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I feel amazing both physically and mentally. I can't believe in 12 weeks how good I feel. For the first time in my life I'm comfortable in my own body.



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Reason to start The Challenge

For so many years I've struggled with my body, I've never been happy with it. The mental drain this has had on me has been immense. I think I've tried every fad diet, exercise program and detoxes. I think I have kept the diet industry in business!! The thousands of dollars I have spent I could own a house.

Each year I'm motivated by the wonderful changes I have seen in the people completing this challenge. Honestly I've never felt better when I do this challenge. I like the how it makes me feel and this time it'll be for good. I let myself go after the last challenge and now I know where I want to be. I'm inspired by Jade Caddy. I suffer from anxiety and the change in Jade has been wonderful. She really is my role model.

There are hurdles that I will need to overcome such as juggling family life, 2 kids and a hubby, 12 hour shifts but I won't let that deter me. As I've always thought about life - if you want it that bad you'll do anything in your power to get it.

Let's get this done. Can't wait to see the changes in November!!!

What did you like most about The Challenge?

I loved everything about the challenge. The amount of information provided was unbelievable and all free. Best ever challenge and I'm amazed with my results.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

Probably the nutrition but I know what I put in my body is reflect on the outside! You are what you eat! So true!

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

Where do I start. I feel amazing both physically and mentally. I can't believe in 12 weeks how good I feel. For the first time in my life I'm comfortable in my own body. The last 12 weeks is only the start for me. This is a lifestyle not just for 12 weeks. The 12 weeks have just kickstarted me into a happy and healthy life!

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

Just do it. You will be so glad you did it. Once you start and see the results you honestly won't look back. I thought I'd be too old to do this but you are never too old.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

I think the challenge is amazing. All the resources are free and the knowledge provided is limitless. If I wanted to find anything out all I needed to do was go to the forum. I will miss this challenge and the comraderie with everyone. I've honestly loved it.


  • Sue Currie
    8 Nov 2015
    12:54 AM

    OMG it's the last day of the challenge!

  • Sue Currie
    6 Nov 2015
    10:27 AM

    Unbelievable the last week is here. A time to reflect for me. Some days it feels like this challenge has gone on forever and other times it's gone in a flash. So happy on what I've achieved and how I'm feeling. Life is so much better when you are healthy. Like I've said in a few recent posts this is a lifestyle change not just for 12 weeks. Time to start making more goals and making a better life for myself and my family. Thank you Maxine's - you've made my whole life a whole lot better!

  • Sue Currie
    2 Nov 2015
    12:05 PM

    OMG it's the last week. I'm feeling both excited and also nervous! Can't wait to see my final results. I feel amazing and I'm never going back to how I was. This is just a kick start to a much healthier lifestyle. Like Craig said in a recent weekly master coach update if you think that at the end of the challenge all you can think about is having this and that and a binge then you really aren't in it for the real deal. Bring on the rest of the week!!

  • Sue Currie
    29 Oct 2015
    2:48 AM

    Trying to get a sneaky blog in as I'm on night shift and this week has been a blinder - very tired but really keeping on track with everything. It's the first challenge where I'm so happy on where I am at. Can't wait until next week and can't wait to get my photos done. Finally seeing my abs. Not bad for a 44 year old. My training buddy has been sick all week so I'm without her but I'm not giving up now. I'm come too far. Hopefully I'll get in the Top 50 even better would be the Top 10.

  • Sue Currie
    24 Oct 2015
    9:48 PM

    OMG I'm getting so excited. Just checking out all the awesome instagram pics of everyone doing the challenge. All the pics really make me motivated to give it my best over the next two weeks..... actually so happy with my progress pics. The closest I've ever been to getting abs. This is only the start for me. There's so much more that I want to achieve. My life is a whole lot happier!

  • Sue Currie
    23 Oct 2015
    1:29 PM

    Cardio done this morning I'm still so motivated. Really can't thank Maxine's enough for all the support and info provided to the challengers. Best challenge ever!!!!

  • Sue Currie
    23 Oct 2015
    1:27 PM

    By back progress. Really can't wait for the end of the challenge and what my final photos are going to be like!

  • Sue Currie
    23 Oct 2015
    1:26 PM

    Really can't believe we are nearing the finish of this challenge. I can't tell you how proud I am of my progress.

  • Sue Currie
    16 Oct 2015
    10:32 PM

    Oh and I forgot to load up my Week 8 photos from the challenge, here they are! So proud!!!

