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"I loved that the Challenge has changed my thoughts and lifestyle completely. I am more aware whilst shopping of the right foods that I need to be purchasing and I have adapted to these and made some awesome meals for both myself and my family. I have noticed that I am also much happier not only on the inside but the outside too."



Get Strong

Reason to start The Challenge

I love spending time in the gym to lift, but I unfortunately love food and alcohol. It's time to stop the bulking phase and shred some of this excess from around the middle (aka my squidgy bits). No more wearing clothes to hold the handles in cause the handles have to go!!!

What did you like most about The Challenge?

I loved that the Challenge has changed my thoughts and lifestyle completely. I am more aware whilst shopping of the right foods that I need to be purchasing and I have adapted to these and made some awesome meals for both myself and my family. I have noticed that I am also much happier not only on the inside but the outside too. I have even found myself looking at myself in the mirror more often just to see my new body. Buying clothes is a much more pleasant experience as I now don't need to be trying to find clothes that need to hold the squidgy bits in or have a muffin top. That is now all gone!!! Oh, and my body fat percentage is now down to 18%, I am more than super impressed with my efforts with that too.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

The hardest thing about the challenge was making the best choices for me when going out for dinner or to a friend’s place or a party. Learning how to say No to the pleasures of life (alcohol & chocolate) that had lead me to have the body that I had prior to the Challenge. Well, my will power is much stronger and I am the winner out of this.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

The Challenge has made me a much more bearable person to be around. It has made me more aware of what food I am eating and also giving to my family. I now have friends, family, work colleagues and even other gym goers wanting to know my secret and what I have done to look the way that I do. I have even had the ladies from Lorna Jane wanting me to bring my final photos in for them to see. Being complimented by strangers on your image is certainly a confidence booster.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

Go for it you have got this. 12 Weeks is not a very long time to make the changes to become a better version of you. Who wouldn’t want to walk past shop windows and have to take a glance to the side just to check themselves out. Once you have made the changes it all comes along with ease. Exercise becomes a necessity as you feel that you are missing out if you don’t do any activities for the day. If you can sit and watch the tele for more than 30 mins a day there is no excuse to not be able to exercise for more than 30 minutes a day. Why wouldn’t you want to be a better role model for your children and someone for your friends to aspire to want your will power.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

My journey has been fantastic and I can’t believe the challenge has come to an end. Well the Challenge may have come to an end but this is just the beginning for me. I will continue with the diet and I am addicted to the gym so exercise is no dramas. I now feel that I would like to take my journey one step further and see if I had any opportunity to get myself on stage. My children and family have been so supportive along this great ride and if it wasn’t for their support it would have been much harder. I loved reading others blogs which it’s great to see so many others on the same journey putting down their highs and lows. It’s certainly enough to keep each other going right through to the end.
I came into this Challenge with a goal to make the Top 10 and then to take out the Challenge. I’m sure there is plenty of other girls with the same goal as mine, so in this I wish to bid all my other Maxine’s Challengers good luck and I hope to see and catch up with as many as I can in Melbourne at the gala dinner. We will all look smoking hot with our new bodies !!!!!


  • Tanya Lowe
    17 May 2015
    10:35 PM

    Final photos done!! Now to wait to add my after pics. I'm so excited about the whole thing, I am still amazed that this is me in my final pics. I would have seen pics like this and made a comment to aspire to be like that Big thanks to my daughter for my hair and makeup today, my partner Ben for being amazing and also for helping to choose the right outfits for today, and a massive thankyou to John who took about 500 photos today so that I can submit 10 awesome ones lol We had a lot of fun right down to pics of me bench pressing my 17yr old daughter.

  • Tanya Lowe
    16 May 2015
    11:42 PM

    My first game of netball today since I snapped my Achilles and also a pic of my abs that have now decided to make an appearance. Gotta get myself to bed and be fairly rested up for my pics tomorrow. Cant believe this is now at the end. Thankfully the abs come through with the goods at the right time. Cant wait to post my pics to show my transformation and to be able to share these with family and friends Also. Thinking that this may be my last blog that I can do, so I bid my other fellow Maxines Challengers the best with their pics and look forward in seeing some awesome transformations. hope to to be able to make it to the dinner and meet up with others and share some stories. Farewell my Maxine friends

  • Tanya Lowe
    15 May 2015
    10:54 PM

    Last full gym session before my pics. Bikini is now finalised for my final pics. Have had some tears tonight too, it's just a bit all over whelming but I just want everything to go perfect. Smashed my legs tonight. Will go in the morning for a very light all over body stretch/workout. Will be also playing my first game of netball tomorrow since I snapped my Achilles. Hoping that all goes well with no pain. The only way to test it is to give it a crack. Will never know if I contibye to sit on the sidelines. I can't believe this is all coming to an end. The last 12 weeks has gone so fast and so lifestyle changing. I love the changes I've made and results I've achieved. I certainly won't be stopping the positive changes I've made. A friend ask me today if I wanted to have a glass of red to celebrate on Monday night and I declined as I explsined I want to take this to a whole new level.

