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Wyn Malloy's amazing Maxine's Challenge transformation

  • Before
    69.1 kgkg
  • After
    57.30 kgkg

“My results were beyond my expectations, I got to a weight I didn’t think possible. I have heaps more energy and am more mentally focussed.”



Tone & Shape

Reason to start The Challenge

I am a regular gym goer for several years now, going 5 days a week. I haven't been achieving the results that I want. A large part of this is due to my eating habits. I did the challenge last year and got great results in terms of weight loss. I managed to maintain the weight loss until earlier this year when due to a number of family circumstances, the weight came back on and has stayed on. I need, and want, to do the challenge again to get myself motivated to get back in to shape. I know when I commit to something, the motivation kicks in and great results are achieved. In addition to the nutrition side of things, I need to amp up the training, which I know the challenge will help me do.

What did you like most about The Challenge?

The structure and the support provided. It was great getting the exercise and nutrition plans for the duration of the challenge which were all clearly laid out. The shopping list was also great to have. It was made so much easier for us. The support on the forum was amazing, not only from the coaches and the ambassadors but also from fellow challengers. It provided a positive environment of like minded people all striving for a common purpose and their own personal goals.

I also actually enjoyed blogging, which surprised me. From the outset I was hesitant about it, and wasn't really sure if I had any worthwhile or interesting to share. I soon found myself becoming a daily blogger and always on the look out for photos to take and post. I also loved the challenges within the challenge e.g. Janet's squat/bootie challenge and the skipping challenge.

What was the hardest thing about your Challenge?

Hitting the submit button for my before photo!!!! I found it confronting to put up a photo of myself looking my absolute worst for all to see!!! However, it ended up working as a motivator. Every time I logged on, there I was staring back at myself. Through out the challenge I would visualise that image of myself, to keep on track. I knew I didn't want to be that person any more.

What impact has The Challenge had on your life?

The challenge highlighted the importance of correct nutrition. I work crazy hours - I have 2 jobs (one full time and one casual) and work 6 days a week. Prior to the challenge, I had all my favourite takeway shops saved on my phone under "favourites". The last thing I wanted to do after working 2 jobs for the day was to go home and cook. As I left my 2nd job, I would ring up, place my order then drive past and pick up my order on the way home. I am now better organised and do preparation on Sunday for the week ahead. Coincidently, a week prior to the challenge starting my phone died and I lost all my contacts. I think it was fate intervening!!!

I now have more energy and more zest for life. Previously I would get home from work and crash on the couch. Now, I make the most of my spare time and do some sort of physical activity. During the challenge I developed a love of trail runs. I love going to state/national parks, getting out with nature in the fresh air and being physically active. My day off is now no longer wasted at home on the couch.

What would you say to people who are thinking of doing The Challenge?

Take the plunge, sign up, and commit to it. If you follow the plans provided you will get results. The amount of support provided is amazing. Also, look at the before and after photos of previous years challenges. Get inspiration from previous challengers and use this as motivation. Great results are possible if you believe in yourself and trust the process. The majority of us are everyday people juggling every day commitments. If we can achieve these results, so can you!!!

Anything else you would like to tell us about your Challenge?

I achieved results beyond my expectations. Overall, I lost 11.8kg and 54cm (from chest, stomach, hips and thighs). I am so grateful to the whole challenge team for the knowledge that I have gained and the support that has been provided. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!


