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It truly has been an enjoyable & rewarding challenge, one of which has certainly changed my life for the better.
The community that this challenge builds is so great. Everyone who does this challenge are all here to change their lives in some way or another. So the support & positive vibes passed around to each other are nothing short of amazing.



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Reason to start The Challenge

After losing 40kg in all my training years, I have decided its time to try take my body to the next level. Having a challenge like this helps me focus and strive for the best results. After 2 children, many injuries & at the age of 42 there is no better time than now to really challenge & push myself to try get the maximum results out of my body.

What did you like most about The Challenge?

Absolutely everything!
I love the simplicity of it all. Knowing I have reached my goals by being self trained & following a simple plan is so much more rewarding than if I were to pay hundreds of dollars out on Pt’s & nutritionists. The training and nutrition plans are so easy to follow, using every day foods & easy exercises that can suit any person of any age or level. With recipes on offer to help you to add variety to your meals, you can spice things up a little if you want, but for me keeping it simple was a great recipe for success. The maxines supplements also made it so easy & enjoyable with such variety & great flavours on offer.
The coaches and ambassadors were always amazing giving me advice & encouragement and I love that I could access the forum 24 hours a day if I was unsure of something or needed a little pick me up.
The community that this challenge builds is so great. Everyone who does this challenge are all here to change their lives in some way or another. So the support & positive vibes passed around to each other are nothing short of amazing. I love reading and seeing other peoples journeys & it is very inspiring watching them reaching their goals however big or little they may be. Its equally rewarding receiving the encouragement & the extra push from those helping me to reach my own goals.
It truly has been an enjoyable & rewarding challenge, one of which has certainly changed my life for the better.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

The hardest thing for me was simply allowing myself to just trust the process. I generally overthink things & sometimes can confuse & overwhelm myself by taking in too much information & trying to invent the perfect fast acting plan for me. Doing this I become my own very worst enemy allowing the doubt to creep in & then the mind starts playing those silly games. But I made a promise to myself to stick to the plan 100% and that’s what I did. Those minds games just became little hurdles on the way but were equally as important in my journey to help me get stronger & to teach me to turn those negatives into positives & keep pushing on.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

This has been such a positive experience for me. Ive completed 12 week challenges before but that’s exactly what they were, 12 week challenges, then I would slip back into old habits. But with Maxines, something has just clicked for me. Everything flowed & fell into place so easily. It really just feels like this has been my lifestyle forever. Naturally I am healthier but Im so much happier in body & mind.
I had always had an interest in the fitness industry in my earlier years but due to lifes journey I never found my way there. Then just when I thought I might have been ready I doubted myself & thought I needed to become a healthier & happy in myself before I could help others. I believe that this challenge has helped me do exactly that. It has helped me find the confidence to unwrap that passion that Ive had hidden away for so long. I feel like I am right where I am meant to be at this point in time, doing what needs to be done to help me open the door which will lead me to the next new exciting chapter in my life. Im so ready to take it all in & learn as much as I can to continue on in this healthier lifestyle & hope that one day in the future I can share my journey & help others make better life choices & help them transform to live happier & healthier lives.
Most importantly, this process has impacted my whole family. My husband and I are doing so much more together now with a common interest in the gym & making better food choices. With both of us eating similar meal plans now its so easy to pre prep the food & have our meals ready which in turn makes it an easy lifestyle change when we are all eating the same. My children who are fussy eaters have watched on while I have changed my life. It was such a rewarding feeling the other day watching them dish up fresh fruit & yoghurt for breakfast because they wanted to try something they had seen mum eat while on this challenge. Ive noticed they are more willing to try different foods and are slowly making healthier choices. If I can help my family to make better choices in life, which will help them live healthier more enjoyable lives, then Ive already won this challenge. This new & healthier lifestyle plan is definitely here to stay with me.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

Definitely give it a go. Its so simple to follow and suited to those of all ages, shapes & fitness levels.
The support & encouragement is amazing. You can get any advice and help with the touch of a few buttons at any time of the day and you will make amazing friends on the way. The supplements & recipes on offer are so yummy and make it so easy to be successful. It’s a great way of having a pt with you 24 hours a day and will definitely help you change your life for the better. The best bit of all is you are also offered the support & advice to help you continue on once the challenge is finished.
If you doubt what Im saying… Just look at my results… It works 

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

My weight loss journey started 9 years ago. I was 100kg. Its been a tough journey but slowly I have chipped away, fighting through many injuries & surgeries. Ive always returned more determined than ever. The more weight I lost & the fitter I became the more I wanted.
I was at the stage in my life where I was just exisiting. I needed a new challenge. Something to really push me and take me to the next level. Maxines couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. I made a promise to myself, that at the age of 42 this is it. Its all or nothing. Its time to prove to myself that I can achieve what I ever I want if I just work hard for it. So that’s exactly what I have done. I put my all into this challenge following the plan 100%. Ive changed my life in so many ways to make it work and to get the best possible results. Im now eating foods I couldn’t eat 12 weeks ago & training early mornings when needed is no longer a struggle.
Now in the best condition of my life I feel amazing but I know there is so much more to learn and so much more I could improve on. Maybe study will be on the cards & maybe I will compete in the future, who knows? Both things I thought were never achievable but now real possibilities in my life.
Thankyou Maxines and all those involved in this challenge for helping me change my life. You gave me the tools & I used them to the best of my ability to smash down those walls & emotions that were holding me back. This lead me to becoming the best version of me.. (so Far) I am so happy I finally have the confidence & belief back to know I can do anything I put my mind to and that you are never too old to chase those dreams. I really do feel now that Im ready to take on what life throws at me.

Heres to the end of an amazing 12 week challenge but to the start of a new life. :-)


  • Vickie Willis
    8 Nov 2015
    9:51 PM

    One last thing! I celebrated today. I didnt have it planned, but It was a double celebration! the end of my challenge and my friends sold their house!! All I wanted was chicken from a chicken shop ! Lol ., who would of thought.t Couple of chips , salad & a cider from my work!! Perfect! Now my lunch is ready and packed for a new day tomorroW to get back into it. time to stay conditioned for gala night!! Happy days ahead!!

  • Vickie Willis
    8 Nov 2015
    9:32 PM

    What an amazing journey I have had in this challenge. I know I can walk away with my head held high knowing I gave it all I have in a very short 12 weeks. I know there is plenty of room for improvement with the right coaching but considering Im self trained, I am extremely happy with how I ended up. I was lucky enough to have a friend come in to the gym very very early this morning and take some pics for me. All tanned up I was feeling amazing, But to be quite honest, I do feel I didnt get my pump on as good as I would have liked. I felt I rushed it a little and for my poses didnt really show my full potential. But although my pics look great I know this is the negativity sneaking in that brain of mine because I want to do so well. But at the end of the day I know I gave it my all over the whole challenge. Ive done challenges before but never have I followed them 100%. Always making excuses, adding or sneaking foods, not willing to try new things & telling myself this wont make a difference, but this time I made a promise to myself not to do that. I needed to see what I could do and how disciplined I could be. I needed to prove it to myself that I am ready to step it up and take it to the next level which is exactly what I did. I followed the nutrition 100%, training myself to eat the foods I hate like eggs, oats & nuts. I succeeded. Now I look forward to those foods. This challenge has been so enjoyable and I have loved every minute of it. The ups & especially the downs have all helped me grow & change & become stronger to help me reach every single goal i set for myself. My children have started trying new healthier foods and have noticed a massive change in me. If this helps them make healthier choices in life then Ive already won this challenge. :-} Whats next around the corner? competing, study, I dont really know, but what I do know is I have learnt that it is never to late to chase those dreams, no matter what age you are and anything is achievable if you are willing to work for it. For me, I am going to continue to train hard as It is really important to now turn this new lifestyle into a amazingly balanced lifestyle. Allowing myself self to enjoy the occassional treats to enjoy life but maintaining the amazing health & fitness I have so longed for. With surgery & holidays just around the corner, I plan on getting through these times and then powering on to what I hope is an exciting new future in the fitness industry. Thank you so much Maxines for your support & encouragement. This has definitely been the challenge to kick my life into that next gear and I will be forever grateful for the advice that has been passed on to me to help me open the next chapter in my life. I can only hope now that I get the chance to share not only my success of this 12 weeks of this challenge but the success of my whole 9 year journey which has taken me from 100kg and rock bottom to the very fit & lean 55kg I am today, the most fittest & healthiest I have ever been. Life is short but here to be lived, so dont get me wrong, as hard as I will be working in the gym to stay fit & focussed , I will also take some time to be sitting by my pool admiring my children, enjoying life with the thought locked in the back of mind now at how lucky I am to not only be healthy but to have many more enjoyable years ahead with my family. #thefutureislookingamazing ... Over and out for now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vickie Willis
    6 Nov 2015
    12:15 PM