  • Tanya Lowe
    14 May 2015
    9:56 PM

    3 sleeps to go until my pics, just getting a little excited. Just put in another order for my Maxines burn after the challenge. There is no way I'm working this hard on my body to stop what is s good thing. Supps are extremely low and should just last until I get my new order. Putting in a decent gym session tomorrow arvo, can't wait.

  • Tanya Lowe
    12 May 2015
    9:24 PM

    Big day today. Spent the work day doing defensive tactics training. So in other words wrestling around on the ground, fighting with work colleagues like I would fight with my brothers when we were kids. Had so much fun and it really was a fair workout bringing someone down and having to pin them down to be handcuffed. So much fun!!!! After I had my day doing that I was off to the gym for a chest, biceps, triceps and abs workout. Put in a fair effort today and am really loving seeing the results in the mirror whilst in the gym. After the gym it was then off to netball training. Busy day today. I have tomorrow off work so looks like a rather large gym session in front of me Only 5 more sleeps till photos

  • Tanya Lowe
    11 May 2015
    9:02 PM

    6 sleeps till my photos. I am more than excited to see my results. I have had a massive session in the gym tonight and have left there absolutely stoked like you would not believe and I'm going to share my hard work reasons why. Body fat % 18.1 Muscle 58.9kg Water % 61.6 Age 24 skeleton 3.1kg Oh my I don't know what else to say. The owner of the gym said that this is figures of an athlete!! What's even better is I still have plans to continue in further as I am loving the whole lifestyle change.

  • Tanya Lowe
    8 May 2015
    9:50 PM

    Put some fake tan on yesterday and tonight in the gymi have now decided that fake tan is my best friend. I can see definition like you would not believe. Gotta make sure I get it right before next Sunday. Worked today, have cut my carbs right back to nearly non existent Legs in the gym tonight and back in the morning before netball to do chest. Will go to netball then hopefully get back to the gym for some Tabata training

  • Tanya Lowe
    7 May 2015
    10:16 PM

    Can't believe it's gettng towards the end of this journey. Today I have organised my final pics to be done and also what I'll be wearing. I'm keeping this a secret even from my other half. I want him to be there and see the great reveal too. Big gym session this morning, back, shoulders and Tabata training. Then netball training tonight. Meier has completely changed that much that I don't have to put too much thought into what I eat as I know the foods that are good for me. I only buy food from each end of the supermarket. No processed foods in my home anymore. Im even feeling a little excited for next Sunday, so much so that I'll be counting down the sleeps. I have had so much support on this journey and so many people wanting to see my final pics, even down to the ladies I'm the shops where I bought my outfit from today.

  • Tanya Lowe
    6 May 2015
    8:20 PM

    HaVe been a bit slack with blogging with goung away for the weekend and then doing 2 x 12.5hr days at work. I still managed to get in my gym sessions though. Had today off and had an awesome leg session and managed to be at the gym at the same time as my friends. Extremley happy with the digits on the scales. Am wanting to purchase a ticket to the Maxines challenge dinner. Best be getting some accomodation organised and get myself a ticket. Really want to meet others who have taken on this challenge to be able to chat about our highs and lows and see all the happy confident ladies and men there. Ill be heading down the street tomorrow to find myself a dress, I had seen one at the start of the challenge and thought that if I was to be successful in placing in the challenge that I would treat myself. Think how I look and feel I'm just going to buy it. Fingers as still crossed as to if I can make the Top 10, which has been my goal from the beginning.

  • Tanya Lowe
    3 May 2015
    1:28 AM

    Smashed out a gym session this morning and another this arvo Whoa what a bloody double sesh. Thats what you get for going away for a weekend Have had the best time I could have. No children

  • Tanya Lowe
    1 May 2015
    11:05 PM

    So so so tired......... long, long day at work followed up by doing some legs. Gotta get used to these 12 1/2 hr days. Still very happy with my progress though. Might put in a couple of big gym sessions this weeken, body needs it to get me to the end of this challenge to meet my goals.

  • Tanya Lowe
    29 Apr 2015
    9:42 PM

    Well I missed blogging yesterday as it was my first day on shift work in my new job and the 12 1/2 hr day really took it out of me. Loving the day off today though, shoulders and back day today followed by some tabata training. Then netball training tonight. So weights and cardio. Weighed ts myself this morning and I was stoked. Looking like I'm right on track to where I had hoped to be. Nothing better feeling than setting a goal and achieving it. Now to reach my goal at the end of this challenge. Im loving the lifestyle change and results that much that I am seriously considering training further for competition.