  • Wyn Malloy
    17 Oct 2014
    9:53 AM

    Day 82 - Final Blog I don't have access to a PC over the weekend, so I am doing my final blog today. I will added bits and pieces throught the day. I have attached some photos: - Goals and achievements - at the start of the challenge I set myself some goals. This pic shows when my goals were achieved - The Vital stats - provides a summary of my weight and measurements at the check in points. Overall, I have lost 11.8kg and 54 cm from my body. I have achieved results beyond my expectations! - Final weigh in - this shows my weight as of today - 57.3kg!!!! I never imaged I would get in to the 50's - And off comes the weight - this graphs my weight loss each week of the 12 weeks of the challenge. The red line shows the target weight that I wanted to achieve by the end of the challenge. As you can see, I achieved this by Week 7!!!! - Comparison pics - I have attached comparison pics taken at each of the check in points. Unfortuantely, the layout doesn't look too good, but hopefully it still gives some idea of the way my body shape changed over the 12 weeks of the challenge - Transformed - this pic was taken this morning. The transformation isn't complete as yet and is still being worked on. Unfortunately I didn't get as much muscle definition as I was hoping for. Through out the challenge I struggled with bursitis in both of my shoulders. Therefore, I had to adjust my workouts accordingly. I was hoping for some abs to appear and also to get more overall definition of arms and legs. I need to keep working on that! Even though there is still work to be done, I think I look ok for 48 :-)

  • Wyn Malloy
    16 Oct 2014
    8:14 AM

    Day 81 I just realised that I missed blogging yesterday! It was a super busy day at work and it completely slipped my mind. My lap top has died so I can't blog from home unless I use my mobile phone which I find really hard to see what I'm typing because the screen is so small. Summary of yesterday Day 80 - nutrition was on track and exercise was a 6am session at the gym working on legs. For dinner last night I made Janet's Thai calamari that she posted on the forum. It was delish!!! There is some left over, so I have left it marinating and I'll have it for dinner tonight. Today was a 6am session at the gym working on chest, biceps and triceps with some abs at the end. I've attached a couple of quotes that are on my gym wall. Tomorrow I'm doing my final weigh in and measurements at the gym in the morning. This afternoon I received the proofs from the photgrapher. Now, the fun begins of going through 200+ photos!!!! I get to select 10 that she will send to me within 24 hours that are unedited. I also get to select 6 which she will edit and forward to me in about a months time.

  • Wyn Malloy
    14 Oct 2014
    4:42 PM

    Day 79 No gym for me this morning! I had my photo shoot for my final photos. Despite my nerves it was so much fun. However, in some ways it was also a workout within itself with the different poses she was making me do! The models make it look so easy, holding difficult positions but still have a relaxed face at the same time! The photographer did my hair & makeup as well as taking the photos. I could have 3 changes of clothes, so I did one set with bikini, then 2 sets with gym gear. One set was wearing shorts & the other was with 3/4 gym pants. For both the gym sets I wore crop tops. I took a singlet just in case the crop tops weren't flattering. As she was taking the pics she would occasionally show me some of them. It was all kind of surreal and hard to believe that the pics were of me. At one stage I was so shocked that I said to her that the pic looked fake - it was like she had photoshopped my head on to someone else's body, even though I saw her just take the pic. I'm looking forward to getting the proofs within the next couple of days. Then the fun begins of trying to select the final ones to submit.

  • Wyn Malloy
    13 Oct 2014
    7:50 AM

    Day 78 - Start of Week 12 The final week is here!!!! I did my weekly weigh in this morning. I now weigh 57.7kg, a loss of 11.4kg since the start of the challenge. This morning at the gym I did a cardio session. I started with Janet's skipping challenge. I then did 200m sprints, with a minute plank at the end of each sprint. Sprint speeds were incresed with each sprint - 14.0, 14.2, 14.4, 14.6, 14.8, 15.0 km/hr. At the end of the session I did some ab work.

  • Wyn Malloy
    12 Oct 2014
    11:59 AM

    Day 77 - end of week 11!!!! I was up early and did a weights session at the gym. I followed this up with some cardio in my local park. I did the skipping challenge. I hadn't done it for awhile, and it felt great to be back skipping. I was back home before 11am and I have got the rest of the day ahead of me. I am going to a lunch to catch up with some family friends I have known for almost 30 years. I am hoping there are healthy food choices there. I will take a stash of goodies in my handbag just in case! PM Update I had great afternoon catching up with friends. Lunch was a BBQ'd hamburgers. Luckily I thought to put a can of tuna in my handbag. I didn't have the burger or the breadroll. There was salad available which I had with my canned tuna. Early night for me tonight

  • Wyn Malloy
    11 Oct 2014
    6:55 PM

    Day 76 I had an early start this morning, I worked at my 2nd job. After work I went for a jog. My knees were quite stiff and sore, so I couldn't run at a fast pace. It was just a slow steady jog. I ended up doing over 9km. Nutrition has been on track, and I've been eating as per the nutrition plan, however I do swap my protein around, e.g tonight was meant to be fish but I had some chicken left do had it instead.