    So much more relaxed today. Bloating has settled and tummy is heaps better! Got a littlle light pump workout in this morning but was overwhelmed by many people approaching me & congratulating me on my results. So it was a very interrupted easy season but the feedback & well wishes for this final few days made me feel amazingly awesome. Then it was home, showered and tan time! No better way to spend a cold rainy day than marinating on the couch, with a few of my favorite things. (Hot cuppa & maxines bar). Now it's movie time!!! feeling so relaxed & content right now! And after a tough week physically & emotionally I think I can finally say I'm starting to enjoy the start of the final Process like I should be!

  • Vickie Willis
    5 Nov 2015
    9:02 PM

    Got this gift today off my gorgeous best friend. I was so lucky to have such amazing support while tackling this challenge. Such beautiful words from an amazing friend. And of course , the Owls top it all off!!!! We love owls.. I feel So special & lucky!!

  • Vickie Willis
    5 Nov 2015
    8:57 PM

    Prepping starts tomorrow & so does the relaxing on the training. Lets get the muscles best prepared & ready for photos on sunday. Im hoping the relaxing & resting will help this bloating Im feeling. I havent changed not one thing this week and yet I feel so hungry but also always so full and bloated at the same time. Its weird and Im sure nerves & excitement play a big part in it but Ive also just read that weather & humidity plays a part in it too so thats not helping. Lets hope it all settles. So my plan of attack tomorrow is: up at 6,30am. Have my drink then brekky. Off to the gym to do light pump weight session for an hour & maybe a casual walk on the tready. Home, shower & then off for my tan. Come home, relax & marinate on the couch, with my feet up, a cuppa and a movie.. Cant get any better than that can it? hopefully this will help everything settle. Then in the evening Im off to watch my son play basketball which is always great then home and who knows, maybe another movie. Day 1 of final prep sounds pretty good to me..

  • Vickie Willis
    4 Nov 2015
    8:44 PM

    With so much going on this week I decided to complete my fitness challenge tonight. I beat all the results except one so I was happy with that. Will type them in when final info is ready to be entered. 2 more full on sessions left then time to ease off on the training & get ready for pics. Although Im excited, Im also extremely nervous about the photos. I know people say enjoy it, and I will, but I cant help be nervous too cause thats just the shy person I am. I must admit Im looking forward to this weekend being over just a little. Not in a bad way, but I know then I have done the best I can do and what will be will be. Then its up to the judges. No more pressure, just time to relax & reboot!! The exciting part now is continuing forward but incorporating normal life. Because we need to find the balance of living life to the fullest. With the occassional treats. And with the festive season , this will be the biggest test of all, but I know I dont want to undo the hard work I have done but I also know this is a time to relax a little too. So for me, the next chapter will be called THE PERFECT BALANCE!!!! I can not wait for what is ahead for me.. :-)

  • Vickie Willis
    2 Nov 2015
    9:46 PM

    I had a body composition scan done today. I know people say they can be inaccurate and I know some people have been disappointed in their results when they have had them but for me I am over the moon. Apart from shredding down and being a little low in body fat, mine is amazing. My muscle mass is way above normal which is what my goal was. My visceral fat is the lowest it can be, my bones are strong & my fitness is great. They say my body fat is 7.7%. Holy hell.. I never would of thought it was that low. but Im very even in my muscle mass and very balanced. Im only carrying 4.3kg fat mass. . The advice given is to put about 1.3kg of body fat on and they reckon Im near perfect.. (by their scan). Im happy with that, even if its not 100%.. certainly gives me a guide line.. . :-)

  • Vickie Willis
    2 Nov 2015
    8:07 AM

    Its finally here. week 12... How exciting although also a little daunting. I have loved this challenge so much. It has been so easy to follow. The hard yards are done and now its time to ride the final wave. I know i can hold my head high and know I can walk away saying theres nothing I could change in this 12 weeks . I really tested & pushed myself to the limits and hopefully my results will reflect that. Im already trying to prep myself for after the challenge and I dont want to stop. My goal for the week is to really try to relax and enjoy it now. Im all sorted for my photos to be taken and at the end of the day if they arent perfect I cant worry about that. Ive said it before that I am so excited about the future and know that I can continue on in this healthy lifestyle. Im not sure exactly where Im going to take this yet as I have toyed with many things over the years such as study and even competing. Although the idea of competing sounds very exciting and I know I would love the training and the nutrtion, the actual thought of taking the stage absolutely frightens the crap out of me. Even writing about it now gives me goose bumps and pains in the stomach. But who knows, that my be a new challenge for me to chase down. And the study side, well what can I say... Ive lived on both sides. very over weight and now healthy. I know the emotions, the hurdles and dilemas u face in transformations, but it has been absolutely worth it for me. If I could pass on information and use my journey to inspire others to make amazing choices that would be awesome. But u know what, I also have a fear of going back to school. WT??? seems to me I have many challenges & goals I could reach for and in all seriousness, my results are proof enough for me that if I can work hard and beat those fears then I know amazing opportunities are waiting for me on the otherside. But for now, its head down & bum up. time to really finish this challenge in style & hopefully achieve the final goal I had set for myself.. TOP 50???? could it be possible???? anything is possible if u work hard enough. :-)

  • Vickie Willis
    31 Oct 2015
    7:59 AM

    I can not believe that this time next week I will be relaxing a little and preparing for my final pics which will be taken on the sunday. Earlier this week I had a bit of a negative mind with all those questions running through my head!! could I have done better, have I worked hard enough? fighting against those negativities can be tough at times but the realization that stressing about all that stuff isnt really going to help me. The truth of the matter is that I know I have put in 100%. I have stuck to the plan and passed all my expectation. After all it is only 12 weeks. but it is amazing to see what can happen in 12 weeks if you are dedicated and committed. I have made the decision this week to not change anything for final pics. I believe my results speak for them selves and I dont want to chance my body having the reverse affect. After all, I am not a body bulider & I am not a model & I am self trained. so if I dont get the perfect pic it doesnt really matter. The main things is I feel amazing & happy & healthy and cant wait to continue on in this new journey. The only thing I have done after reading on the forum to try to get rid of that last little bit of body fat if possible is remove all fruit from my plan. Instead I eat vegetables in their place. OMG has that made a difference. I have dropped nearly an extra 1kg in 4 days and the comments I am getting from people who see me every day at the gym are amazing. It is very up lifting. My dress arrived yesterday for the gala and OMG!!!!!!!!! I love it.. At first I had the fear of not fitting into it but once I got it on I felt amazing, Can not wait to see it without the bed hair, cause that just looked a treat.. NOT!!! LOL... Everything is so positive for me at the minute. My children asked me yesterday why am I so happy? They then told me I look really nice in my dress.. (bed hair and all).. Time to finish this last week of 12 with a bang, then its 4 weeks of high maintenance for me because after all we want to look absolutely amazing at the Gala.. Let do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vickie Willis
    29 Oct 2015
    8:00 AM