  • Sue Currie
    16 Oct 2015
    10:30 PM

    Wow how amazing do I feel. This the last week I've really noticed some amazing changes and I can actually start to see my abs which is a FIRST for me! Never in my life have I had abs. Haven't blogged for awhile as life is hectic at present but really managing to to complete all of my training and eating very well. I've honestly never felt better. Finally making some ground with this challenge. I was at the gym this morning with my training partner Deneille. We've been motivating each other. Today for cardio we did an uphill walk and then 12 minutes of HIIT training. After the session Deneille mentioned she had received a message from one of the ladies at the gym that she knows and was there this morning and asked if I was her personal trainer. She also asked what I was doing as I had really transformed my body! What a boost that gave me today. I'm feeling so motivated at the moment! Can't wait to get my tan on in the next few weeks and show what I've done!

  • Sue Currie
    6 Oct 2015
    12:05 PM

    Feeling great today. Took my xtburn this morning for my cardio session which involved 30 mins of GRIT Cardio and then 30 mins of CX Worx which involves working mostly your core muscles! Let me tell you my muscles are extremely sore today. Have been trying to get two sessions of exercise in each day as I feel like I'm plateauing slightly so it's definitely time to confuse this body of mine. Honestly cannot explain how much I'm enjoying this challenge. I'm really starting to accept and be grateful for my body. In my 44 years I've never felt this way. There are definitely areas that I would like to change but I'm also grateful that I can actually mentally and physically complete this challenge. Only another week until I'm back on shiftwork. I must admit I'm really not looking forward to it but in some ways it's good for me to get back into the reality of normal life.

  • Sue Currie
    4 Oct 2015
    10:09 AM

    Feeling extremely tired today and have a massive headache! Decided I will do my cardio later this afternoon after I find some energy. I've decided to listen to my body today and not try and do a half hearted session. Went to my brother's 40th party last night and I'm so pleased that I did not succumb to any of the finger food! We got home at around 10pm and I had my nighttime shake and went to bed. Woke up feeling mentally great that I was strong. Today I will be writing down my goals for the coming week. Like I said yesterday time to really step this up and push through to the end of the challenge!

  • Sue Currie
    3 Oct 2015
    7:32 AM

    Fantastic start to today. Up early because I couldn't sleep - damn hormones! So off to the gym to get my workout done and dusted. Awesome workout and managed to also get in a 12 minute HIIT session on the treadmill. My husband regularly talks to one of the PT's at our local gym who is going to Las Vegas shortly to compete for Australia in the Natural Bodybuilding comp. I'm not interested in comps (so I say now!) and he mentioned to my husband that if you want to lose fat and to speed up this process finish each strength training session with a 5-10 min HIIT session. So that's what I'm intending on doing. I've made really great progress but my weight loss has stabilised so I need to kickstart it back into action. I love reading and researching all about fat loss and getting on the forums. They are really so informative. Anyway better get my act together and get organised for my day ahead.

  • Sue Currie
    2 Oct 2015
    5:43 PM

    Well it's definitely time to pick up the pace. I'm now back from my holiday up north and although I pretty much stayed on track and completed all my cardio and strength training, I did have a few extra coffees and nuts. I'm really happy with how much I've progressed with my exercise, I'm feeling so much stronger and really have more energy even though I'm getting up much earlier and am busier than ever. I know I keep saying this but this time around this challenge really has been great, I'm actually really enjoying it and my mindset is so much better than it ever was. I love talking about my nutrition and exercise to anyone that will listen and I'm sure they are all sick of me ranting and raving about how good the challenge is. I've really noticed that the XT Burn is providing me with that extra kick in the morning. It has been fantastic. I'm paying more attention to my fibre intake as well as this I notice has really kickstarted my metabolism as well. Anyway more to come tomorrow. I'm really going to try and blog more.

  • Sue Currie
    22 Sep 2015
    2:14 PM

    Wow didn't realise it's a bit too long since I've last blogged but I'm away on holidays and it takes so long to type on my phone but here I am and still going strong. I'm really starting to see some changes in my body! Yay I'm getting more definition and this has really given me a massive boost and motivation. We are away up in North Queensland and I normally find holidays the hardest but this time I'm so determined. We bought our bikes up, joined the local gym albeit at a huge fee and prepped our food. Hubby has even managed to catch me some fresh fish. I'm absolutely loving life at the moment. Really can't believe that I waited so long to get to this point - for me it's very much a mental thing. Hope the last 6 weeks are just as good as the first 6!!

  • Sue Currie
    13 Sep 2015
    7:56 AM

    Woke up feeling very flat this morning. It's been a big week but on the whole have been really impressed with how I'm doing. The most important thing I need to do is stop comparing myself to others! This is so self defeating. This is come from looking at the 4 weeks progress shots. My goodness some people have done absolutely amazing! I'm pretty happy with what I've achieved but really want to step it up the next for weeks. So here are my goals for the next 4 weeks for phase 2: Stop picking at my kids leftovers Stop asking for a little bite of this and a little bite of that - it all adds up Use myfitnesspal and document everything Enjoy my progress and stop dwelling on the scales Stick to the nutrition plan - exercise is all good Mix it up more - don't just do the stepper / walking each day add a little extra in Honestly it's the first time in all my challenges that I really can't wait until week 12 and that's not because of what I'm eating it's more on what I'll look like.....