  • Wyn Malloy
    10 Oct 2014
    8:09 AM

    Day 75 This morning's workout was shoulders and back with some abs at the end. I'm still feeling my legs and butt from the squats on Wednesday! This afternoon I had a meeting in the city. After the meeting I stopped into Lorna Jane and bought a "Well done Wyn present". I bought 2 crop tops. A pair of 3/4 pants & a pair of shorts. I've attached a pic. I'm thinking I may wear these for my final pics.

  • Wyn Malloy
    9 Oct 2014
    8:03 AM

    Day 74 6am session at the gym again. My work out was as per the Get Strong Program, working on chest, biceps, triceps and abs. I did a weigh in to see how I'm tracking and to see if any tweaks to nutrition need to be made. The weight is still gradually coming off (today's weight 58.4 kg) and I seem to be tracking OK nutrition wise. Around lunch time today I could start to feel my legs and butt cheeks! Yesterday, when doing legs I changed the way I did squats. Instead of using the bar and putting weights on, I used the Smith Machine and just used the bar without any weights. My focus was squatting as low as I could. I can definitely feel it today!!! And it reinforces that you don't need to go heavy to get a good work out, just focus on the technique. After work I had a long overdue facial. I haven't had one since the start of the challenge. For many years I have had a facial each month but I got out of the routine since the challenge started. It felt so good!!! And my skin is feeling heaps better. It had been feeling really dry & dehydrated. Before I left, I made my appointment for my next one in a month's time to ensure I get back into the routine of going.

  • Wyn Malloy
    8 Oct 2014
    7:52 AM

    Day 73 This morning's gym session was legs and abs. I've attached a pic of the toaster rack on my desk - for the entire 12 weeks of the challenge, the nutrition plan has been at the front. I check it everyday to make sure that I'm having the rights snacks at the right times. And the Green Tea x50 has been a constant companion on my desk since about week 4 too :-) I just read the section of How to Suceed titled "Your last week"!!! My photoshoot is next Tuesday, so I'm getting ready for it. It is hard to believe it is nearing the end........ After work, I went to my 2nd gym and did another weights session. I worked on chest, biceps, tricpes and core strength.

  • Wyn Malloy
    7 Oct 2014
    7:52 AM

    Day 72 6am gym session working on back and shoulders. One week to go until my photos get taken...... eeek!!!! At the start of the day I was beginning to panic as I thought my photographer had gone MIA as I hadn't had confirmation of our session next week. Luckily, by evening I had heard from her. She has arranged for hair and make up to be done at the studio prior to the shoot which make life a lot easier! Originally I was booked in for 10pm next Tuesday! Last night she said that she can do it at 9am on Tuesday. This is heaps better as I was really worried about how I would stay awake until then and I would've definitely had bags under my eyes which no amount of make up would be able to hide! The only problem is I am supposed to be at work on Tuesday.... ooops!!!! I'm lucky that work is really flexible, so I'm sure I can work something out. After work I booked in for a facial for this Thursday after work. I haven't had a facial since the start of the challenge, and I normally have one a month. My skin is feeling hideous and dehydrated, and is definitely feeling the effects of missing out on the regular facials. I need to get back into the routine of my monthly facial. Despite my initial stress at the start of the day, it looks like things are under control ready for the photoshoot! - facial this Thursday - tan on Monday - makeup, hair and photoshoot next Tuesday I'm excited, but slightly scared at the same time. I'm worried that there hasn't been enough change to make the shoot worth the expense..... oh well......... I've attached a pic of the fridge at work. I now bring so much food into work, that I've got my own basket for the work fridge to keep all my stuff together!