    SO so happy.. Had all my measurements done today as next week is such a busy week. I was very excited to see these results after the mind playing some tricks on me this week. To date I have lost 11.4kg. But more importantly my bdy fat has dropped from 21.9% to 13.4% (8.5% difference. ). I was over the moon with this. Ive lost a total of 62.5cm from all my measurements. The biggest from my waiste with 11.5cms and my hips also 11.5cms. Sadly Ive lost 9cm from my bust. But we cant win them all... LOL This just confirms for me that everything Im doing is right and my hard work has all paid off. Cant wait to continue on in this new healthy lifestyle at the end of this challenge as I feel amazing. My gala dress should arrive today. Hope it fits.. :-)

  • Vickie Willis
    28 Oct 2015
    3:57 PM

    BELIEVE!! The one word I carry with me every day! It's got me through some tough times & when I'm feeling low everything comes back to this word! Once u start believing , everything becomes so much clearer & the positivity around me just builds & makes all those goals I thought I never could reach seem be now only an arm length away!! Keep striving for those dreams & don't stop believing! Such a positive day!!

  • Vickie Willis
    28 Oct 2015
    12:38 PM

    How ones mind can play such confusing and cruel games. Yesterday I probably had my lowest day so far. Not in regards to training or food but the mind games. I felt so emotional. I just wanted to cry. As I posted yesterday I looked at myself and just wasnt happy. Its confusing because I know I do have great results and have worked hard but yet I was questioning myself. I suppose for me I think I had such great big changes that were vey noticable in the first 8 weeks that now Im not seeing them as much. I know they are there but I just dont see them. Then the worry and stress starts to kick in, which I know is not great. But how ones mind can change so quickly. I havent come this far to ruin it in the last 2 weeks by stress & doubt. This should be the most enjoyable time because the hard yards are done. Now its just putting the icing on the cake. So with having today off work, i fuelled myself up & went off to smash out my shoulders & back at my normal training time rather than early morning.. I feel so amazing. I worked so hard and got great results. Also I had my son take a photo of me this morning and although it was after breaky I still could see some changes since my 8 week pics. They were little but they were there. So now i just need to stay focussed, train hard & enjoy this moment. I also think the nerves of the final pics, the gala & even the journey ahead that awaits me with my new life style is all a little bit daunting and unknown which is also playing on the emotions a bit. But I know I will get passed this and really give it my all. feeling so much more positve & in controll of my feelings today.. The sun always makes me feel amazing. :-)

  • Vickie Willis
    27 Oct 2015
    7:54 AM

    Ever want something so bad and you seem to be full steam ahead on reaching that destination but all of a sudden u stop & think Im really not as far as I would like to be? Hmmmmm, for some reason today I got up and looked at myself and was a little disapoointed in what I saw. It looked like my results had gone backwards to me.. I think I want to do well so badly in this competition & i have worked so hard to get to where I am that now with the finish line just around the corner Im doubting myself. Its annoying me because I know stress is not great and I need to trust in myself & my progress & relax. My training & nutrition is still on par and going well and with final pics coming Ive chosen not to lesson carbs or water or anything and let my results speak for themselves. Maybe this is playing on my mind, maybe its nerves, Maybe its because it is nearly finished, MAYBE I just want it too bad , I dont know but hopefully I can relax & the doubt will subside because I know I have done a great job in this challenge. I know i have committed to the plan and stuck to it with no cheating ,100% , like everyone I suppose I just want to finish in the best way possible..

  • Vickie Willis
    25 Oct 2015
    9:07 AM

    Only 2 weeks to go now.. This is going way to fast for me. Im loving every second of it, including all the ups & downs as they are all part of the journey & destination. Sunday is always a tough day being the last day of the week for me . But I got in early and got it done. I am feeling pretty good. Still a little tired but on the positive note I think my body is starting to adjust to the new program. the changes & the hard work Ive been putting in. Yesterday was the first day in the last week or so where I didnt fade out in the arvo & I was on my feet all day so I was pretty happy with that. I dont seem to be getting as bigger results now as I have had massive changes in my body in a very short 10 weeks, but I am noticing things are tightening up a little more which is all posotive.. Started looking for a dress for the gala yesterday which was pretty exciting but no luck at this stage. But there is no need to panic just yet. Also I went shopping the other day and brought a new top. Pulled out my white shorts from last year to wear with it. Holy hell did I get a shock. Its amazing how much my body has changed since I have incorporated the weight training. I just keep chipping away.(picture inset) Its a great feeling when everything just clicks, feels right & all finally comes together.. Exciing times ahead.. :-)

  • Vickie Willis
    23 Oct 2015
    8:10 AM

    Good Morning!!!!!!!!!! Had a great night sleep last night. Feel so much better. Pumped out my chest & arms workout this morning . Will go back to finish off with bum & abs tonight. Couldnt wait to eat my breaky because Im loving my food right now. Speaking of food, One of my greatest achievements happened the other day and it really has nothing to do with me directly. My kids are quite fussy eaters. they love the sometimes food way more than they should but they are both very active kids so I have never denied them these foods in life. But the other day both my kids surprised me by dishing up yoghurt & berries for breakfast without any promting from me. They loved it. This is amazing.. If i can help change my kids eating habits just by being a good roll model & without forcing them then In my eyes I have won this challenge already. Life becomes so much easier when we are all on the same page in the house & how awesome for them to get the healthier start while they are younger rather than wait til later in life like mum did.. Its all happening.. A house full of excitement..

  • Vickie Willis
    22 Oct 2015
    10:24 PM

    Got on here to write a blog but to be quite honest I am struggling to stay awake. Feel so exhausted today. This new training program is definitely body taxing as I am pushing as hard as i can. Fatigue is setting in but I wont let that stop me, i might just leave it at that for today and head to bed.. really just need to sleep. But before I go............. I GOT MY GALA TICKETS TODAY!!!!!! IM SOOOOOOO EXCITED... GOOD NIGHT FOR NOW :-)

  • Vickie Willis
    21 Oct 2015
    10:46 PM

    Have been still making the early rises. 5am up and Moving! Have actually started to enjoy this and have been sleeping a bit better. It also helps me avoid the busy time at the gym while trying to superset & tri set . My weight has stayed steady on the scales but I am noticing the changes in the body. The definition is coming through nicely. I've actually been asked 3 times in the last week when my comp is? Such s compliment! Photos posted on this post are inspired by Janet's back post!! Leg day tomorrow. Legs are still a bit weary from Sunday so I hope they last lol

  • Vickie Willis
    19 Oct 2015
    10:26 PM

    Only 3 weeks left. I can not believe it. its going so fast. My training & nutrition is going so well. Im still hitting both 100% and the results are coming. The old body on the other hand is slowly starting to feel the pinch. My back and shoulders have been tightening up so I went off to have a muscle realignment last friday. Had everything flicked back into place. Shoulder felt heaps better but the back is still a little tight and so was the neck. So today was the chiropractor. Now my neck feels awesome and my back better, just a little sore from the muscles being so tight. all going well things should be functioning with no tightness again in no time.. :-)

  • Vickie Willis
    18 Oct 2015
    5:59 PM

    Loved my leg workout today! Felt like I pushed the hardest I ever have! Bit wonky walking down the stars is always a good sign. Then I followed that with a nice little 9.14km bike ride with the kids, even picking up a couple of extra kiddies on the way!. Such a beautiful day & end to the week !

