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"I know that the only way that I achieved the results I have 12 weeks later, is because at the end of the day I wanted to have no regrets. I truly saw myself as a winner throughout the challenge and I did everything possible to make myself proud."



Tone & Shape

Reason to start The Challenge

I did the challenge last year but i wasn't so committed and now i'm out of shape again.
I need motivation and help

What did you like most about The Challenge?

I really enjoyed the weekly videos from Fred. The tips were very helpful and motivating.

I liked the fact that Maxine’s is a big community of great people. I absolutely love the great energy, positivity and amazing help from the Max’s and Maxine’s challenge coaches.

I loved the way the blogs, forum, Instagram and Facebook are organized to keep all the challengers in contact with each other. I really felt a part of the Maxine’s family.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

Although I was doing well, about half way through the challenge I lost my energy and mental clarity. I was putting in 100% effort but something brought me down. I needed a little extra push to really focus on my goal and put in 200% in order to reach it.

That is why I decided to compete in a Fitness Model competition, even though I only had 5 weeks to prepare. It was this secondary goal that helped me stay accountable to reach my goal.
I knew I would have to stand up on stage in front of the judges and audience, and be judged against other competitors. This goal to compete was exactly what I needed in order to summon all my willpower and accomplish so much, something I have never achieved before.
Since competing in the Fitness Model competition last Saturday, I've started to think that the only thing holding us back is ourselves because the impossible is actually possible. It just takes a lot of dedication, hard work and passion.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

I would say the challenge has had a HUGE impact! I didn’t get as good results in last year’s challenge because I didn’t put in 100% effort consistently from day one. Having said this, when the 2013 challenge finished I kept going to push harder in the gym because I discovered a new passion for lifting heavy weights and transforming my body.

I really reflected on my journey in last year’s Maxine’s challenge and learnt a lot about myself and how to improve. So before starting the challenge this year I was in a better frame of mind with a new way thinking.

I was determined this year to really achieve the results I desired.
I know that the only way that I achieved the results I have 12 weeks later, is because at the end of the day I wanted to have no regrets.

I truly saw myself as a winner throughout the challenge and I did everything possible to make myself proud.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

I would definitely recommend the Maxine’s challenge to everyone as it has the ability to really transform not only your body but your mind, lifestyle and health. I would however suggest to take it seriously because the more dedication that you put in, the better results you will achieve. ‘The more you put in, the more you get out’. The most important thing that I learnt from this experience is that the best results from the challenge is not necessarily about having a good body, but rather is about challenging yourself and breaking through your limits. Through this experience you will learn to love yourself like never before. You will gain the self-confidence that you deserve and realise that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Today my colleagues at work came and spoke to me after she saw my transformation pictures and she asked me: “So now that you are so fit and have a good body, do you think that other people are unfit or overweight?” I wasn’t expecting a question like this, but I naturally answered: “if someone is unfit or overweight and is honestly happy with her or his body that’s awesome. But if they are unhappy with their fitness or weight, I would like to help them to find the right path. I went through this too and there is also some chance that in the future I can go back there as life is unpredictable. Anyway I don’t look at anyone in a bad way and judge them based on their appearance and I don’t feel superior because in the end everyone has they own story and journey. So I said to her “remember that the most fascinating and interesting women are the ones with self-confidence.” This is what I think, so in the end if you sign up for Maxine’s Challenge, it should be because you want to improve yourself for the better inside and out. So definitely go for it, will be a truly transformative experience.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

My experience from this challenge was that it consumed me in every single aspect of my life.

I started from day one saying that “I am a winner”, not “I will be the winner”. So I just took up this challenge with a real commitment and dedication because I made a promise with myself to really make a difference in my mindset this time. I gave up a lot of nights out and often missed social dinners and friends parties. But for once I did so without pain or the mental struggle because I wanted do something that would make a real difference in my life and prove to myself that I can be a winner if I want. That I can achieve the results I set out to accomplish.

I achieved my goal and won in my own mind as soon I stood up on the stage in the fitness model competition. I felt completely proud of my achievement and really happy with that.

So yes, I really believe that everyone can be a winner. All you have to do is believe in it 110% and put in the effort to make your dreams a reality.