  • Sue Currie
    8 Sep 2015
    10:47 AM

    So nervous to post my Week 4 pics. But also excited. Honestly each time around I do this challenge, I learn more and more and also learn more and more about myself. I really feel amazing, especially considering I'm perimenopausal (sorry for TMI). Maxines has really given me motivation to look after myself better and spend time on me. TODAY'S CARDIO: 530AM GRIT Cardio class 600am CX WORX class I'm really trying different cardio options this time around to confuse my body. Last challenge for cardio all I did was stair climbing - don't get me wrong this was great for getting my heart rate through the roof but all it did was make me hate doing those stairs! I'm really mixing the cardio up so I don't get bored and it is really working. My partner in crime, Deneille and I will be doing an hour spin class on Saturday morning for something extra. A bit nervous but think it'll be great, haven't done one of those classes for about 6 years! Hope the team is progressing well. Can't wait to see the pics. I'll be posting up my pics on Saturday as the next 3 days I'm on 12 hour shifts :(!!!!

  • Sue Currie
    4 Sep 2015
    3:11 AM

    YESTERDAY'S WORKOUT - Thursday Cardio was done which entailed 40 minutes of HIIT training. I got to the gym at about 530am after my night shift feeling so tired. I was missing my gym partner Deneille however my hubby met me there and I made the mistake of telling him that I was doing a 'relaxing' walk on the treadmill as I was so tired. His response was like hell you are! Anyway 40 minutes later I had done an awesome intense workout. I've really got to step it up and keep my body guessing. So the HIIT training was great. I did 4 rounds of the following: kettlebell swings, box jumps, burpees (yuck!) and boxing. Heart rate was sky high. After those 4 rounds we got into the ropes and then after that onto the treadmill for 10 minutes of interval training. I actually didn't have time to think about how tired I was! TODAY'S WORKOUT- Friday Looks like I'll do that uphill walk on the treadmill but I'll see. I'm coming off my last day of night shift so I"m super tired and I have a full day today with the kids so probably won't get into bed until 6pm. But should get about 10 hours sleep as I need to be up and at the gym to get my strength workout done. NUTRITION Nutrition has been great this week. Cravings are starting to wane, just want to decrease my coffee intake but my intake is only high when I'm on night shift. When I'm not on shift I'm all good! Preparation really is key. Thanks also for the mention on Facebook Kim!!

  • Sue Currie
    1 Sep 2015
    10:22 PM

    GRIT Cardio done for today. On night shift this week and am finding it difficult in working out when I should eat. I know that sounds strange but I get home at 0630am take the kids to school and am home by 9am. Jump into bed then and try and sleep until 3pm when I pick up the kids so I'm not getting alot of sleep. When I wake at 3pm I'm hungry so not sure is this when I have breakfast? Anyway have just been having a protein shake to tie me over until I get to work at 5pm then I will have a coffee and eat dinner around 2100. I guess I just have to make sure I eat when I'm hungry. I'm definitely eating what is on the plan it's just my timing is a bit out when I'm on night shift. I would really like to step up my cardio and weight training but timing is so limited for me on night shift week. Just means when I'm on days off I really need to ensure I get more training done. I have decided to step up my weights programme and add more variety and additional exercises. Will see how it goes in the morning.

  • Sue Currie
    31 Aug 2015
    9:44 PM

    Last day of August - have found the last few days really difficult. I'm not sure if it is that time of the month or what but my cravings are through the roof. Doesn't help with night shift this week but I'll get through it and not make any excuses. I'm off to do GRIT cardio in the morning at 0530 after my 12 hour shift. Then off to take the kids to school and then home for sleep! Can't wait for this week to be over! An awesome dinner tonight at work. Fresh fish caught by my hubby and nice, crisp green steamed vegies. I love feeling this good.

  • Sue Currie
    31 Aug 2015
    9:26 AM

    Week 3 - Time has flown! Up at 4am to get some cardio done and meeting Deneille for our strength workout. Cardio: 40 minutes uphilll walk on the treadmill 10 mins on stair climber Strength training: followed the workout provided by Maxines and each week my goal is to increase the weight and add in a few extra exercises e.g. my legs are my issue so I'll be adding in some lunges / leg extensions. Goals for this week: This week will possibly be a difficult week exercise wise due to my 4 night shifts. But as Craig Harper mentioned on one of his weekly updates - don't make excuses and this time around I'm not willing to make excuses for myself. I need to feel uncomfortable and like Craig mentioned, most people don't allow themselves to feel uncomfortable. Well I'm getting my head in the space that uncomfortable feelings will soon feel comfortable to me if that makes sense! Then that's time to step it up. I look forward to blogging each day to keep myself accountable and detail my workouts.