  • Vickie Willis
    17 Oct 2015
    5:48 PM

    Successful training day. Bit of a favorite. Back / shoulders & cardio. Finishing with bum & abs!! About 1000 calories burnt. Happy with that. Notice the face? People think I smile when I train but thats my "this is tough face".. I suppose it could be worse.. LOL ...Bring on legs tomorrow ! Time to make those babies work hard.

  • Vickie Willis
    17 Oct 2015
    1:24 PM

    Its daunting to think that there is only 3.2 weeks left of this challenge. This week my emotions have been all over the place wondering whether I can improve any more, is there enough time, have I done enough to try & achieve my goal of top 50?? Im working harder than ever. Either way in the final result I know I can hold my head high at the end & know I put in the hard yards. But the more results Im seeing, the more I want it so why does it have to end? It doesnt. This has been one of the best challenges I have ever done and it has been the life changer I was looking for. So I have already started to prep myself for the end of the challenge but the new beginning in life. Maxines products are so yummy & convenient I can see them playing a big part of my future so I topped up today to make sure I have plenty for the challenge and lots there after. Also today my husband brought me my very first 6 pack bag. Im super excited. Ive wanted one for so long but just didnt think I would ever use it. But my lifes direction has changed so much that I can see it will be so convenient & help me keep my life right on track. (NO EXCUSES). Preparation is certainly the key to making the nutrition side so easy. No guessing, no thinking, just pack it in and its there. I cant wait to use it..

  • Vickie Willis
    15 Oct 2015
    8:26 PM

    Well it's been a bit of a rollercoaster week for me this week. Training wise everything is going great but mentally ive been a bit all over the place. I think because I've surprised myself with great results so quickly In the challenge I'm now struggling to see any. I know we dont see ourselves as others see us & I need to trust the process but I worry theres not enough time to better what Ive already done. But ive read today that this is a very common feeling among other chellengers and to use the words of the challenge they say "THE MAGIC" happens in the last 4 weeks. So it's head down & full steam ahead!!! Let The magic begin !!

  • Vickie Willis
    14 Oct 2015
    8:00 AM

    Smashed out my back & shoulders this morning. Its my favourite session of the week.. Things still going along smoothly but unfortunately this morning Im fighting one of those mental hurdles again. Its funny, it always happens in the first week of each 4 week block. Although I know my results are great to date I start to feel like Im not seeing any change, therefore I get down on myself. The negativity starts to creep back in. I start to worry that the best results have already been reached for me & I will just stay the same. But thats ok, its not just a physical challenge its also mental & we r all human. Its only natural to have these low days. I know it will pass and I will get through it, But in the mean time I need to keep pushing on & stay strong. Note to self: chin up, it wont happen over night but it will happen.. :-)

  • Vickie Willis
    13 Oct 2015
    7:46 AM

    First day of the last 4 weeks for me today. I moved my training by one day to make it fit in perfectly to my life & cardio. up at 5am with my maxines gear ready to hit the gym at 5.30am. I did this because our gym gets very busy at night and the chance of tri setting is very slim! Don't usually like chest day, but loved it this morning!! Bis and tris were awesome too. Veins were popping!!! Happy days!! do what u need to do to get it done!!

  • Vickie Willis
    11 Oct 2015
    5:50 PM

    WEEK 8 wrap up... How fast is this challenge going? way to fast because Im loving it so much. Im getting lots of positive feed back these days which is so rewarding for my hard work. Im feeling amazing and cant wait to get into week 9 and the final 4 weeks. I cant believe how much my body has changed & more importantly how much my focus has changed over these last 8 weeks. All the I cants & why would I bothers have turned into yes I can & why wouldnt I's ! I did my fitness test today. A couple of improvements but much the same otherwise which is still great. Im as ready as I can ever be for the last 4 weeks.. Bring it on.. :-)

  • Vickie Willis
    10 Oct 2015
    10:59 AM

    The benefits of this challenge have been truly amazing. Feeling great, looking fantastic, getting strong & the positive comments & support are just to name a few.. The downfall of the challenge is people interupting your workouts because they are noticing the changes and want to tell you how great you are looking & asking questions about how, why, what & when.... But really, is that a down fall? I dont think so. yes its a pain in the bum, but its very overwheling how many people actually are watching & using your progress to help inspire them through their own journey. If my transformation can inspire people to want to try harder to live a better life, then it is doubly rewarding for me. But just let me finish my session then Im all yours.. LOL.. but seriously, thank you, for your kind words of encouragement. I felt very proud today.. :-) Hit shoulders & tris today.. One of my favs... Photo was taken pre workout.. :-)

  • Vickie Willis
    9 Oct 2015
    9:43 PM

    I cant explain how excited & how much i am enjoying this challenge.. I go to bed every night thinking about how I am going to tackle the next day & how I can try to do it better. I have never been so focussed and all the hard work is so rewarding. It doesnt even feel like a challenge anymore. It feels just like part of my life now because it feels so natural to get up and know whats ahead for the day. I just do what I need to do & it just works. Ive always had an interest in the fitness industry but due to life experiences I never got there. As I got older I just didnt think I was good enough or capable of doing it. Im now starting to believe in myself & who knows, maybe there will be a life for me in the fitness industry after all.. :-) #feelingamazing

  • Vickie Willis
    8 Oct 2015
    9:58 PM

    Another package arrived today.. All stocked up & ready to hit the last 4 weeks. My diary is already filled out too. Nothing like being prepared! Smashed out my cardio HIIT class tonight. Absolutely spent. also did a bum & abs work out! Feeling really positive at this stage!

  • Vickie Willis
    7 Oct 2015
    6:58 PM

    EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 week check in today. I was so excited to get up and take pics for this. More importantly I couldnt wait to see what the last 4 weeks has instore 4 us with training & our nutrition. The thing I love the most is the food is kept simple and easy to follow and the training Is just awesome & can be tweaked to anyones ability. Im happy with my progress and feel amazing because I know Im putting in 100% as I promised myself at the start.

  • Vickie Willis
    6 Oct 2015
    8:21 PM

    I love delivery day. My new maxines products arrived ready for the last 4 week run home. Im very excited about the 8 week check in tomorrow. Cant wait to see the difference & change in my body compared to week 1 but most importantly I love to get the new programs for training and nutrition so I can plan out how my training will fit in for the weeks ahead. I think I have worked extremely hard in this challenge but Im so ready to take it up a notch to finish in the best way I possibly can..

  • Vickie Willis
    5 Oct 2015
    10:05 PM

    How things have changed for me! Up this morning at 5.30am to get my weights done. This was un heard of from me as I hate early mornings but I will do what I need to do to get it done! And surprisingly I think I'm starting to enjoy it. It takes the pressure off in the evening when I've slugged out the tough days at work! Last Chest and bis day in the 5-8 week block today. Changed up one of my chest exercises and loved it. Amped up the bis workout by super setting with less rest ! Perfect workout. Then tonight I went to my group training session. Holy hell, was it tough. We had to hold a medicine ball for the whole training session. Weight chosen by the trainer to challenge each individual. I was given a 20kg medicine ball. (The same as my husband). Then using our medicine ball we had to do 30 thrusters, 20 overhead lunges, 10 burpees, 20 overhead lunges & 30 thrusters. Then we had to run (shuffle & walk) about 1km with our medicine balls , when we got back we started again til the time ticked down!! my goal for the session was simply to finish 1 set & the run. But I got through one & half sets. Not bad for carrying equal heaviest weight in the class. Now alarm is set for another early morning ready to smash out the legs. Pics: arriving at the gym (voyage Warragul) at 6am. Arrive in the dark , leave when the sun is rising. Beautiful morning.