I dedicate this successful 12 weeks challenge to my parents Luciana and Franco who in front of their worse and biggest challenges enduring cancer that took both their lives, they taught me to never give up. They taught me to love myself, to keep smiling, to believe, to fight, to not take life too seriously, to keep laughing, to help others, to never stop learning, and to be thankful. This challenge has helped me to rediscover these values they always instilled in me and I want to make them proud of what I have achieved.


  • Sonia Pagnin
    19 Oct 2014
    7:39 PM

    Today is another day. I want to be honest..Yesterday after the fitness model comp at the Fitness show in Olympic park.. I ate SOOOOO much.. so much... i can't even remember what I ate I was in a food coma. Let me think.... in order there was Fruits salad, yogurt, 1 piece of pizza from my friend just outside the fitnesexpo, back home I had a glass of milk with berries and oats, left over from my partners ravioli with tomatoes ricotta and spinach, half a block of dark 85% chocolate than I decided to have a rest.. so 2 hours later I went out for thai dinner I had only a main, I shared a sticky rice pudding for dessert .. we stopped in a good italian wine place I had one and only one glass of good wine and then I decided to finish my crazy eating day with a plate of chease, bread, grapes and sultanes. I only now realize how easy after a comp competitors put on weight so quickly. I couldn't stop eating... do I feel bad.. NOT AT ALL... NO WAY!! I deserved to have a crazy porn food moment and I'm happy with that. Even though i ate a lot yesterday, this morning i still had my 6 pack there smiling bank up at me. HAhhahahhahhahaToday I was back to eating good AND SUPER EXCITED TO HAVE HAD the chance to finally get together and meet the girls from maxine's 2013 and 2014 that I became clse with by chatting online through social media. We virtually just know each other since last years Maxine's challenge. While everyone stopped posting on istangram after maxines 2013 we still kept in touch sharing our fit journeys all year around with eachother. So finally we caught up in Sydney today in the rocks, I was so excited's so weird meeting someone from the internet finally. I could experience to "touch" them in reality and put faces to these women's names/profiles Ive been in contact with for so long. It was great!~ The girls were the same girls I was expecting to find. Nothing different just them, real honest, down to earth women.. We all had such a good connection instantly. I love meeting people, since I came to Australia I met a lot of people but they all left Australia to go back to there home countries. So now I don't have many friends and I miss the connection with people. I'm really open towards people and I have been so busy that is not so easy found good friendships. I had a really great time today, unfortunately it was for a really short time and I wanted talk and know more about them but wasn't enough time. Next time will be better. ps. I didn't have a chance to work out today and i miss it. I can't wait to start training again tomorrow. I already talked with my PT and we are going start a new program in 2 weeks for my off season.. I want to gain more muscle and in 7 months compete as a figure novice. This time I will be better and properly prepared.

  • Sonia Pagnin
    18 Oct 2014
    8:00 PM

    I don't know how to start this blog.. This morning I had 10 min of panic. Of course it had to happen to me this morning, when I was nervous already but things like this always happen to me last minute, I am like a magnet for disaster. Something had to go wrong, it always happens to me. Because I was born under a special star (we say in Italy). So this morning i prepared everything for the comp. I was in a little rush but still on time. The check in was between 8.30 and 9.30 am to register and get the number. The first category to jump on the stage was mine Fitness model novice at's was 9.10 am I finally found the entrance because I saw few very tanned girls wearing thongs walking toward the entry, so I felt relaxed and I followed them.. I got in and I sat down .. I asked to a girl how I could get my number she said: "don't worry they going to call your category to get the number" It started to be a little late it was already 9.20 and I wanted to change and start to put the last tan called "dream tan" on which would make me darker and look better. I decided to ask .. so I looked for someone to ask for more info, everyone was so busy... anyway finally I talked to a lady and she said "this is not INBA... this is IFBB". as soon I heard that .. I became frozen.. my blood stopped to pump into my brain for a second and I just looked at the time and it was 9.30. I believe I had a heart attack!! For a moment I thought... OMG where am I. Am I at the fitness show??!!! I didn't have any idea there was another comp from another federation the same day at the same place.So I rushed so much and ask for INBA stage... I ran so much in my thongs with a big bag ..lucky not so far and I got in just on time 9.35 to register and put the ""nightmare" tan" on ...pump a little bit and get up on the stage. I was still full of adrenaline from the heart attack that I don't know if I messed up my poses. Anyway a part from this it was really a wonderful day and I saw and realized how everything works. Above everything, I really enjoyed the atmosphere and loved being on stage. The girls behind the stage they where so beautifull and I saw some incredible bodies.