  • Wyn Malloy
    6 Oct 2014
    7:43 AM

    Day 71 - Start of Week 11! And the weight just keeps dropping off!!! After a bit of a plateau at the end of Week 8, the weight has started to move again. I weighed myself before my gym session this morning and I now weigh 58.9kg, a loss of 10.2kg since the start of the challenge. Unfortuantely my abs have still yet to make an appearance! I hope they don't wait too much longer! I had a good session at the gym this morning working on chest, biceps, triceps and abs. I won't get a chance to do any more exercise today as I'm working at my 2nd job straight after finishing work at my full time job. Today, I booked in to get my tan done ready for the photoshoot. The photographer has packages where you can get harir and make up done as well. My session is next Tuesday at 10pm and I'm waiting to hear back from her whether at that time she can organise hair and make up. She is extremely busy and takes awhile to email back. I'm starting to get a bit concerrned that at the last minute she will say that it isn't possible and I wont't be ablt to get in anywhere else to get hari and make up done. I may have to have a contingency plan!

  • Wyn Malloy
    5 Oct 2014
    3:41 PM

    Day 70 - end of week 10!!!!! Today is the start of day light savings in Victoria. I resisted the urge to laze in bed for the extra hour & got up and went to my 2nd gym for a weights session. I had a great workout. I was the only one at the gym this morning so I ended up getting a PT session!!!! It was great having some one on one with the trainer. I had someone to spot me & pushed out some heavier weights. After an early lunch I went for a 14km jog/walk. I wanted to do a trail run but my knee was quite sore this morning (a chronic injury that comes & goes). I thought it best to stay away from uneven terrain & the high impact of running. Plus, it would have been a 1hr 45 min return trip just to do it. I decided to stick to my local area and do some low impact with a longer duration exercise (time I would have been in the car if I did the trail run). It was a lovely day & it was great to be out in the fresh air and sunshine. When I got home I had a soak in the bath. I'm loving my weekend post exercise soaks.... pure bliss!!!!!!

  • Wyn Malloy
    4 Oct 2014
    7:27 PM

    Day 69 Big day today! I started work at my 2nd job just before 6am, then finished at 2pm. After work I went to Flemington Racecourse. It was the last race meeting there before the Melbourne Cup Carnival. When I got home from the races I went for a run. My legs were feeling really heavy today so it was a bit of a struggle for the first few kms. By about the 3km mark they started to loosen up & lighten a bit. When I got home I had a lovely soak in the bath. I finally heard back from the photographer. She is crazy busy and the only time she can fit me in is 10pm on the last Tuesday of the challenge! It will be interesting trying to stay awake & look alert at 10pm!!! By that time I'm usually deep in lala land snoozing my head off. It also means I don't have the benefit of the last 5 days of the challenge. I'm starting to panic & hope there have been enough changes to make the photoshoot worth it. I've now got to book the tan!!!! The end is sooo close.

  • Wyn Malloy
    3 Oct 2014
    8:41 AM

    Day 68 6am session at the gym working on shoulders and back. I ran yesterday's incident at the chiropractor, past my trainer and gym buddies. They reassured me that I am not underweight and couldn't believe that someone would say things like that. I found the whole situation inappropriate and offensive. However, It has been said it happened and I'm not going to give it anymore oxygen.

  • Wyn Malloy
    2 Oct 2014
    8:02 AM

    Day 67 6am session at the gym working on chest, biceps and triceps. I'm not sure if I mentioned in an earlier post, a couple weeks ago I tried the Intraboost during one work out. I felt really light headed and dizzy. I wasn't sure if it was due to me having low blood pressure that I felt like that. Anyway, I decided not to use it for a couple of weeks seeing as I felt so blahhh that one time I used it. This week I decided to give it a go again.... and I must say I am loving it!!!!! I can definitely feel the difference just after having a sip of it during my work out. I think my previous reaction was probably due to a combination of my shoulder injury, lack of sleep and the pain killers I had taken the night before for my shoulder. I have been using it during all workouts this week and have been able to push out some more reps. Today I start back on the normal nutrition plan after having 4 days on the mini cycle. I've never been so excited to have oats for breakfast!!!! I think the mini cycle has helped a little in stripping some fat. I did a weigh in this morning and if I had of lost another 100g I would have lost 10kg since the start of the challenge!!!!! After work I went to my 2nd gym for another weights session. It was a great workout and I'm loving that gym. However, there are still no signs of my abs! I then went to my weekly chiropractic appointment where I had my first taste of negativity. I have just posted on the forum about it. In summary, the receptionist is concerned for my wellbeing and thinks I have an eating disorder. As much I tried to rationally explain things to her, she thinks I am in denial that I am underweight and that I have body image issues. Not only do I have an eating disorder, but at my age I shouldn't lose any more weight from my face as I need it to plump out my wrinkles!