  • Tanya Lowe
    26 Apr 2015
    8:53 PM

    The weekend is over. Luckily for me I must have dropped my gym card in the carpark yesterday and a kind person handed it in. Had a phone call from my gym this morning letting me know my card was there so I could pick it up. They knew I'd want to be there today. I'm feeling greatful for such awesome owners of my gym because they don't usually have staff on a Sunday. i don't know what I would have done or how I would have coped when it came to gym time and not having my card. I think I would have gone into withdrawals. Day off tomorrow so looks like I'm in for a fairly hefty gym session. Can't wait

  • Tanya Lowe
    25 Apr 2015
    10:16 PM

    Second win of the season for my A grade girls, they played an awesome game and fought hard through to the end. Going from no wins for 3 years to two wins out of 3 I feel very proud to be their coach. Cant wait till I can finally take the court myself. Cmmenced the day with a back and shoulders session at the gym, the shoulders were feeling it later today. Im already feeling a little excited knowing that I'm going to do legs tomorrow. Massive week down and have been keeping very well to the eating plan also. Am really seeing a bright light for me at the end of the tunnel.

  • Tanya Lowe
    24 Apr 2015
    8:55 PM

    Oh my, this little wheel is the devil for my abs. I cannot believe how hard but yet effective using this is. So much more hard work than just crunches. Last day of training at work today and I'm tired. Great gym session tonight, chest, biceps and abs and some Tabata training to top it all off. I'm super keen to see these abs. So close now.

  • Tanya Lowe
    23 Apr 2015
    10:09 PM

    Cardio day today, netball fitness training. Last day of training at work tomorrow then onto shifts next week. Sitting in a classroom situation get really tiring, I am feeling absolutely knackered. Bit keen for extra gym days and time from next week too. Onto my 3rd lot of Maxines burn as per the minimum requirements. Supplement mart had a special over Easter so got my strawberr, choc latte and my Maxines night time Getting keen for my final pics too. Have to find an outfit yet too. Might get this done next week.

  • Tanya Lowe
    22 Apr 2015
    9:10 PM

    Woke up this morning feeling awesome. I am hoping that it won't take many more mornings till I wake up with some abs showing. I can vaguely see them, fake tan will help but as soon as it happens there will be pics.

  • Tanya Lowe
    20 Apr 2015
    8:03 PM

    Loving the new program for the next 4 weeks. Did back and shoulders in the gym tonight, then I finished up with 20mins of Tabata training. Can feel the burn doing this. Second week in my new job and I'm still on track with my food. All food is supplied there if you wish, however I have opted out of any of this and am more than happy with my lifestyle change. 27 days to put everything I have into my final result. After the challenge is over I will continue on as I can't believe how I feel and look. This can only get better right!!

  • Tanya Lowe
    18 Apr 2015
    8:45 PM

    Here is a pic of my bar tonight

  • Tanya Lowe
    17 Apr 2015
    9:54 PM

    What a week, glad that's over. A little disappointed with my results on the scales but I can still see and feel the difference. It's now time to ramp it up. Just over 4 weeks to go so it's all or nothing. So excited cause I can see some abs showing through. Time to start with some tan and see the difference that will make to my muscle definition show. Early gym for me in the morning before netball. Still not playing yet, just coaching so I need that exercise fix before the game

  • Tanya Lowe
    13 Apr 2015
    10:29 PM

    First day in my new job. Information overload!!! Still managed a chest, biceps and abs gym session but felt very tired and a bit weak. Gotta make sure I get a decent sleep tonight as I start earlier tomorrow. Well in my new job they supply all meals, and yet I took my lunch today (tuna and salad) and I've got tomorrow's chicken, rice and broccoli ready to take tomorrow. Had a compliment from one of the young guys from the gym tonight and he was very interested in the challenge and my progress. I'm really liking the way I look and am a bit keen to see my next progress pics. Bting on the rest of the challenge and bring on my abs. They must be getting close to showin. I can see them vaguely along with vaguely seeing a bicep vein.

  • Tanya Lowe
    12 Apr 2015
    11:06 PM

    Wow what a weekend. Commenced my Saturday morning at 5:30am for a shoulders, triceps and abs workout. Then home to get ready for netball. Well my A grade team that I coach managed to win their first game in over 3 years. There was tears of happiness and the club song finally got sung. Then after netball it was party time. My partners 40th birthday. He had an awesome surprise cake made which I've included a photo cause it was absolutely awesome. I then managed a slide show of old and also funny photos. The final surprise was video footage from all of his mates in England. That made the night complete. I did sneak in a piece of birthday cake, but no alcohol just water. You can't have a big birthday like this without a sample of the cake. Surprisingly I only had a very small piece and I found it very rich and struggled to eat it all. So today in the gym had a massive legs session but put in enough cardio to wear off my slice of cake. Tomorrow is the start of my new job so best e getting some rest. Heres to a massive week 7.