  • Sue Currie
    30 Aug 2015
    6:26 AM

    I knew it would happen at some stage but I really slipped up last night. I made myself grilled chicken, broccoli and snow peas. Whilst this was cooking I put two pizzas in the oven for my children. I thought by having my dinner before there's I'd be full and not want any of that food. To be honest one of my downfalls is picking at my children's meals - both when I'm cooking and when they have half finished their plates! I hate that I do this but I've done it for so long..... no excuse. I reckon if I thought about it I would eat around 200 extra calories by doing this. Anyway long story short. I plated up their dinner and whilst doing it I ate 2 pieces of pizza. Let me tell you it tasted amazing! Yeah amazing for about the 30 secs it was in my mouth and now 12 hours later I'm still dealing with the pain - both mentally and physically. I'm not sure why we do this to ourselves but it certainly wasn't worth it. This really has taught me and in some ways it is a good thing. As they say - something good always comes out of something not so good! Was supposed to be a rest day but I'll drag this sorry ass down to the steps and burn off this pizza!

  • Sue Currie
    29 Aug 2015
    5:11 AM

    Saturday morning and I'm up and getting ready for the gym. Going to meet my partner in crime Deneille and hit the weights. I thought I'd get up a bit early and do an uphill walk on the tready. Who would have thought 2 weeks ago I'd have this much energy. How things have changed. I'm waking up during the night checking my fitbit to see what time it is as I am actually excited about going to the gym. Throughout this challenge I have set myself some goals / challenges and I shall list them out this afternoon. Have a great Saturday everyone!!!

  • Sue Currie
    25 Aug 2015
    11:09 AM

    Well we are into week 2. I'm feeling great. Don't get me wrong I've still struggled with my hunger but the cravings have eased off. I've really been on point with my nutrition and exercise. So far I'm doing so much better than all the other challenges I've done. I've stopped making excuses, I'm too tired, I'm a shiftworker, I can't get up at 2am to train before my shift. I'm finding that I actually have more energy if I get up and go to the gym and get my workouts done! Jade Caddy really is my role model. She is amazing and I love watching her on the Challenge series. She's just so beautiful. It's really weird and I know we are only in Week 2 but I already feel like I"m going to be so sad after this challenge is over. I'm taking more time out for me too and ensuring I get my blogs done. They are really for me to read and reflect on how I'm going. If I motivate anyone else then that's a good thing!

  • Sue Currie
    20 Aug 2015
    3:00 PM

    Just wanted to say I am feeling amazing! I'm enjoying the challenge so much better this time around. The day is still young and already completed 22000 steps. Still a long way to go and I'm well aware that there are going to be down days but at the moment I'm so motivated and pumped!!!

  • Sue Currie
    17 Aug 2015
    9:27 AM

    YUK another horrible picture. But this is motivation for me to get where I want to be in 12 weeks. I just can't wait until November!

  • Sue Currie
    17 Aug 2015
    9:26 AM

    OMG these images are so confronting. Feeling great about this challenge. I will keep the momentum going :)

  • Sue Currie
    17 Aug 2015
    12:13 AM

    Day 1 – 17/08/2015 You are finally here! I can hardly contain my excitement but also am so nervous. I am what you call a compulsive Maxines Challenge competitor. I've said it before and this really will be the LAST time I do this challenge. What is different this time? Well I've asked myself that a number of times. This time I am prepared. This time I have goals. This time I am doing it for MYSELF and no one else. I've also learnt so much after each challenge. MY GOALS for this challenge: I want to challenge myself and when I say this. I want to have control on what I eat. I know when I eat healthy I feel amazing. Not just physically but also mentally. My mental health is so important. I always feel on top of the world when I'm exercising and eating properly.I want to get a body like JADE CADDY. She is amazing and she has given me the motivation to complete this.I can do this. Previous challenges I haven't really felt like I can or could complete it. This time I know I can and I WILL.I will not overwhelm myself with looking to far into the future – I will take it one day at a time.I want to feel that feeling of achieving something I set out to do. And in my vainness I WANT TO SEE MY ABS!!I REALLY WANT TO SUCCEED AND SHOW MYSELF I CAN DO THIS. I WANT TO MAKE MYSELF PROUD! Good luck everyone. Can't wait for the next 12 weeks.

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