  • Wyn Malloy
    1 Oct 2014
    7:35 AM

    Day 66 6am gym session working on legs and calves. I also did some abs at the end of the session. It is Day 4 of the mini cycle and I've coped OK with it. I'm not really sure if it has shred much fat though. I'm looking forward to the next set of measurements, and hopfully they will reflect a change. Tomorrow I'll go back to the nutrition plan and hopefully the last layer of fat will disappear over the next few weeks..... fingers are crossed!!! Last night my trainer emailed contact details to me for a photgrapher and for a spray tan. I'll get on to it today to lock in a date. The end is in sight and is it is very exciting. However, at the same time slightly scary as I'm not sure if I will have the changes that I want within the timeframe that I want. OK, I better start work for the day. I'll try and do an update later after I have had my after work gym session. Have a good day peeps :-) PM Update I went to my 2nd gym after work. I had a great session. My usual trainer is on holidays, so I had one I haven't had before and she is fantastic too. I'm loving this gym and the extra ooomph I'm getting to my work outs. I have booked another session in for after work tomorrow. With the extra workouts I am getting very tired by the end of the day. I've been getting to bed early to try and get as much rest as possible. I'm loving the Nitetime shakes and find that I now have an amazing night's sleep with them. Prior to starting on Nitetime, I would take ages to go to sleep and then wake up every hour or so. Now, I'm fast asleep within half and hour and before I know it my alarm is going off to get up for the day ahead.

  • Wyn Malloy
    30 Sep 2014
    7:49 AM

    Day 65 6am session at the gym working on shoulders, back and abs. My shoulder is still causing pain with certain movements. I'm on day 3 of the mini cycle and doing OK so far.

  • Wyn Malloy
    29 Sep 2014
    7:37 AM

    Day 64 Start of Week 10!!!! This morning's gym session was chest, biceps, triceps and abs. I did a weigh in this morning and I have definitely plateaued. Yesterday I decided to try doing the mini cycle for a couple of days to see if that mixes things up for me. Yesterday was my first day and it went OK. I'll do it again today and reassess at the end of the dy to see if I continue on with it.

  • Wyn Malloy
    28 Sep 2014
    4:17 PM

    Day 63 A big day of exercise. It started with a weights session at my 2nd gym. After I left the gym, I went for a run. My trainer had told me about another section of the river run that I normally do. I did that section as well as the route I normally take. I ended up doing just under 12km. It was beautiful & sunny, however VERY windy!!! I'm sure for every foot forward I got blown another 3 back!!! It was a good workout with lots of resistance offered by running into the wind. And no matter which way I ran, I was always running into the wind! At the start of the run, I stopped to complete the Week 8 fitness test. I had delayed doing it due to my shoulder injury, but I don't think my shoulder is going to get better any time soon. So I decided to do it regardless. And I can't say I did too well! It could be due to a number of things..... shoulder injury, dropping off cardio the last 2 weeks to focus on weights, already doing a weight session plus some of my run rather than being fresh & rested! When I got home I had a lovely soak in the bath..... pure bliss!!!!

  • Wyn Malloy
    26 Sep 2014
    7:38 AM

    Day 61 6am session at the gym - shoulders and back today and some time at the end for abs. My shoulder hasn't really improved much, so I'm having to work within my limits. I still had a good workout though :-) I bought my ticket for the gala dinner today. I'm super excited to be going. I'm looking forward to meeting some of the lovely ladies from the group I'm in. Even though we'll be meeting for the first time, I'm sure we will all have a blast together.