  • Tanya Lowe
    10 Apr 2015
    9:19 PM

    Day off, Back and abs in the gym. Got the owner of the gym to take some progress pics for me. Very happy with the scales this morning, feeling right on track. Put together some lolly jars tonight, that has taken all my strength to do. Takes more strength doing this than lifting in the gym. Birthday party tomorrow night for my partner and the lolly bar is set. First game of netball tomorrow too so may find sleeping a little difficult tonight as this is my first game as coach for this season. Hoping for a win for the girls.

  • Tanya Lowe
    9 Apr 2015
    10:19 PM

    Well netball training tonight and I've named and introduced my A grade team to the club. I also announced captain and vice captain and the players had no idea so it was a great moment to make their days. First aid course all day today, passed with 100%. Couldn't be happier with that outcome. Took my ton of tuna with me and walked over to Maccas for a garden salad and s water to go with it. Most others taking the option of burger and fries. Even the smell grosses me out! No weights today, just cardio at netball training. Day off tomorrow and hoping to have a gym session with my partner. Hope we can smash out a heavy weights session tomorrow afternoon.

  • Tanya Lowe
    8 Apr 2015
    9:29 PM

    Missed blogging yesterday, flat out with work, netball and party planning for my partners 40th birthday party that happens this Saturday night. My last day of work today, end of a chapter working with Bupa. The girls were awesome and put on a fruit platter for morning tea (they had the chocolate dipping sauce) I will certainly miss working with these girls. First aid course tomorrow, gotta have a first aid certificate for my new job that I commence on Monday. Had a great netball training last night, went through some court plays before our first game on Saturday. Chest, biceps and abs in the gym tonight. I have now successfully managed to bench press 70kg tonight, so now I need my body weight to be the same to hit my goal. This will be achieved before the end of this challenge.

  • Tanya Lowe
    6 Apr 2015
    9:13 PM

    Well that's a wrap for the long weekend. Had a couple of hours in the gym today, smashed out a great shoulder session. Our weather was terrible today, cold and wet. Feels like winter has set in. Grocery shopping today and having to walk very fast past the half price Easter eggs. I still haven't weakened to the Easter eggs or hot cross buns. Go me!!! i weighed myself today and I'm well on my way to hit the goal weight that I had set myself to be at before finishing up in my job. Seeing a decline on the scales and my jeans feeling quite loose is an awesome feeling. Till tomorrow fellow Maxineittes.

  • Tanya Lowe
    5 Apr 2015
    9:24 PM

    Happy Easter to everybody

  • Tanya Lowe
    4 Apr 2015
    7:07 PM

    So here is a pic of my families Easter eggs, oh my all that chocolate!!! What's worse is that Lindt chocolate was half price, and I absolutely love the dark chocolate Lindt. So I commenced my morning by waking myself from a dream of all different types of slices and I was eating clinkers slice and oh my was it good. In fact it was that good that I awoke drooling. Egg for brekky then off to the gym and worked on chest, biceps and abs. Managed to bench press 65kg again unspotted. Glad I've done it again, was hoping it wasn't just a fluke. Had lunch at the pub, grilled fish and s garden salad. Been working on my partners 40th birthday party and am feeling very excited about the plans. 7 sleeps until his birthday. Food platters are ordered and fit within my dietary requirement.I love birthdays, so exciting. Loving this long weekend, have weighed myself this morning and I'm not far off of my goal before I finish up in my current job at the end of next week. Hoping these extra days off give me enough time and effort to make my goal a reality.

  • Tanya Lowe
    3 Apr 2015
    6:36 PM

    Happy good Friday to everyone. Commenced my morning with an omelette with spinach, tomato and mushrooms and a cup of coffee. Washing done then off to the gym for a legs, triceps and abs. Smashed out an awesome session then home to take Norbit my pooch for a walk down to the dog wash. Ended up doing about 8km round trip, what an absolute gorgeous day. Late lunch with a Greek yoghurt and strawberries as I didn't want to eat too much close to dinner. Have just ordered my grilled butter fish from the fish n chip shop, so it's fish and salad for dinner for me. Seriously can it get any better having all this time to work in the gym and cardio without work getting in the way. Gotta love public holidays

  • Tanya Lowe
    1 Apr 2015
    9:57 PM

    Gymed tonight, back and abs. Had the owner of the gym come u to me tonight and compliment the definition in my legs. I was stoked, she also said that she very rarely would give a compliment like that. Then I had one of the young guys make a comment that he hadn't seen me for a few weeks and that I look like I could out lift him. These are all confidence boosters and not only that it's enough to keep me more than focused to reach my goal of completing this challenge and hopefully be in contention for the top prizes. Chicken and veg stir fry for dinner tonight, and I know it's still night time but I really look forward to oats with Maxines strawberry burn and some strawberries cut up. I think I have a $20 per week strawberry addiction. They are just so expensive per punnet but I love them. Ear, sleep, gym, repeat.