  • Vickie Willis
    4 Oct 2015
    5:58 PM

    Started the day with my yummy breaky then took my mother inlaw out for the morning. A bit of market & nursery shopping. Then home to enjoy this beautiful weather and a bit of Gardening. Then what was a productive day turned into a smashing cardio session in the gym to finish off. I did pull-ups to start off , followed by Janet's skipping, burpee, explosive jack & push-up challenge. I followed that with a kb circuit of: using 12kg KB I did single arms swings ( alternating 10 each side), around the body (10 each way) theN a normal 10 kb swings to finish off x 3. Followed by ABS! On the dip stand , I did 10 straight arm knee tucks followed by 10 lying leg raises holding a 20kg bar and 10 lying side toe touches on the bench press. x 2 , finishing off with side cable crunches 20 each side x2 on 18.75 kg & cable woodchops x12 each side with 13.25kg x 2 sets. U know u have smashed it when u are sweating from the knees..

  • Vickie Willis
    3 Oct 2015
    4:14 PM

    Back again! Haven't blogged for a few days so I thought I better pop by. Challenge is going awesomely well. I really haven't had any bad hiccups on the way which has been great. Nutrition is still being hit at 100% and results are still slowly happening here and there. With the weather fining up it is always a little tougher as there sometimes is nothing better than to unwind with friends & social gatherings after tough working weeks. I know most things are ok in moderation but during this challenge it's all or nothing for me and that is a sacrifice i chose to make. So even today , the weather is beautiful & its grand final day, one of the biggest social events of the year, but I'm quietly at home relaxing , thinking about the weeks that are left in this challenge. I cant wait to see what the final 4 weeks of the program are . I'm ready to hit it as hard as I can and ride this amazing wave all the way to the finish line. i know I'm going to be in the best condition of my life at the end and can't wait to continue & enjoy this new mindset I have found to be so enjoyable this time around. #switchedon&poweringthrough #goodthingscometothosewhoworkhardforthem

  • Vickie Willis
    30 Sep 2015
    11:01 PM

    GOALS REACHED ALREADY !!!!! I had my 2nd measurement check in day today! I do these in the middle of each 4 week round to make sure I'm on track for each 4 week check it. I am so happy with the result. At the start of this challenge I made a quiet goal to myself to try get back to around 15% body fat. Today I found out I am at 15.2% down from 21.9% at the start. But that doesnt mean I stop there. My other measurements were: ARMS: R: 27cm (-1.5cm) , L 27cm (-1.5cm) CALF: R: 35cm (-1cm), L 35cm (-.5cm) BUST: 82cm (-2cm), WAISTE: 68cm (-5cm), HIPS: 86cm (-1.5cm) THIGHS: R: 53cm (-1cm) , L 52.5cm (-1cm) Thats a total of 15cm this check in , which brings me to a total loss of 47.5cm of my body measurements so far in the challenge. The biggest loss being my waiste with a total of a 10cm loss, followed by my bust & hips with a big 7 cm each. Body fat as I said before is now 15.2% down from 21.9% and my current weight is 58.7kg. Which is a total loss of 8.5kg. Yay.. Things are going well! :-)

  • Vickie Willis
    29 Sep 2015
    6:10 PM

    Today was the first day of the challenge that I actually got a bit hungry. I smashed out a leg session this morning pushing up some of my weight & then in my job I'm on my feet all day lifting & bending. So I think I was working over time which made me work up an appetite. still didnt pick or nibble on the things I shouldn't though as I'm always prepared with my food. Have spoken a couple of times lately of although feeling happy with my results, I feel they haven't changed much Since the 4 week mark. I know I have been working so hard putting the time in the gym & sticking to my nutrition 100%. So I took a pic today to compare. Not a hell of a lot of change but definitely more definition. This time its more noticable in my shoulders & my legs... Yay.. My legs, I'm finally seeing some shape there. I think. Feeling a little more at ease that all my hard work, dedication & sacrifce is actually paying off! See picture attached to blog..

  • Vickie Willis
    27 Sep 2015
    6:56 PM

    What another gorgeous day today! Can't believe we r half way. So far so good! Things seems to be ticking along nicely. Im still finding it fairly comfortable Surprisingly. Usually at the half way mark I start to miss those things we love in life on these gorgeous days like bbqs & the social drinks & catchups but something feels very different this time. I'm really not missing them at all. I'm so focused on doing this as best as I can that it doesn't even cross my mind. I know I can fit my nutritional plan in at social occasions but i chose not too. I believe if I avoid temptation then it's easier to get passed and over those weak moments. Also it means I avoid the negativity from those who don't understand and judge me for what I want in life. Just because it's not their thing doesn't mean it's not mine. I'm really loving this challenge. Although I have my little moments of doubt (as we all do) there have been way more highs than lows. BELIEVE & ACHIEVE! Cardio today was a 10 minute walk on the tready. Then I do 3 sets of pull-ups before every work out now. ( some by themselves & some with a band as I'm still learning) I'm finding that helps with building strength in my upper body. Then I did Janet's suggestion of skipping, burpees, star jumps & pushups. Today I changed the star jumps to explosive jacks. Needless to say I was spent! :-)

  • Vickie Willis
    26 Sep 2015
    6:48 PM

    Still feeling really good, although it feels like time is ticking away too quickly. Im liking my results but at the same time feel a little stagnant . My photos tell me otherwise but mind games & mixed emotions are all part of the journey. I will keep pressing on pushing hard everyday. after all my worry with my carbs going up my weight has held nicely and I feel like im getting stronger. I'm very excited about having my measurements and body fat checked this week to see where I am at and if I'm still on target of my goal. Shoulder & tris were pumped today. Hitting cardio tomorrow.. Bring on the gorgeous sinshine!

  • Vickie Willis
    25 Sep 2015
    8:28 PM

    Love back day. Pics are a great way to see results and if form is good. I noticed my cable was a bit high when my hubby took these pics , something I will correct next time . But needless to stay I can still see my body slowly progressing to where I want it to be.. Wish it would come quicker some days but then again, the journey & the fight of dedication & hard work is where the fun is at so why would we want to by pass all that?? .

  • Vickie Willis
    24 Sep 2015
    9:57 PM

    Had a great day today. Did something a little different.! Smashed out a training session focusing on what I call my weak spots. It was totally focused on bum & abs. I loved It. in evening I did my usual cardio HIIT SESSION. I had the day off work so I used my time at home to prep some food. Cooking rice, veggies, steak & stir fry. Now the fridge is stocked up & ready to go for the next few days. Perfect day really..

  • Vickie Willis
    23 Sep 2015
    7:26 PM

    Still finding the program fairly easy. 100% commitment has been put in but its work getting me down. Long long tiring days has really taken it out of me this week. Working with a frustrating boss at times is as mentally draining as the crappy job we are currently doing. And unfortunately when I feel so drained & tired i start to feel negative about my results. I know thats not the case but when u feel blah, everything else is BLAH.. I knew today was going to be like this so I decided to get my cardio session in early this morning. I did a metafit class for something different. Its a body weight tabata style training. We hit every part of the body today. Was great to get it in cause I dont think I would of made it to the gym tonight. so Its a nice relaxing night in for me tonight with my family. Snuggle on the couch, rest the body then I have a day off tomorrow. So Im going to hit bum & abs in the morning with my usual HIIT cardio class in the evening.. bring it on.. :-)

  • Vickie Willis
    22 Sep 2015
    8:59 PM

    Thought I was in for a low energy workout due to a long day on my feet at work, but instead, I had best leg workout ever thanx to the pre workout my hubby gave me. I never use them but it certainly got rid of the tired feeling. I was able to push through even adding a little weight on a few exercises.. Im actually starting to like leg day a little, who of thought!! lol

  • Vickie Willis
    21 Sep 2015
    10:19 PM

    Some pics taken from this mornings workout. Chest & bis. Love a good gunshow. :-) feeling happy with results. Can see little changes all the time. Wish they'd happen quicker (as we all would, lol) , but the main thing is they are happening!!