  • Wyn Malloy
    25 Sep 2014
    8:15 AM

    Day 60 Chest, biceps, triceps and abs this morning at the gym. This week I've plateaued!!! After reading information on the forum re: the mini cycle I'm thinking it is worth me trying this if the situation is still the same next week. Unfortunately, my shoulder is still giving me grief so I am unable to push myself too much with upper body exercises. Nutrition is still on track according to the plan.... no cheat meals, no sneaky nibbles or sips of bubbly!!! This last part of the challenge is going to fly! And I'm worried that I may not achieve as much as I want to in this last part of the challenge. But I'm hanging in there and staying on track! After work I went to my 2nd gym for another weight session. I had a great workout there. I then had my weekly chiropractic appointment. I went out for dinner with some friends to a Thai restuarant. Initially I was a bit worried about going, and I was thinking I would have to eat beforehand and just go for the social chit chat. Luckily they had a menu online and I could check out the options before I went. I ended up eating there and ordering steamed barrumundi with lemon juice and chilli, served with steamed vegetables. I must admit Thai is my favourite food! I was extremely envious when the delicious smelling curries and the Pad Thai got served to the table :-( Luckily the will power and motivation is still in check!!!

  • Wyn Malloy
    24 Sep 2014
    7:40 AM

    Day 59 Leg Day!!!! 6am session at the gym this morning working on leg. I have attached a pic of me doing an improvised leg curl. My gym doesn't have a leg curl machine, so my gym buddy Heather and I take it in turns to put resistance against the other ones legs to try and simulate a leg curl. After work I went to my 2nd gym for a session with my new trainer. She is brilliant! I picked up a lot of useful tips for correct training techniques. I really really really wish I knew her from Week 1!!! I've got to make the last part of the challenge count & try!!

  • Wyn Malloy
    23 Sep 2014
    8:37 AM

    Day 58 Today's gym session was shoulders and back. I was restricted with the lat pulldown due to my shoulder injury. I added in some shoulder shrugs as an extra shoulder exercise. Today is a busy day, I'm working at both jobs so I don't think I will get a chance at the end of the day to do an extra cardio session.

  • Wyn Malloy
    22 Sep 2014
    12:50 PM

    Day 57 Start of Week 9 - new nutrition and exercise plans. The last few weeks have flown and it is hard to believe that we are into the last part of the challenge. 6am session at the gym this morning working on chest, biceps, triceps and abs. My left shoulder is still quite sore, however I think the anti inflammatories have started to kick in. Also, I rested it over the weekend, so I think the combination of rest and anti inflammatories has helped. At this morning's session, I could do the upper body exercises, however I just had to be careful not to lift too heavier weight. As the day has progressed, the soreness hasn't been too bad.

  • Wyn Malloy
    19 Sep 2014
    7:56 AM

    Day 54 - Week 8 check in completed today!!! I'm happy with my measurements and the weight I have lost so far. However, I am not happy with the way my muscle development is going. I'm getting concerned about how far I can push myself in my training as my shoulder injury has flared up again over the last few days. Previously, I could still continue with training, however I just had to be careful about the weights I used. Now, it is at the stage where holding any weights and making any movement hurts the shoulder. I am going to try resting it over the next few days, and see if it improves. Yesterday I was in quite a bit of pain, and ended up sick from the anti-inflammatories and pain killers I was taking. I have attached some pics showing my progress over the last 8 weeks - some comparison pics and the stats. As yet, I haven't completed the fitness test due to the soreness of my shoulder. Hopefully, the pain will ease over the weekend so I can complete it then.

  • Wyn Malloy
    16 Sep 2014
    7:51 AM

    Day 51 I've attached a pic of my new best friend..... the foam roller. After yesterday afternoon's gym session, my butt cheeks were sore. It didn't help by today being legs day. At the end of my gym session this morning I had a good roll on the roller. Despite the "mild"discomfort, I'm loving my new gym and the trainer. I'll be back there tomorrow afternoon for another session with the same trainer, Cathy. I'll still keep going to my work gym each week day morning before work. But it is great to have a gym close to home for a bit extra oomph in my training. Today is a busy day work wise. I'm working at both of my jobs today. I plan on doing my Week 8 check in on Friday, so I'll be MIA from this site from tomorrow until Friday while I'm locked out. Exercise and nutition will continue on as it has been. I'll give an update on Friday on what has happened in the missing days.