  • Tanya Lowe
    1 Apr 2015
    4:35 PM

    Missed blogging yesterday as I was home late from netball and then couldnt get onto the internet on my phone. Gah, how much do we rely on our phones and modern technology. Well, I managed to play a full game of netball last night without any pain in my Achillies at all!! Super happy about that. So bring on the netball season once this challenge is complete. Cant wait to get back into the gym tonight. I have 3 work days left until I finish up in my current job and am now getting excited about my career change. No more sales job for me, and into Correctional Services.

  • Tanya Lowe
    30 Mar 2015
    8:10 PM

    Bright day in the gym. Bought myself a new singlet for the gym, just a Kmart special but I love the colours. I'm feeling really good about myself right now and feel like I don't need a $70 gym singlet to workout. They all do the same job! Leg day today, I love leg day. 5 more work days left in my job that I'm doing now and then the big career change. Looking forward to Easter this weeken, more time to exercise

  • Tanya Lowe
    29 Mar 2015
    8:35 PM

    Love Sunday's. Set myself a task of jobs and completed them all. Commenced the day with a fair gym sessio. Chest, biceps and abs. I have set myself a goal to be able to bench press my own body weight. Today I managed to lift 65kg x 3 reps unspotted. So as the kg's continue to drop I am hoping to lift heavier and meet the weights at around 68-70kg. My aim at the beginning of the challenge was to crack the 70kg mark on the scales as it's quite a few years since seeing that figure. Got home from the gym and took my pooch Norbit for a long walk. I added a pic of me with my cardio buddy today. Groceries done and meals planned for the week. Cricket presentation tonight with my partner taking out the A grade batting and bowling trophies. Super proud of his efforts. 4 day week this week coming into a 4 day weekend which excites me as there is now more gym and me time without work getting in the way.

  • Tanya Lowe
    28 Mar 2015
    9:49 PM

    Well awesome day, my netball girls won their first game in 3 season. Can only build on that effort from there. Definitely a proud coach/mum moment. I even took my own food to netball which is totally unusual for me as I am a sucker for a hot dog or chips and gravy at the footy/netbal. Cone home to an awesome gym sessio, had the gym to myself so once I was in there alone it changed from a gym to a photo shoot. Gym selfies to see my progress. I have posted my pics here tonight and let's just say I'm feeling very good about my results so far. Early night for me tonight I reckon. Big day all round.

  • Tanya Lowe
    27 Mar 2015
    10:16 PM

    Flat out today at work, struggled to fit in lunch break. But I've noticed that the last couple of days haven't felt so hungry. Went out for dinner tonight and gee it's hard work ordering food in a pub that isn't deep fried. I ended up with a chicken breast with a mango, tomato and red onion chunky bits on top. Was very hard work to skip the basket of bread and the little sachets of butter. But my will power is obviously getting stronger. Also managed to only have a glass of water with dinner. Well tomorrow morning my son is moving over 3000km's away. I'm not looking forward in letting him go

  • Tanya Lowe
    26 Mar 2015
    9:47 PM

    Great cardio at netball training tonight, concentrating on core work. Had dinner at the footy club tonight and we had the choice of a hamburger or a steak burger with the lot served with hot chips. Well feeling like a diva I ordered a steak burger with the lot, minus the bread, minus cheese and minus bacon. So realistically I ordered s steak and salad. Nothing better than not having to cook for yourself. Changed up my lunch at work today, having spinach and green beans with steak.

  • Tanya Lowe
    25 Mar 2015
    9:35 PM

    New running shoes today, was feeling really good about myself and progress and decided to spoil myself with a new pair a Kayanos. Irs 8 months since snapping my Achilles so need a new pair of runners to ensure I dont reinjure mysel. Back day in the gym tonight plus I added some abs work, only way to get rid of these squidgy buts is to work hard on them. Im now having others notice my body change in my normal clothes that I am now being ask, what are you doing? And how have you done this? What is different that you've done to lose weight? Well I tell them it's all about the nutrition and the hard yards. You won't get change and your body will remain the same if you keep doing the same thing day in day out. I also now have to admit that I may be looking at my body a little more whilst in the gym, just checking out progress. Seeing the outline of my muscles. It's a great feeling. I'm now not only feeling fit but think I am looking fit. Was going to go for a gym selfie tonight but too many others around, so Friday will be the day. Cardio tomorrow with the girls at netbal. Still 100% dedication to diet and exercis. Not one slip up, no lollies, chocolate or alcohol for this body for over 5 weeks now. Am feeling super proud.

