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Reason to start The Challenge

Although I have always enjoyed exercising and keeping fit, recently I started to feel like I had plateaued in terms of progress, which led to a lack in motivation.

However after seeing the amazing results a colleague of mine achieved during the September 2019 Max Challenge, I decided to sign up for the Maxine’s Challenge with the goal of improving my strength and toning up, whilst learning new things about nutrition and training.

I love to challenge myself, and I’m certain that this program will give me the motivation I need to achieve my goal!

What did you like most about The Challenge?

Its too hard to choose just one thing! This was my first challenge so I was excited but not sure what to expect. It turned out to be the best thing I've ever done for my health and fitness! Both the meal & workout plans were super easy to follow - the meals were not only delicious and filling (even my partner enjoyed them) but quick to prepare and flexible. You are given a wealth of information including recipes and nutritional information, which I will continue to use long after the challenge. The Variety! The food and workouts were changed up in each phase, so it never felt repetitive or boring - I looked forward to seeing what new aspects would be introduced in each phase. Last but not least, the support from the Max & Maxine's community is unreal - there was always someone willing to answer my questions and share their experience, which was helpful and inspiring.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

At first, it was the social aspect - saying no to alcohol at a party or a night out with friends, no weekend takeaways with my partner or popcorn while watching a movie together, that kind of thing. But that was nothing compared to the disappointment I felt when the gyms were closed nationwide - mostly because my main goal coming into the challenge was to increase my strength and build muscle, and suddenly I had no access to the equipment I had been using to achieve my goal. However I knew everyone was in the same boat, and so I persisted through the final phase with the few resistance bands and dumbbells I had at home, some of which were kindly loaned to me by a friend which I was so grateful for!

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

Apart from increasing my strength, my other goal coming into the challenge was to learn some new things about nutrition and fitness, and I've certainly achieved that too! Prior to the challenge, I would exercise regularly and enjoy 'cheat meals' however I would tend to overindulge on those days, then feel guilty about it. Post challenge, my mindset has shifted - I now see food as fuel, and when I do have a treat I make sure it's in moderation, and don't beat myself up over it. Physically, I sleep so much better these days and feel more rested; my skin is much clearer and my energy levels have increased significantly. I look forward to doing my workouts each day and my fitness and strength has definitely increased!

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

It will be the best thing you ever do for your health and fitness! There are plans to suit people of all different fitness levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and to support your specific goals (strength, weight loss etc.) I can't recommend this program enough, and I am so glad I was encouraged to give it a go by a previous challenger and colleague! I loved everything about it, and was absolutely stoked with my results. No matter how active you are already, I can guarantee you will learn something new during the process, will make new friends and get all the support you need.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

Although overall I found it relatively easy to stay on track throughout the challenge, there were times when I was tempted by the thought of having a treat, and times when I had to adapt to different circumstances (gym closures, weekends away) - all I want to say is if you decide to join up for the next challenge, don't be discouraged if you are feeling tempted by your favourite foods, aren't seeing the results you want right away or even fall off the wagon once or twice - chances are most other people have been in the same position at some point throughout the 12 weeks. The important thing is to keep focusing on your initial goal and reason for signing up, and persist until the end. The program works and if you trust the process you will get the results you want! Also, well done to the Max/Maxine's team for providing such professional, detailed and easy to follow plans, support platforms and guidance!


  • Stephanie Abell
    22 Apr 2020
    5:53 PM

    Week 12 fitness test results and comparison to weeks 1, 4 & 8

    20 Burpees
    50 Push Ups
    56 Crunches
    50 Alternate Lunges
    90 Plank
    45 Jump Squats
  • Stephanie Abell
    22 Apr 2020
    10:01 AM


    Overall, I have lost 4cm from my waist and 5cm from my hips, which I’m stoked about given that my main goal coming into the challenge was to build strength.

  • Stephanie Abell
    6 Apr 2020
    5:08 PM


    Weighed myself out of curiosity today (which I never do except for check ins) and surprised to see I am now down to 58.3kg. Glad to see quads & and abs are still showing, home workouts must be going alright! πŸ™Š

  • Stephanie Abell
    24 Mar 2020
    5:49 PM


    Week 8 Check-In photos! It's amazing to see how my shape has changed since week 1 - my waist is smaller and my legs are starting to look leaner and more defined.

    19 Burpees
    43 Push Ups
    45 Crunches
    48 Alternate Lunges
    82 Plank
    45 Jump Squats
  • Stephanie Abell
    20 Mar 2020
    2:36 PM

    Flex Friday πŸ’ͺ🏼

  • Stephanie Abell
    18 Mar 2020
    10:22 PM

    Not my official 8 week check in yet, however I have really started to notice some changes this past week or so, and am so proud of what I have achieved so far! I’ve worked hard and it’s paying off 🀩 Keen to kick it up a notch and give 110% in the last 5 weeks.

  • Stephanie Abell
    3 Mar 2020
    6:56 AM

    Week 5 Summary: Today is the last day of week 5 and I have to say I feel better than ever before! I have noticed so many changes already, my skin in particular is so clear and hydrated - I’ve always had dark circles under my eyes (hereditary) but with my new healthy diet + 3L minimum water per day they have faded so much and I no longer look tired all the time! 😱 I haven’t had any breakouts either which used to happen if I over indulged with sugar or bad food. Physically I feel so much stronger and have so much more energy! I sleep so well these days too. I can’t believe how much I’m enjoying the GS training and nutrition plan, I always feel full and rarely get tempted by bad food, I’ll definitely be doing another challenge in future! 🀩

  • Stephanie Abell
    27 Feb 2020
    7:01 PM

    Week 5 and feeling strong! Thursday today so time to mix things up with some cardio πŸƒπŸΌ‍♀️

  • Stephanie Abell
    25 Feb 2020
    9:54 PM


    Week 4 Fitness Test Results (Note: Burpees are done with a push-up as well)

    18 Burpees
    40 Push Ups
    35 Crunches
    45 Alternate Lunges
    72 Plank
    41 Jump Squats
  • Stephanie Abell
    23 Feb 2020
    9:05 PM


    Week 4 Check-In I took these ‘week 4’ check in photos when check in opened, so not quite on the 4 week mark as my partner and I were going away for the weekend and I didn’t want to forget to do it πŸ™ˆ .. at first I didn’t really notice any changes in the pictures, however after showing a friend she said straight away she could tell I was starting to look leaner particularly around the waist. My goal was always to tone up and get strong as opposed to lose weight so I’m happy with my progress so far. I also feel stronger than ever before and have so much energy so I know it’s working!

  • Stephanie Abell
    28 Jan 2020
    10:40 PM
    16 Burpees
    33 Push Ups
    29 Crunches
    39 Alternate Lunges
    63 Plank
    35 Jump Squats
  • Stephanie Abell
    23 Jan 2020
    9:02 PM


    I am so EXCITED! This is my first time participating in the Maxine’s Challenge, and I am determined to see it through to the end whilst following the plan as closely as possible. I am doing this for me - I love how exercise makes you feel, happy and full of energy! I also love challenging myself and seeing what the body is capable of achieving with a bit of dedication and hard work. My goal is to increase my strength, possibly lose a few kg and tone up.Mostly though, I am keen to learn some new things about nutrition and exercise.

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