  • Vickie Willis
    20 Sep 2015
    5:40 PM

    OMG! What a beautiful day. I got to relax in the sun for a bit, had a visit from my sister in law & my beautiful nieces and I caught up on lots of house work. Most importantly, training, it was cardio day today. It was too nice to be inside a gym, so I thought I would do something a little different. I live near a very big hill Which is steep and around 300m long. So I went there and did hill runs. I walked down the hill, then ran too the top. I did this 5 times. It turned out to be around 3km & about 22 mins. Short & sharp but it did the job. ( I think) . It's too steep to sprint up but I managed to run to the top every time without stopping. This is a massive achievement as a few years ago I could not walk up this hill without stopping. Now I can run it & even ride up it on a bike. Feeling satisfied

  • Vickie Willis
    19 Sep 2015
    8:00 PM

    Shoulders. My favourite training day. I worked them hard today and felt great. Cant believe we are nearly at the end of week 5 already. That went way to quick. In a bit of a weird way I feel like my results have stopped a little, but I think its just the mental game my mind plays on me. I also think it has a bit to do with the times I have trained this week. Its hard when its the busy time in the gym to get on all the equipment u need. But I manage to get it done. I think I might start changing it up a little with some super setting & shortening my rest times to really push hard. In saying all that Im still very happy where I am at and still following the plan 100%.

  • Vickie Willis
    18 Sep 2015
    8:30 AM

    So bloody happy with myself. Nutrition can be a tough one if u are a fussy eater and dont eat certain things. I dont like eggs at all but have managed to get them down by adding onions & some of my brown rice from istead of eating the slice of bread we were allowed to have in weeks 1-4. Now in week 5-8 there is no bread. My first meal I just took a small amout of rice from one meal to get them down, but I want to stay true to the plan. So todAY WAS THE FIRST DAY EVER, that I ate the eggs by themselves. I still added a little onion and some curry but I feel so good .. It just gets easier & easier.. Knowing I can do this and change my habits I know I will be able to continue well after this 12 weeks challenge.. :-)

  • Vickie Willis
    17 Sep 2015
    8:09 AM

    I have been putting in some exhausting days at work & noticed how tired I have been. On Tuesday I had leg day and felt so flat but still finished the workout pushing as hard as I could. I have been a bit down on myself as I have not been as pumped as I usually am & although I know my results are good so far, when Im not feeling the greatest, the negativity starts to creep in. So I had been feeling like Im not getting anywhere or putting in as much...... BUT..... this morning I got up & my legs are so sore, but in a great way (day 2 after leg day) which tells me I did exactly what I needed to do on leg day & maybe it wasn't as bad of an effort as I thought. I have cardio again today due to having to change my days around due to work & what I can fit in to follow the plan in its truest form. Missing my weights but I know the muscles should be ready for a massive back day tomorrow. HIIT class tonight, 20 minutes of high intensity. My favourite cardio so this should bring me back into the positive frame of mind. Apart from feeling a little low this week, Im still really enjoy the plan and finding it very easy to follow. Have not cheated at all and still going 100% strong with all aspects of it.

  • Vickie Willis
    16 Sep 2015
    7:38 PM

    Cardio day today for me. I really hate not doing weights but I do understand the importance of resting your muscles to allow them to repair & grow. I love hitting my cardio hard but I made a promise to myself at the start of this challenge to stay true to the plan, with as minimal changes as possible & to listen to the advice given by the coaches & ambassadors. So I keep my cardio short but intense without going over the top. Today I actually did the cardio set that Janet Kane posted to try. I can tell u it was tough but perfect. ( my pic attached shows my, my zone belt Results.) blue is in the 60 - 69% effort range, green is 70 - 79%, yellow 80- 89% & red 90 - 100% effort zone. My training was a 10 minute walk on the treadmill to warm up on 6kms moving through the inclines to max then back down. The I went into Janet's cardio session. Which was , 1 minute skipping, then 1 burpee ( mine were chest to floor), 1 star jump, & 1 push up (on toes) . Rest for 30 seconds then repeat, 1 minute skip but this time do 2 burpees, 2 star jumps, 2 pushups, rest for 30 secs & go again working ur way up the ladder til your exercises reach 10 but always skipping 1 minute. What a good cardio session. To challenge myself Each skipping minute i skipped for 30 seconds , then would do 10 double unders, then finish with normal skip. This definitely raised the heart rate. This week is the first time I've needed to change my plan. Tomorrow is meant to be back day , with shoulders on Friday then cardio on Saturday & Sunday, but unfortunately this week I have to change a bit due to work so I'm having cardio today & tomorrow with back Friday, shoulders Saturday & cardio Sunday. It should still work fine with my body getting the rest it needs.

  • Vickie Willis
    15 Sep 2015
    10:41 PM

    Today was the first time I found my training tough. I had a massive day at work, got home late and was very tired. I still trained, still pushed hard but was fatigued a little. Then I had to eat later than usual too. It all came together in the end. Tomorrow is a new day. :-)

  • Vickie Willis
    14 Sep 2015
    8:42 PM

    Great start to week 5. 6am morning weight session. ( I'm not much of a morning person but we do what we need to do to succeed.) Then I went to work. What a pain that day was! Very frustrating. Finished off the night with small group training. Short and sharp hiit class style. Tonight we did 6 upright rows straight into 6 shoulders press (all strict with 20kg bar) every minute on the minute For 10 minutes.. Whooooo the shoulders were burning! Then our last set was the Good old burpee set. This set was also every minute on the minute. Starting with 2 burpees as quick as possible ( chest to floor for me) then Rest on the first minute, when the next minute hit u added 2 more burpees (so 4) , then rest, next minute 6 and so on. Til u can't complete ur set in the minute.. I was last person standing & completed 18 burpees with a 10 sec rest but didn't attempt the 20 because I was stuffed. Awesome session. Home for dinner , gee I was hungry.. not any more though. Feeling very ready for bed. Looking forward to my first leg only work out Tomorrow, cause these babies need a lot of work!!

  • Vickie Willis
    13 Sep 2015
    10:37 PM

    Final day of week 4... Had an awesome day out with my family today at the mcg. Unfortunately our team lost but a good game to watch. I must admit going to the footy is usually hard but was so easy today. Packed our lunch and sat in the sun In the park. Preparation is key & we have that perfect. Reflection of the past 4 weeks. I couldn't be happier with my results. I can't believe out of all the challenges I have done how easy I am finding it. It's pretty simple really. Follow the plan. In the past I've changed food and subtracted food because I thought I knew best & was really fussy & although I still got good results I do not think they were ever my best results. I'm feeling really good about this challenge and training really hard. No distractions. If I put in my best , I'm sure to get my best results. Fitness test the second time was still tough as ever. I did beat all of my scores from round one but only by a couple reps, but that doesn't matter to me though because it's still an improvement. Looking forward to this next phase. Have had to change a couple of days around to stay true to the challenge but I think it will work ok. There's more food to eat which is scary but I know if I work hard it will benefit me greatly. I've had lots of feedback on how I'm looking and all positive for a change. I quite often get the negative about woman & muscles blah blah blah. Over the years, because I have lost 40 kg to date I've been told many times I'm too skinny , im too fit, I'm to muscley & even been asked when will I finally be happy? It's frustrating at times because I'm the happiest I have ever been with the life style changes I have made. But I've learnt to take all comments and use them to my advantage. Hope everyone is enjoy this challenge as much as I am. Good luck for phase 2 everyone!!