  • Tanya Lowe
    24 Mar 2015
    9:41 PM

    Oh my, oats with Maxine's strawberry and cut up strawberries is my most favourite brekky. so much so that I had it again this morning instead of Greek yoghur. Had my first try of the nighttime shake and I must say that I'm impressed. Love the flavour, how thick it mixed in water and I had an awesome sleep. Netball training tonight as my cardio. Im now counting down the days until I finish up in my current job. With this I have also set myself a goal weight, just hoping I make it. I have 2 weeks tomorrow to go. Back into the weights room tomorrow which happens to be my happy place. Might put another supps order in this week as I don't want it down to the wire like this weeks effort. Much prefer to have excess boxes in the cupboard and while Supplement mart has what I want on special then I shall save money too.

  • Tanya Lowe
    23 Mar 2015
    9:54 PM

    Yep, my supps

  • Tanya Lowe
    23 Mar 2015
    12:50 PM

    Yay yay yay, my supps are here. I seriously only have enough for 1 more shake. Phew I was starting to suffer a little anxiety this morning wondering what I was going to do if they didnt arrive. Would have been a visit to my local Priceline store for a top up container otherwise. Think its time to take measurements and check these numbers too. Had a photo taken of me from behind yesterday whilst walking and that is enough to make me work even harder. Its quite easy to look at yourself in the mirror and be judgemental, but also seeing yourself from a differenet angle helps. I wont be stopping until these handles are gone, and I hate the back rolls under my bra. As they say diet is so important. Ive had a few very testing days personally and yet I still havent reverted to chocolate or a glass of red. I have dealt with these feelings in the gym.

  • Tanya Lowe
    22 Mar 2015
    6:05 PM

    Commenced the morning with a gym session of Legs, Biceps and Abs. Have now started weeks 5-8 program as my days will be completed on different days to help coincide my netball training. Im quite excited about changing up my program again and trying to go just that little but heavier. Im still seeing the scales reduce and am thinking it's nearly time to spoil myself with a couple of new gym singlets. I find I'm still fully focused on both food and training. If anything I surprise myself at my own disciplin. I'm so strict on myself but yet it makes me feel good. This lifestyle change is certainly one for the good, happier with more energy. Hope my supps arrive tomorrow as I'm just a little excited about using the new Maxine's nighttime.

  • Tanya Lowe
    20 Mar 2015
    10:43 PM

    Awesome gym session tonight. Benched 60kg unspotted for 5 reps. Super stoked with my effort. Home from the gym to a piece of salmon and salad for dinner, absolutely delicious. An expensive option but after my day I feel I deserve it. Cardio and gym for me tomorrow. Love seeing my results, even my work pants are now loose around my tummy and bum. I wish I had taken measurements before I began, will be taking measurements from now to also record my progress in pics. Happy Friday

  • Tanya Lowe
    20 Mar 2015
    12:31 PM

    Missed blogging yesterday, was flat out and didn't get home till late. Had an awesome cardio session with the netball girls, lots of core work involved. My netball team will have abs of steel by the time the season commences with this kind of preparation. Turkey muffins (I made these Wednesday night) with salad for dinner last night, I thought they were delicious, rest of the family have decided that they will skip these next time. Might have to do a little more trawling for more recepies to try with the ingredients as per our meal plans. Priceline are awesome too as they have Maxine's burn bars on special so a box of cookies and cream bars for me for under $30. Nothing better than a bargain, and I get my points on my Priceline card.

  • Tanya Lowe
    18 Mar 2015
    8:49 PM

    Oh my!!! That is all the words I can put to my progress pics, far out! I just cannot believe how far I've come in 4 weeks. I am more than super proud of myself. After taking my pics I hit the gym and seriously this has made me work doubly hard tonight knowing what results that I'm getting. Tonight I've done sit ups in between my bicepts and my tricep. That certainly got a sweat up. Made some turkey muffins from the recipe from the challenge site for dinner with salad. I also am stoked with my cooking and ability to now cook exciting meals and not so boring of meat and green veg. My recommendation to others is utilise the recipes on here and good old Google and your options are endless for tasty meals the whole family will love.

  • Tanya Lowe
    17 Mar 2015
    9:59 PM

    Well today's blog I have to take my hat off to Supplement Mart. They had a Maxines deal with 2 x 1.25 Maxine's Burn and 1 Max's nite. I called their toll free number and ask if they would substitute the Max's Nite with the new Maxine's Night time. Seriously I think within half an hour they had amended their website which gave me the option to choose either the Max's or the Maxines nighttime. So super happy with their service, I placed my next order straightaway. Another Strawberry, and this time I went with the chocolate latte (I have never tried this flavour) along with the Maxine's nighttime in Swiss Chocolate. So now I await Australia Post, I love getting my order, it feels like I'm getting presents. Had a good cardio session tonight at netball, I can feel that I am getting more fi. I love the way I feel right now, and it's only going to get better as the challenge continues.