  • Sonia Pagnin
    17 Oct 2014
    9:14 PM

    Today PHOTOSHOOT more tan coats and ONE DAY OUT to my comp and 2 days out to the end of maxinesSO excited!!! This morning I had a great time taking a pics in the gym with my friend.After the gym photos we went back to my home and I did the photo with the newspaper for the end of the challenge. I don't know if will make the top 50 but i did everything that was possible to make it since the first day..even before i just focus all my energy and my willpower on this because I wanted to change something more in my life again. I'm addicted to improving my life and creating the opportunities to make it possible, I'm not that type of girl that sits down waiting for something to fall from the sky. Even though I'm 31 years old in my life a lot has happened to me and I don't want to miss out anything that would be good for me. I can't share any of my photos from the photoshoot till Monday, but i am so excited to show you all.Everything is ready I can't wait to step on the stage.

  • Sonia Pagnin
    16 Oct 2014
    3:10 PM

    Today I'm happy i finally started to carb loading and had this amazing surprise new maxines products arrived this morning happy to try the max's pancakes next week. 2 DAYS OUT I feel super excited i finished to working out and later I'm going to spray tan my first 2 coats. I can believe i'm almost there. I'm still loosing weight .. this morning i was 54.8kg

  • Sonia Pagnin
    13 Oct 2014
    9:15 PM

    I just love this product so much, i think it helped me a lot to burn fast fats. It's just so delicius and i would recommend to everyone. Thanks Maxine's

  • Sonia Pagnin
    12 Oct 2014
    5:26 PM

    Another weekend another party... hahhaha I can't believe how many cakes i missed this month and I don't feel sad about it. I'm starting to think about the end of the challenge. I really want start to gain some more muscles and compete in the figure class next year. I did enjoy this journey and a part from my last 3 weeks that i had to eliminate some food like dairy and fruits i don't mind eating in this way. Anyway is not time to think about food! The countdown has started ..6 days out from my first competition as a novice fitness model and the end of the challenge. super excited!

  • Sonia Pagnin
    11 Oct 2014
    8:15 AM

    1 WEEK OUT.. I FEEL wow.... my glutes are improving and i lost a little bit more on my legs, that's make me so happy!! My workouts keep going with high repetition and short rest breaks between sets! I never complain about working out because I love it. But I'm tired to train legs..i can't run anymore they are alway sore. Lucky today will be my last legs workout.. yeeeahhhhhhhh i feel good !!!

  • Sonia Pagnin
    5 Oct 2014
    9:37 PM

    Today I was invited to a house warming party in the country side. It was amazing being in the nature and I felt so relaxed with good people and my food and my water. I feel so good now being around food and drinks, nothing really interested me. In the beginning I avoided parties and I didn't want to go out too much because the diet and my commitment with the challenge, but now I want have a life and since the beginning I gain so much strength that i don't feel attempted by food or people. Even people that encourage me having bad foods or alcohol.

  • Sonia Pagnin
    30 Sep 2014
    5:31 PM

    Today i would like to spend some time writing about my food and supplements. Since last years challenge I've learned a lot. First of all you can exercise as much you want but if you do not eat properly you won't have a good result. Primarily I learnt that the 2 keys to success is to be organized, so prepare the food in advance for the week and be persistent and committed with your goal. When you know those two points and you follow them religiously you will reach your goal 100% guaranteed.The body needs routine and timing to be effectively efficient, which means that you need to eat clean and often (5-6 meals a day) not big portions but eat every day at the same time, have a good rest (sleep) and take the right supplements. Food becomes really important.. in our life is all about food, we need it to survive after all!! It's not about money and success.. Because back to bare basics, without eating and drinking we will die. Thinking about what you put into your body is really important, eating clean is not often a diet to lose weight should be a lifestyle to avoid illness and have a better quality of life with health and wellbeing. I'm studying personla training at TAFE now because I'm really fascinated about the health industry. In the future as a second job I would love to help people to become healthier and help them lose fat so they can feel better about their body too. Supplements are good for us mostly while we are on a specific diet. Unfortunately we can't get a sufficient amount of the right nutrients in our food especially if we are dieting. We can't get all the essential nutrients we need from food alone. I found Maxine's burn shakes really a complete protein powder amazing for women, inside there is all the right vitamins and minerals that a woman needs. It has a good amount of iron, calcium that helps with contraction of the muscles, magnesium, potassium, selenium, Iodine and zinc.. and much more. I used this protein powder all year around and I am really happy with it that I don't feel like I want to change. This is the best I can get from the market.