  • Wyn Malloy
    15 Sep 2014
    7:50 AM

    Day 50 - Start of week 8 This morning I did a weigh in. The weight just keeps dropping off!!! I'm now at my lowest weight the I have been in I can't even remember how long. I now weigh 60.8kg, a loss of 2.8kg since last Monday. I'm looking forward to the Week 8 check in to see how much progress has been made with measurements and the fitness test. This morning's session at the gym I worked on chest, biceps and abs. My left shoulder is still quite sore, so I was restricted with some exercises, aprticularly the bicep curls. This afternoon after work, I am going to the gym near home for my 2nd trial session. I'm really looking forward to it, as the trainer I will have this afternoon used to compete in body sculpting. UPDATE I had my 2nd trial session at the gym close to home. The trainer was fantastic. Lots of great advice re: technique and I felt totally slammed by the end of it. Her experience in body sculpting is invaluable. I'm going back Wednesday after work for another session with her. As soon as I got home I jumped straight in the bath for a good soak. I was warned that i will be quite sore after this work out.

  • Wyn Malloy
    14 Sep 2014
    9:13 PM

    Day 49 Big day today!!!! I trialled another gym this morning. Fred's weekly message last week got me thinking. I feel like I still can push myself further. I feel like I need to lift heavier weights & exercise more frequently. Up until now, I've been going to the gym at work each weekday morning at 6am. I spend the weekend doing cardio & where I can do a 2nd session (usually cardio & body weight exercises) after work week days.. The gym I'm trialling is a 5 min walk from home & is open weekends. I plan on using this gym to get extra weight training in & push out some heavier weights. I'm going back tomorrow after work for my 2nd trial session. Today's session they didn't push me too hard, it was more to get to know me, what I'm capable of and checking out range of movement for my injuries. Hopefully tomorrow's session will amp up a bit more. After my gym session I did a trail run at a state park. All up it was 8km with a rating of medium to hard. The hard part was hard. There was 1km of very steep uphill climbing. By the end if it I was absolutely exhausted & it felt like my glutes took a hammering. As soon as I got home I had a good soak in the bath.... pure bliss!!! I've attached some pics of my day! Tonight I did my prep for the week ahead. Tonight's weekly message resonated with me "Be Amazing Do amazing Have amazing" It reinforced to me that I do need to be push myself further. Because in all honesty I don' think in my workouts I "Do amazing"! Hopefully the new gym will help me with this for the last 5 weeks.

  • Wyn Malloy
    13 Sep 2014
    9:24 AM

    Day 48 It is the weekend and I'm working at my 2nd job. I've got all my meals and snack pre-prepared with me. This is the start of my favourite time of the year..... Spring Racing!!!! When I finish work at 2pm, I am calling into to Flemingaton Racecourse for the Sofitel Girls Day Out race meeting. Normally I would take the day off work, arrange a group of gal pals to go and book an area in the members stand for afternoon tea. This year I decided to give it a miss to avoid temptation..... no afternoon tea AND no champagne. I will still go after work, however I will watch a few races then go home and not get caught up in the social aspect of the day which ALWAYS involves champagne! UPDATE i went to the races, watched a few races and consumed no champagne! After I finished at the races I went to my local GP as my left shoulser has flared up again. He recommends that I have another steroid injection. I'm hoping to put it off until after the challenge. If I have injection, I'm not allowed to use that arm for a week. At this stage if the challenge I'm not really wanting to miss a week of arm exerciseS. I plan on still using my arm but just being very mindful of the exercises that i do, to ensure no further damage is done. After finishing at the dr I went for a walk.