  • Tanya Lowe
    16 Mar 2015
    8:59 PM

    Love Monday morning brekky, oats with Maxine's strawberry and a few strawberries cut up in the oats. This I think now would have to be my favourite breakfast for sure. I did struggle today a little though feeling hungry, but I think the hunger had come from boredom at work. A handful of almonds and a chewy after and all was good. I still find at 5:30 I feel like I could just pig out, instead I went to the gym. Experimented a little with dinner tonight and made the most awesome chicken curry, which had sweet potato and kale, curry and some chilli on a couple of tablespoons of brown rice. This dish was absolutely to die for. It was that good that I wanted to high five myself for such a fair effort. Had a great gym session this evening working legs, chest and back. I'm even feeling that confident in myself that I wore matching black and pink outfit right down to my bra and undies being black and hot pink. Lovimg my results and can't believe that we are over 3 weeks down already. Even feeling a little keen for my 4 weeks pic to see the difference.

  • Tanya Lowe
    15 Mar 2015
    4:01 PM

    I have had an awesome weekend. You know you must be doing something right when a regular gym goer came over to me to ask what I have changed with my training as my body shape has changed since she last saw me. I filled her in all about the Maxine's challenge and what changes that I've made to improve my fitnes, wellbeing and most of all body shape. Ive decided not to commence my netball season until after the challenge is complet. I don't want to jeopardise any of my hard work by going back too early and hurting my Achilles. Also the fact that I'm changing careers, wouldn't want an injury to hold up my 7 weeks of trainin. 100% Commited to this challenge and I'm loving it, so much so that im proud to talk about what I'm doing and how well im doing with anyone that wants to stop and listen. Weekend is nearly over so I think I'll enjoy a brisk walk in the sun and some fresh air.

  • Tanya Lowe
    14 Mar 2015
    9:05 AM

    So I've had a few big days and career changing. I handed in notice at my sales/admin job and finish up in another 3 1/2 weeks. Then a complete change of scenery to becoming a correctional officer. This is something that I have wanted for the last 12 years and now it's happenin. Also on a positive note I have now cracked 79k's on the scales. A couple of days this week I had "fat days". But Friday morning woke up feeling fantastic jumped and the scales and saw the result. I can see the changes in my body and feeling changes but it's also good to see that number change. I have been spot on with the Maxine's meal planner since starting and just can't believe the strength of my will power. I want this, I want results and I want it bad. Next sups order will be done this weekend and I'm treating myself with a box of the new Maxine's Nite. I think I've tried every flavour of the bars and have now decided that I love the choc mint, followed closely by cookies and cream, then the berries. So I'd best be making my mind up to which ones I order also. I wish they did a mixed box. Off to the gym shortly for a shoulders, bi's, tri's and ab workou. Then a run around the Blue Lake to fit in a little cardio. So jealous of all the people at the Arnold Classic this weeken. Wish i was living in Melbourn, would love to see and have a pic with Dana Linn Bailey. Eat, sleep, gym, repeat

  • Tanya Lowe
    10 Mar 2015
    2:43 PM

    Missed the last couple of days from blogging as I was busy enjoying the long weekend. Ended up walking the Blue Lake for Sunday rest day. Got to the gym yesterday with one of my good friends who commented on my progress and wanted to know more about my training regime. Had a kids birthday party to attend in the afternoon after my gym session, which luckily to me there was great salads and fruit on offer which helped me not sway to eat any of the Birthday cake. I am getting quite impressed with my own will power. Go me!! Finished the day off with an hour walk to take some movies back to the store. Dinner was a roast pork with steamed veges and roast sweet potato. Cardio day today for me as I have netball training. Great part about this is that I am the coach so that all cardio is set by myself so I know that I will be in for a decent session tonight. Beginning to get through my Maxine burn so will be putting a supps order in again tomorrow so that I receive this well before I run low or out. Think I would be devistated if I ran out.

  • Tanya Lowe
    7 Mar 2015
    6:43 PM

    Missed blogging last night as I knockd off work, put in a gym session then had going away drinks for my boss. Gym session was awesome, I can now see that my hard work is paying off. Can see muscle definition and my waist is starting to shrink, I now have shape rather than straight up and down. Last night was a massive test as I drove to the pub and had a great night out. Two coke zeros and a glass of water. Not a hint of any alcoho. There was no way in the world I was about to go out and undo all my hard work. Nothing better also than waking up this morning fresh as a daisy and ready for another gym session. Smashed out shoulders, biceps, triceps and abs today. Well here's to the freakin weekend!!!