  • Sonia Pagnin
    28 Sep 2014
    9:44 PM

    Yesterday i was invited to my first Australian wedding. In the beginning it was scary thought about going to a wedding party so close to my competition.I can't cheat and I don't have time to cheat right now. So I went there with all my willpower.We went to a fancy restaurant called Aqua dining just next to the harbour bridge in Sydney. It was an amazing place.. Bottles of wine everywhere and waiters walking around with appetizers.I didn't have any appetizer and I drank only water all night. I had salmon and grilled calarmari without even potatoes because there was too much oil on top. So all I ate was fish and salad which was so good for me. Because any other time I would have been very happy for the waiter to keep topping up my glass and I would have loved those potatoes, and the desert of course. But this time I was very happy staying in control and sticking to my goal, because this is way more important than one episode of food and wine. As soon as I arrived at home I had my Maxine's protein shake with oats in it (I needed my portion of carbs too).I was really proud of myself because I had a lot of fun also without drinking and overeating and now I know I can go out without any problems. I can actually have fun without the need to feel that I have to drink or eat a lot to feel better. I have gained so much control since doing this challenge and I start to feel better in myself!

  • Sonia Pagnin
    26 Sep 2014
    4:25 PM

    Few days ago I decided to do the DEXA scan which is the best accurate machine that tells you all about your body composition. Since I committed to the competition I wanted to know my body composition so my PT can better understand my level of body fat and where it is stored in my body. I had an amazing result of 16% of body fats.. I wasn't expecting it to be so low but in the other hand I still have a lot of fat in my lower body, which is common for women. So now I know my weakest part is my loer body and so I have already started to focus on that area.

  • Sonia Pagnin
    24 Sep 2014
    5:34 PM

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEE! YEP is my special day today. Do I feel 1 year older ..nooooooooooooooo this is the best year of my life. I FEEL SO YOUNG AND PHYSICALLY AMAZING!! This morning i had my first present from a special person in my life, who gave me a funny batman card (beacuse I love batman) and I got the sumsung fit gear watch. Superrr coool!! I can run and track all my cardio. Wow this is sooo good!! When i arrived to work my collegues made me a surprise cake...hahahhaahha yep a cake! I said to them, "thank you so much but i won't eat it...but I will blow out the candle and you can eat it for me :)!!!" and my collegues said:" why not, why cant you eat it, i bought a carrot cake because it is more healthy!" OMG I couldn't stop laughing..! I love my collegue and i understand that maybe they need more time to realize that i'm very strict with myself right now and that I cant just ruin my results for that. But it was still a really good suprise. I blew the candals while the are singing for me, it was really nice. I love the way that all the bad jumk food that I am currently not eating in my diet does not interest me at all. I'm not having much cravings and i feel ok surrounded by food that is not mine. I'm kind of happy with my healthy foods and i do not feel awake to want to eat it. Anyway a part from the cake not eaten and the amazing waking up surprise, my day was like every other day. I went to the gym did my workout arrived at home now i'm going to have a dinner and relax on the sofa. I feel like i don't have time to celebrate this year ... i want keep this for later on.

  • Sonia Pagnin
    21 Sep 2014
    11:50 PM

    8 weeks down!! Another check in another success for me! HAHHAHAH it makes me laugh.. I'm so into this that I feel so mentally strong now that nothing is tempting me.. I'm so determined that I feel like I'm wearing a super hero suit.