  • Vickie Willis
    12 Sep 2015
    3:52 PM

    Pumped out my last weight session for weeks 1-4 today. Really put the hard yards in and picked up the intensity. did shoulders, bis & tris, finishing off with abs on the cable machine , Trx & torture wheel. off to my sons footy presentation tonight. It's all catered for. It's a buffet style meal. Unfortunately from memory there is not a lot of food there for me but I'm willing to wait & see. But I will be sneaking in a meal of my own just inCase.. NO EXCUSES!!

  • Vickie Willis
    11 Sep 2015
    5:39 PM

    After a very tough day at work today it would of been very easy to come home and grab an alcoholic beverage. But instead I grabbed a pillow and went outside to wind down in the sun on the trampoline. I feel so much better. But the best part of my day has been receiving a reply to the post I put on the forum yesterday, Thank you Janet Kane for those kind words. I knew I had been fairly positive and pushed hard to date, but your encouraging words have inspired me to really step it up. We all doubt ourselves at some point & although Im happy with my results to date its always nice to be re-assured that you are on the right track. Change can be scary when you dont know how your body will respond but getting over that hurdle of doubt is an awesome feeling. Bring on the next phase in this challenge.. :-)

  • Vickie Willis
    10 Sep 2015
    10:00 PM

    Absolutely stoked with my 4 week check in pics ( even though we are not quite there yet. ) cant wait to do the fitness test this weekend. Feeling so amazing . Posted on the forum for the first time today. It was the first time I have felt unsure of what's ahead. The positive replies have been great & helped me clear my thoughts. The next phase adds heaps more carbs in the nutrition side of things. Naturally the worry of weight gain creeps in. How could it not when i have come from being 100kg 9 years ago. But I know we need to fuel our bodies with a balance of protein & good carbs & fats. Especially when trying to build muscle. I know it's just a little mental hurdle to get over and I just need to learn to trust the program. After all that's what I have done so far and my results have Been awesome. Note to self: do what u are doing, trust the program, take note & listen to ur body. Stay positive & believe in yourself.. KEEP GOING!!!

  • Vickie Willis
    8 Sep 2015
    9:57 PM

    WHOO HOO. I was so excited to get the news today that I should be able to finish the challenge and safely with no restrictionS. Best news ever!! After hearing that there was only one thing to do and that was to hit the gym. And hit it hard I did. Shoulders, bis & tris, with some abs to finish..

  • Vickie Willis
    7 Sep 2015
    10:01 PM

    Took some pics today. Really happy with arm developement. Still room for lots of improvement. Better day today , not hungry at all & back to routine as far as nutrition is concerned. Upped my weight on a couple of exercises today but really excited about changing to the next phase at the end of this week! D-day tomorrow as I am off to the specialist. Fingers crossed that I find out things aren't too bad and surgery can wait til late November early December so I can finish the challenge!! Wish me luck!!

  • Vickie Willis
    6 Sep 2015
    9:17 PM

    End of week 3 has approached. Im still going along nicely. Cant wait for the week 4 photos & fitness test. Hoping the improvements are obvious there. I have strangely been feeling hungry lately though. I think its been due to training harder & working harder. Also I have had a few early morning starts which makes my days extra long so meals are further apart. Ive still managed to stick to the plan but know I need to set my daily meals out a little better when these occurances happens cause its not a nice feeling when u are hungry & moody.. I have a few days off this week so back to normal to smash out the last week before we take it to the next stage. Happy Fathers day all the special dads out there.. xox

  • Vickie Willis
    4 Sep 2015
    8:14 PM

    Cardio day today. I was able to get a Grit Cardio class in. Absolutely love it. Quick 25 minutes of high intensity training. Tomorrow is shoulder, bis & tris day but luckily for me I'm having a family day out so I know we need to learn to adapt & fit our training into life. So I opted to go in to the gym tonight to do it and make sure I don't miss it. So it's now done & I can enjoy my day out! Yummo lunch today. Love when it's beef stir fry Day.

  • Vickie Willis
    3 Sep 2015
    10:14 PM

    This week marked 4 weeks since I registered & started my program. Although its not the official 4 week mark yet I made the decision to get measurements done every 4 week to see where I am at. I was so excited with my results. Arm (R) 28.5cm = -3.5cm (L) 28.5cm = -2.5cm Calf (R) 36cm = -2cm (L) 35.5cm = -2.5cm Bust 84cm = -5cm, Waist 73cm = - 5cm, Hips 87.5 = -5.5cm Thighs (R) 54 = -3cm (L) 53.5 = -3.5cm So thats an overall loss of 32.5cm off my body measurements. My current weight is 60.7 which is a weight loss of 6.5kg and my body fat has dropped from 21.9% to now 17%.. I am so happy with how hard I have worked to get to these results in just 4 weeks. Im thinking my weight will hold nownas I try to build up more muscle but Im sure my shape will continue to change.. Todays training was legs, back & chest, with also a cardio session. My cardio tonight was HIIT class... short, sharp and fat burning sweet.. Happy happy happy...

  • Vickie Willis
    2 Sep 2015
    8:06 AM

    I cant believe how fast this challenge is ticking by & how smoothly everything is running so far. Im really happy with where I am at and can definitely see small results appearing.. Im feeling heaps stronger in my lifting & my classes. trying to push myself all the time. The body is holding up reasonably well, although I have noticed the last couple of days ive been a little sore. This is mainly due bettering technique, so therefore the squats become deeper, the lifts heavier and the ab exercises harder. The weather has been picking up and the sun is shining so when Im not working inside, im outside doing gardening etc, so Im staying active all day long. This is making me feel hungry at times but I just adjust my meals accordingly or add a shake to stop the desire to sneak any foods I shouldnt. With it getting warmer it is so much easier getting the amount of water intake in as that can be tricky on the colder days. Ive had 3 people comment on how Im looking in the last couple of days. One commented on my bum, One on my upper body shape and one comment on how well Im looking in the face & how healthy I am looking. All these comments are very encouraging and although this challenge is not all about the physical change for me, I must say Im feeling pretty great with how Im looking, but also how im feeling mentally & physically as well..

  • Vickie Willis
    30 Aug 2015
    10:15 PM

    2 weeks down! I can't believe how quickly this challenge is going!So far so good. The nutrition is going really well & I love training so that's a double bonus.The hardest part so far would be when I work & trying to fit the training in! I can do it, it just means earlier rises & later to bed. But I haven't missed a session yet.Let's hope things keep going smoothly as they have so far!!And one last thing, I'm So proud of my hubby who is doing this with me. He is doing an amazing job not giving into all those yummy foods he loves so much!!"Stronger Together"...

  • Vickie Willis
    29 Aug 2015
    9:34 PM

    Another couple of successful days up my sleeve. Was faced with a new challenge this weekend. My son turned 13. So Friday he had friends over & a little party. lots of the treats to avoid. Then Saturday we had footy followed by more visitors for my sons birthday. This was the night I was dreading because I knew there would be alcohol and takeaway foods with lots of the sweet stuff.. But I got through it with no problems. Eating my half cookie at cake time made me feel like I wasn't missing out at all!! the attached photo shows what I was up against Saturday night!!! My meal vs the party food!! all I can say is dedication & commitment gives results.. So I know I'm well on my way to success!!