  • Tanya Lowe
    5 Mar 2015
    9:37 PM

    Today is the first day that I've felt really tired. Had an awesome cardio session at netball, lots of sit ups, push ups, squat jumps and loads of running. Cardio days I miss being in the gym. i never complete cardio in the gym, I think it's s great excuse to get outdoors for some sun and fresh air. Woke up this morning and I can feel the change in my body already, super stoked

  • Tanya Lowe
    4 Mar 2015
    9:39 PM

    Feeling really good about where i am right now. Today is the first day I haven't even had thoughts of other foods. I managed to cook dinner for the family but still dish up on my plate exactly what I needed. No mashed spuds for me. Gotta love the use of the toastie machine at work to cook my steak and fresh steamed veges in the microwave Really could lunch get any better than this pic from today? Got to the gym tonight and all benches were being used so I had to improvise and use a bar a free weights and do standing exercises, which ended up being a great core work out too. I also utilised the cable machine for biceps and tricep. Its great to canoe it up a little whilst still targeting the same muscle group. Had a great shoulder, bicep, triceps and abs work out. Yes I know I'm not on the same weights/cardio days as the program but I have netball training Tuesday's and Thursday's so I've changed the days of the week for my weights sessions. As long as it all gets done and I see the results I know I'm closer to achieving my goal.

  • Tanya Lowe
    3 Mar 2015
    10:02 PM

    Started the day by walking to work, I've never walked to work before and I must say it was a great way to start my day. Wholly crap what a couple of days. All I wanted to do yesterday was eat crap food. Well my will power is stronger than what I thought, I have a goal and I will reach it. Today yet again tested my will power with morning tea at work of muffins, cheesecakes, lemon meringue pie etc I am super proud of mysel, I attended morning tea and had a Maxine's burn bar whilst the others had their cakes. Lucky these chocolate burn bars taste good. Again super proud that I didn't weaken. My will power is obviously getting stronger every day. Decent cardio tonight at netball training, and being the coach I can Taylor my training and ensure that I ger a substantial work out. Super proud of my girls as they all dug deep with me to do 1 1/2 he solid training.

  • Tanya Lowe
    1 Mar 2015
    8:38 PM

    Sunday rest day!!! Not! 3 Loads of washing, cleaned house and then still managed a 4km walk/run around the Blue Lake. Had to walk up the inclines as I am only just 7 months since snapping my Achilles so try to listen to my body and do cardio that best suits my recovery of my injury. Sunday night is also our family fish and chip night, so I had grilled butter fish and salad whilst sitting there watching others eat battered fish, chiko roll, dim sims and hot chips. I resisted temptation as I know that I've endured awesome results and I'm not jeopardising the hard work and discipline that I've commenced this challenge with. Already been thinking about my oats tomorrow morning mixed with my Maxines strawberry with a couple of strawberries sliced into it. Cheers to the rest of the weekend

  • Tanya Lowe
    28 Feb 2015
    2:25 PM

    Home from a decent gym session on shoulders, arms and abs. Loving my Maxine's burn strawberry. Very happy with the scales this morning as I've now cracked the 80kg's. I am finding that my blogging is also making me accountable for what I achieve in my day. I'm now super proud to tell others, friends, family and work colleague that I'm completing this challenge. I'm feeling very focused and I'm loving the results so far. I commenced the gym and eating plan 1 week prior to the challenge start date.

  • Tanya Lowe
    27 Feb 2015
    9:08 PM

    A full work week down and I'm super happy with my results. Loving the lunch food, the sandwich press at work is cooking my chicken and steak to perfectio. My plate looks like I'm dining out for lunch, even when customers come in they comment on how lovely the smell is. And I must add, the Maxine's burn Strawberry is to die for. My oats have never taste so good and I cut up a couple of strawberries to go in it. Absolutely deliciou. Smashed out a good gym session tonight and am keen to get back in there tomorro. All things going well I think I'm going to go below the 80kg on the scales this weeken. Hard work and the right food is working a treat. Eat, sleep, gym, repeat

  • Tanya Lowe
    25 Feb 2015
    5:04 PM

    Got my delivery today of my supps, luckily as I had nearly used all of my small Maxine's Burn that I had purchased down the street. Love receiving parcels in the post :) Smashed out 1 1/2 gym session today. Have been using the program for just over a week and I'm now starting to feel the difference. Work pants aren't quite so tight and the scales are already seeing A deficit.

  • Tanya Lowe
    24 Feb 2015
    4:24 PM

    Omg!! This still hurts putting before pics. Took me a lot to post the first profile pic now extras that show my squidgy bits. Have spent most of the day in bed with the flu but alas there will be some cardio happening shortly. Anything is better than nothing right? Just another reason to smash it out harder in the gym tomorrow.

  • Tanya Lowe
    23 Feb 2015
    10:08 PM

    Well first day down, done and dusted. Was challenged at workby having free pizzas offered for lunch, to which I politl declined. Smashed it at the gym tonight. Nothing makes you feel better than a good gym sesh. Suffering from a cold but that is not going to stop me. i have told heaps of friends that I am completing this challenge which now makes me 100% accountable for my results. Also makes me feel that the more people I tell, the more effort that I will ensure that I reach my goal. eat, sleep, gym, repeat

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