  • Sonia Pagnin
    21 Sep 2014
    12:11 AM

    A few days ago, I a had a really bad day. I had a big cheat night at home by myself. It is weird because I'm having a good result so far but it is still not easy to keep on the right track. So I texted someone special that I admire and in a few words she reminded the reason why i am doing this challenge. That was really important and from that day I felt stronger than ever. Today I just feel great! I'm touching results and I can't wait to see in few more weeks what my body is going to to look like.

  • Sonia Pagnin
    14 Sep 2014
    10:38 PM

    Today I feel great, it is finally a sunny weekend and I just wanted to go to the beach for my first ride.I rode my bike for 14 km and now I'm right in the sand in front of this amazing view. My bike is sitting next to me and i feel amazing. My body is so lean compared to 2 weeks ago, my are now starting to show and it is so unbelievable. I just texted someone "special" to me about the possibility to compete in 5 weeks. My body has changed so much that now I'm thinking to have a new goal and compete as a fitness model in the next INBA competition. It will be the 18th October, but to do that I need some extra help from a competition coach. The coaches name is Shauna and I met her in Sydney 3 years ago as she was living with my friend in the same apartment. I was always interested to talk to her about what she was doing and I felt inspired. Since then I started to follow her journey throughout her successful competition. She is also a great Personal Trainer and I asked her to help me and give me advice for getting entering in the competition in only 5 weeks. I always loved her mind set which is the major strength you can have. I just sent to her my pics and I'm waiting for her answer and advice. I need to know if in 5 weeks I can possibly be ready to step on the stage. I told her about Maxine's challenge and the amazing result I had until now with their program and products.

  • Sonia Pagnin
    9 Sep 2014
    10:23 PM

    Something in my body is changing. I can start to see some definition. I'm really happy with that but I feel pretty tired all the time between work, doing workouts at the gym and going to TAFE 3 nights a week. I'm always exhausted but I just keep on going without complaining too much. I LOVE what I am doing and I'm doing it with passion, so every day is special and new to me.

  • Sonia Pagnin
    2 Sep 2014
    4:46 PM

    Preparing food is the key of the challenge.. about this i'm pretty sure. Like I always here people saying... Fail to prepare and prepare to fail!! This is what i have learned from last years challenge in 2013 and from my mistakes. Meal preparation is so important. It is the key to success. Being organised with the foods was my weakness last year. Now it's been so good having the meal ready to cook or most of the time ready to eat when I prepared my food 1 week in advance every weekend. Since I started TAFE in 3 nights in the week, I don't have any chance to cheat because all my meals are already prepared and my life became all about timing and routine. My mind is now set up.. I am ready, this is it!!

  • Sonia Pagnin
    30 Aug 2014
    8:38 PM

    TODAY i took some pics in my bikini.. wow my body is changing so much i love it

  • Sonia Pagnin
    23 Aug 2014
    1:27 PM

    4 weeks down and the first check in done! I'm really happy with my results so far. I lost my first 5 kg and I'm happy I had achieved so much in such a short time. I'm really proud of myself and I know this is the first easy step, so I'm ready for the next 4 weeks to keep pushing, being organized and persistent!!!!!

  • Sonia Pagnin
    17 Aug 2014
    11:12 PM

    Finally back to lifting.. I feel great today. I spent all week without exercising my upper body because of my stiff neck, so I did some cycling cardio and I used some machines to train my lower body, mostle doing leg presses. Lucky I feel better now and it is over... now it is time to focus and give 110% again!!!!!!

  • Sonia Pagnin
    11 Aug 2014
    9:31 PM

    I have already injured myself :( I think at work.. but i'm not sure, I just know that my neck is tremendously stiff. Even so that I can't even look at my shoes. I'm im SO much Pain. I went to the doctor and I'm going to stay at home to relax and put cream and take some painkillers. I'm going to do an ultrasound today. I'm so unhappy because I can't lift. If I feel better or not I don't care, tomorrow I'm going to the gym and just do some stationary bicycling.