  • Vickie Willis
    27 Aug 2015
    9:03 PM

    I know it seems a little repetitive, but things are cruising along quite smoothly. I seem to be coping surprisingly well with the whole challenge so far. Im enjoying the food and pushing myself in the training. I do think the results are slowly coming which makes me want to just go harder. But I am being mindful of what my goals are and not to over do it and go to hard to quickly. My weights are slowly increasing but I am also very focussed on not losing form. What can I say, Im feeling pretty bloody great at the minute. Leg, chest & back day today.. I usually hate doing legs (only because they seem to be the hardest to get result from) but I must admit Im really starting to enjoy the burn. :-)

  • Vickie Willis
    25 Aug 2015
    8:44 PM

    Have been feeling amazing. The last 2 days I have pushed myself in my workouts. putting some of my weights up but staying focussed on technique. The body has been feeling sore & fatigued after workouts but since I've followed the plan and added my classes in to suit I've noticed it is recovering well and ready to go when each session comes around. Nutrition has been spot On. Preparation is definitely the key. Having food always ready to go certainly stops the sneaking of those naughty little snacks.. So far so good!!

  • Vickie Willis
    23 Aug 2015
    9:56 PM

    Week 1 Reflection! Wow, what a week. Full of mixed emotions from having a perfect week in the challenge, to struggling mentally with not such great news I received in my personal life & then still fighting off the chest infection I've had for 3 weeks. But even with this rollercoaster type of week I still managed to follow my plan perfectly with no excuses. I've done a few 12 week challenges in the past & have never hit one 100% because I'm a fussy eater & I would always sneak a treat in here & there. But I have surprised myself by not doing that this time around. I have stayed true to the plan & feel amazing. The Training: This has been the least challenging for me as over the years training has become a big part of my life. I love being in the gym & pushing myself. The training program has been great & I have tweaked it to suit the level I am at. I have already started to up my weights & feel very happy with how it is going. The Food: I cannot believe how much I am enjoying this. Every single meal I look forward to & have not had to change anything. This is a success in it self as it wasn't all that long ago I did not & might I add WOULD NOT eat eggs, oats, nuts, Greek yoghurt, natural yoghurt, let alone this much food. But they are the excuses I have used over the years to never get the results I want. I know we need to fuel our bodies & I want to build muscle & shape so I know food plays a big part in this. It has always been a challenge to not focus on the scales & just trust the plan. In the past I've shredded quickly but always questioned why the muscles don't build like I want them to & then when told I need to eat more to fuel my body for the training I do, the fear of weight gain would sneak in, but now I have got my mind around that, I know my body will change in the correct way with muscles growing & getting stronger while the fat loss will happen naturally.. So it was a no brainer to teach myself bit by bit to enjoy these foods with no more excuses & bit by bit that's what I have done. Who would have thought I'd give in to the good foods? Emotionally: I have so far found this to be one of the most enjoyable challenges. Every part of it I have followed to a tee. It makes it so much easier to pick up my meal plan & say "ok, that's what I'm eating today" instead of trying to substitute foods & change things around. I know people say it's only a week in but I started as soon as I registered so it has been a few weeks for me. But what can I say, the results that are showing already are the only drive I need. I can only hope with the surgery looming that I am able to finish this challenge as strong as I started it. If I like what I see now, I can't wait to see what I can do in the weeks ahead. Current weight: 61.7kg (5.5kg Loss)

  • Vickie Willis
    23 Aug 2015
    3:51 PM

    I used to hate rest days because I felt like I was doing nothing. But not so much now. With the muscles working over time during the week its time to make the most of these days off while I can. And Its not that Im doing nothing, the muscles are getting a nice treat while Im boosting the charge to smash the week head.. Enjoying some of my favourite things after having a bit of a shopping day out with my boys.. Perfect Sunday & its a bonus the sun is shining..

  • Vickie Willis
    22 Aug 2015
    9:20 PM

    UPDATE & NEWSFLASH FROM TODAYS EARLIER POST: the pizza did NOT win. Yay!!! That's a win & a very successful day!

  • Vickie Willis
    22 Aug 2015
    3:37 PM

    1st Saturday of the challenge was always going to be mentally hard! Saturday is footy day for us. I love going to the footy but it is a very social day, usually consisting of a few cans of scotch & a good old pie or hotdog! Then takeaway for dinner with the family in the evening! BUT NOT TODAY! Today I came prepared with my yummy chicken, rice & veggie lunch. Lots of water, a cup of tea & a shake for my afternoon snack. Dinner time is where the will power kicks in with my boys still having their pizza for tea, but my dinner is prepared & ready for when I get home so there is no chance of sneaking something I shouldn't.

  • Vickie Willis
    21 Aug 2015
    4:38 PM

    Cardio day today. Warmed up on the treadmill for 15 minutes then hit the Les MIls Grit cardio class. I was absolutely smashed at the end of it. Love Grit.. Its been a while.. .. Following on from yesterdays post, Im booked to see the surgeon in september to put my plan in action for the surgery ahead. Feeling much better today about it all & ready to continue on this journey (while I can) to get the best out of this challenge. So far so good & everything is going to plan. I think I can actually see some little changes happening already which only makes me want to push harder.. Happy days..

  • Vickie Willis
    20 Aug 2015
    11:02 PM

    My training has been hard and heavy & my nutrition perfect. Ive never been so positive & determined in a challenge before. Feeling on top of the world. But how quickly things can change, taking u from the highest of highs, to the lowest of lows. that happened to me today. Unfortunately I have found out I need to have surgery. Nothing major but an op that will take me out of the training game for a couple of months, This was a shock to me & now depending on when I can get in will determine whether or not I can complete this challenge. Im absolutely heartbroken. But after many tears & focussing enough time on the negative, Ive decided to not let it break me just yet. I know Im allowed to continue to train for now so that is what I will do. No point giving up knowing its looming when I dont even know when its going to happen. It could take months & I might be able to finish. Who knows???? All I know is Im going to continue & do what I can, while I can & will deal with the rest when it comes. I never thought I would have to deal with a mental battle this early in the challenge but we cant always choose what our bodies are going to do in life, but we can choose how we deal with the hurdles that are put in front of us. Staying Positive!!

  • Vickie Willis
    19 Aug 2015
    9:43 PM

    Only realised today that we only show a front on picture. Thought I should put the rest of my before pics up. Its the best way to see your results & how far you have come later down the track. Day 3: Cardio day. Wasnt sure how or what I could fit in today so I managed a 30 minute session on the cross trainer before i started work. Lucky for me though, with a bit of shuffling around I was able to smash it out in a boxing class in the evening with my husband. Looking forward to tomorrows leg, chest & back day but Im not so sure the legs are quite recovered from monday yet. (but thats a good thing, isnt it? ) LOL

  • Vickie Willis
    18 Aug 2015
    9:26 PM

    Day 2. Had to train later today due to work & other commitments. Always a little tougher later in the evening after a long day, but pushed through and felt good.. Nutrition plan has been perfect & feels good. Never hungry & feeling very satisfied.. Happy days :-)

  • Vickie Willis
    17 Aug 2015
    9:10 AM

    Yay! The official day1 is finally here. Ive been very excited waiting for this day although I registered & started preparing when registrations opened. Im feeling very positive about this challenge & ready to push myself to the max. The double bonus for me is I have roped my hubby into doing maxs with me. Not that it always works out in the training side of things as he is a shift worker but its great to have the support there by your side every step of the way. (even when we cant train together.). anyway my starting figures are: 21.9% body fat. Weight: 67.2 Arms: R:32 L:31, Calf: Both 38, Bust: 89, Waiste: 78, Hips: 93, Thighs: both 57.. My first training session went well. Already increasing weight & have added some extra exercises to really push myself. I can tell the determination is there as I am not usually an early morning riser, but due to work commitments I needed to get up early to fit it in. So I did. Breakfast never looked so good after the sessoin. :-) Preperation is the key, I have my diary ready, the training is set, the cupboards are sorted, nutrition pre-prepared, all I have to do now is GET IT DONE!!!!!! Goodluck everyone. :-)

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