming week and I am ready to smash it!

  • Silvia Milani
    2 Aug 2014
    9:10 PM

    Day 6 Great day today: the weather was so much better than yesterday!!! Still cold, but also very sunny (and not windy at all) ... I took advantage and had a great walk by the beach in the afternoon. In the morning I did weigths at the gym, and when I got home I prepared a sort of casserole dish (see photos). I am not a big meat eater. In fact, before doing this challenge, I would not even touch meat, so I am trying to find more appetising ways to prepare it. And I have to say, today's recipe was successful :-) I used: Lean beef strips, 500g Purple sweet potato, 500g Capsicum, 1 Onions, 2 Carrots, 2 large (in the photo I had more, but once I started dicing them I thought it would be too much) Shitake mushrooms, 100g Garlic Chilli Basil Once ready, I divided it into 5 portions ... It was deliciously spicy, and I will have some nice lunches next week.

  • Silvia Milani
    1 Aug 2014
    9:24 PM

    Day 5 Feeling MUCH better today, I got my energy back, and I really worked hard at 6am bootcamp. Went to the gym in the evening to finish it off with a core class (Les Mills CxWorx). Food was great today, I particularly enjoied my dinner, particularly because I had an artichoke (see pic): artichokes are one of my favourite veggies .. apart from the fact that I LOVE the taste, artichokes are actually one of the best detox vegetables you can get (the extract of globe artichoke is actually used in Western Herbal Medicine to support the liver). And I also know that they are rich in fibre and low in carbs ... what can I ask more? :-) Weather was and is very cold today, and ice formed on the streets ... but you know what? It makes exercise even more enjoyable, as it enables me to warm my body up straight away

  • Silvia Milani
    31 Jul 2014
    8:52 PM

    Day 4 The weakness I felt yesterday continued today, event though in milder measure. In the morning I really felt like chocolate .. lucky for me I bought so many Maxine's bar ... I had a choc fudge one: it was delicious and filling, and my chocolate cravings subsided straight away. Today I read a post from a fellow challenger(on a FB group), which really hit home: this lady was talking about emotional eating and how she can't control her evening/night cravings. Well, before registering for this challenge I was exactly the same: I just could not control myself, I was very good with food all day, and then come the evening ... all my efforts gone astray. My decision to have a public profile actually is my biggest day to day motivation to not give up. I have been following this plan for a couple of weeks, and I have managed to control my cravings so far ... it's about 14 days, and I read somewhere that it takes 66 days to form a new habit ... so I only have 52 days left ;-) I did strength training in the morning, and then went back to the gym in the evening for some cardio (low intensity). It's now time to put the kids to bed and then time for me to wind down a little bit

  • Silvia Milani
    30 Jul 2014
    11:30 PM

    Day 3 The hardest thing of today was that, for some reason, I had little energy: it was just one of those days! So I decided to do my favourite cardio training: Body Step! Needless to say, I felt so much more energised after my class :-) Food was good today, but I was a little bit hungrier than usual, so I might have eaten a bit extra vegetables ;-P I hope it won't have an impact on my goals. Looking forward to face tomorrow with much more energy!!

  • Silvia Milani
    29 Jul 2014
    8:35 PM

    I have to say, I am not used to having protein supplements, so I was a bit worried about having to use Maxines products when I registered for this challenge. Howevever I ordered, tried and LOVED them straight away. The strawberry powder tastes like marshmallow, and I love it mixed with yoghurt. The vanilla one matches oats porridge perfectly. And the protein bars are absolutely delicious and very filling. Day 2 was very good, did my strength training and enjoyed it, even though I'm afraid I will feel it tomorrow. I decided to prepare a worksheet where I can log all my strength workouts, sets, reps and weights used, and will try to better it every time, either with an extra rep, or some extra weight. Dinner today was delicious, I decided to have my vegies in a soup instead of eating them steamed, and I found it very comforting and filling; I'm happy I cooked a big batch , so I will have it in the next few days also. Now I better go and prepare my food for tomorrow :-)

  • Silvia Milani
    28 Jul 2014
    10:16 AM

    This is it!!! Day number 1 of this amazing Challenge. When I signed up 2 weeks ago (on the first day of rego opening) I had photos taken at different angles. Looking at them, I don't know where I look worse ... but you know what? It can only get better from now on. It actually IS better already, I can feel it: I started trialling the plan soon after I registered, and I am feeling soo much more energetic. I am so pumped, and I want to keep this enthusiasm for the whole challenge and beyond. It's a lifestyle change and I am 100% committed :-) Wishing good luck to all the amazing people who decided to do this challenge to change their lives for the better. We can do it!!! Day 1 exercise: Bootcamp (will do weight training tomorrow, as it fits my current schedule better).

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