  • Sonia Pagnin
    3 Aug 2014
    7:31 PM

    This is me ...An Italian girl who came to Australia 4 years ago to learn English.I still have some issues to write and speak, so I apologize if I will make a lot of grammar mistakes. My fitness journey started a long time ago. When I was only 5 my mom took me and my old sister (2years older) to a gymnastic school. I participated in the sport for 5 years and I really enjoyed it but at the same time I was always attracted to the muscles that the boys had doing parallel bars. Yes at that age I started checking out muscles!!! HAhhahha that was funny... I wanted do the parallel bars with them, but I couldn't because I was a female and a not so muscly and lean. When I was a teenager I did volleyball for 6 years, then soccer for one year and rock climbing for 2 years. In the mean time, I Joined a gym around 20 years old and I started doing spinning, boxing, and Pilates classes. At the age of 24 I joined the Italian firefighters as a casual Job. To enter and have the casual position as a Firefighter, I had an intense 2 months course of 22 hours a week which half of that was exercises. For the first time I started to lift weights. To pass the final exam I had to be able to do 3 full (all the way up and all the way down) pull ups, and a big circuit exercise like army bootcamp... climb 5m rope, jump 2m wall, monkey bars, and lift a 35kg bag on your shoulder and run 50m. Than we had to be able to swim and do alot of other tests like climb the 35m ladder wearing a full personal protection fire clothing with an auto breathing aperatus tank on my back ..and a lot of other test where there was heavy stuff to lift.So at that point I was committed and locked myself in to this huge goal. As a result I started to lift and lift heavy weights... to gain strength to make me able to pass all those tests. After 2 months of hard work I passed all of the tests (I still couldn't do all 3 full range pull ups but I had a good results in all other tests so I passed) I gain a lot of strength in a short time, and my shoulders definitely became larger and all my clothes wouldn't fit me. Since I started to work as a casual firefighter in emergency with permanent firefighters I started to love that job SO much that the year after I had the lucky chance to try to enter and become a permanent. In all Italy there was 110,000 people who submitted applications. I studied a lot to pass the first test which was 40 question written exam in 30 min. I got into the first 10,000 people to pass the test. After that I had 10 weeks to prepare myself to the fitness test, something really similar to the previous one.So at this stage i became serious ..i was competing with the other 10,000 people to get the full time position. A huge amount of girls got disqualified because they couldn't do the minimum 3 full range pull ups that were required. Before the test day, I still couldn't do 3 full wide grip pull ups, so I started to lose a little bit of weight and at the same time build strength-muscles. I still remember how much effort I put on it. I won't never forget my first succesful full pull up.. and my second only arrived 2 weeks out of the test. I was short on time.. I could't sleep ... my future, my big dream in that moment was about to gain muscle to pass that crazy test. The day of the test I traveled to Rome and I did 5 full range pull ups and I passed all other tests.For the first time in my life I felt really proud of myself. It was one of the best days of my life. I had a great score on all my fitness tests, I couldn't believe it!! From 10,000 people they choose 7,000 and then after 3 months I studied like never before for the last test. It was an oral exam about all high school subjects (math, history, geography, Italian, English) I didn't have the best score (I totally failed English subject ...Hahhahha ) but I passed that exam overall too.In the end they chose the first 1,000 people out of 7,000 people and unfortunately I wasn't in there. I didn't make it but since then in my mind something changed. I thought everything was possible and the year after I traveled to Australia to learn english and my life has now changed forever. I still want to become a firefighter and I know one day sooner or later I will.

  • Sonia Pagnin
    31 Jul 2014
    5:50 PM

    Hi everyone this is me ... Yep I feel fat and of course I'm not so happy with my body, but this year I have a lot of willpower to start this long Journey one more time. I entered Maxine's challenge in 2013 and in the last 12 months a lot has happened!If I compare my Maxine's registration photo from last year and this year it looks like this year I was worse. yep maybe I gained some fat, but I know that I gained some muscles too. I spent all year training hard and I've learned so much since last years challenge. First of all I learned from my mistakes and then I opened my eyes to the world of fitness and competition. This is going to be so good for me to understand much more and one day step on a stage to compete, because it is something I would love to do and maybe next year I will. I feel like this year I have enough knowledge to not make the same mistakes as I did in 2013. My foods is ready and my delicious maxine's products aswe!!I know to make it through I have to organize myself so well like I've never done before.The shopping list for next week is ready and I already cooked and measure everything for the following week. I'M SO COMMITTED THIS TIME THAT I'M READY TO GIVE 100% every single day. So let's start this new chapter of my life...I'm so excited!!

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