  • Wyn Malloy
    12 Sep 2014
    8:54 AM

    Day 47 6am session at the gym this morning. Yesterday the injury to my left shoulder flared up, and it is still quite sore today and I have limited range of movement. Today sessions was shoulders, triceps and abs. Unfortunately I was restricted with what shoulder exercises I could do. I could do some shoulder presses using light weights. Instead of the bent over rear delt raises, I did reverse flyes using the pinloaded machine. I was unable to do the side raises or the clean and press. I was able to do all tricep exercises except for the pushups. And all ab exercises were fine. At work on Friday it is customary to come in casual clothes unless we have an important meeting where a more professional look is needed. I don't have any meetings today so I'm in jeans. I've attached a pic of me in my jeans. The jeans are getting looser as the tummy is getting flatter. And I now need a belt to keep my jeans up :-)

  • Wyn Malloy
    11 Sep 2014
    7:57 AM

    Day 46 6am session at the gym to work on back. In addition to the back exercises on the Get Strong program, our trainer showed us an exercise to work on the trapazius. It was a shrug using the Smith machine. I also did some push ups. I have done a comparison for weeks 1 to 4 and the variance in weights that I have been lifting in that time period (see pic). I will use to see how I am progressing. I have noticed that there hasn't been much increase for my shoulder exercises. I have bursitis in both shoulders, so I still have to be careful with any shoulder exercises, therefore I am not exercise this muscle group to its full potential. My left shoulder was particularly sore this morning. At the end of week 8 I will do another comparison to see how I'm progressing and to identify where I can push myself a bit further. I've jsut finished my oats for breakfast. Today for I lunch I have a prepared salad, brown rice and marinated sword fish in lemon juice, ginger, chilli and garlic.

  • Wyn Malloy
    10 Sep 2014
    7:39 AM

    Day 45 Cardio Day!!! I was at the gym at 6am for my cardio session. I started with a warm up on the bike. I then did Janet's skipping challenge. Normally I do it after work at the local park, but today I decided to incorporate it into my cardio session. I was unable to skip in the main gym area because of the risk of hitting the sprinkler system and fire detector. So i had to skip away from the main gym and in the corridor near the change rooms that has a higher ceiling. I have attached a pic as it was all a bit bare and lonely and no where as nice as skipping at my local park. After I finished skipping I did some grinding, alternating before forward and backward movements each minute. I then did 5 sets of 200m sprints on the treadmill with a set of 20 ab exercises between each sprint. The sprint speeds were 14.2, 14.4, 14.6, 14.8 and 15 km/hr. I was extrenely hungry after the session. I have just finished my omlette for breakfast and I'm now eating my green apple and sipping on my x50 green tea as I'm about to start work for the day. After work I went to the shop where I usually get my protein supplies to see if they had any Intraboost or Beta Boost, but no luck. I have one more shop where I can try, otherwise I will order on line. While I was there I stocked up on swordfish, steak and chicken as well as some vegies.

  • Wyn Malloy
    9 Sep 2014
    7:47 AM

    Day 44 Leg day - I had a good early session at the gym. As well as the exercises on the program, I also did some calf extensions on the leg press and wall holds. All my meals have been prepared for the day. While I was in Byron Bay I bought some nutirtional yeast flakes. I have sprinkled some on my vegetables ready for lunch today. I'm looking forward to trying them. I had been looking in various shops around Melbourne for the Yeast flakes without any success. So I was super excited when I found them in a health food shop while I was on my mini break.

  • Wyn Malloy
    8 Sep 2014
    7:50 AM

    Days 40-43 End of Week 6. Half way mark!!!! I'm back home after 4 days away at Byron Bay to celebrate a friend's 50th birthday. I tried to do some blogs while I was away but for some reason they weren't saving. I had a great break and also managed to resist the many temptations...i.e. champagne, cheeses, desserts, chocolate etc. I took a stash of protein bars, protein poweder, almonds and oats with me. However, when we ate out I tried to find something healthy on the menu. Luckily at Byron Bay, it is a very health focused community and it wasn't too difficult. The main problem was trying to ensure that I ate at regular intervals. A few times I was caught out if we were out longer than expected an I didn't have a protein bar or some almonds with me. I didn't do any weight training while I was away, however I continued with the skipping challenge each morning. I also did a morning jog and each day I did the light house walk which was about 2 hours of walking some of it on a steep incline. I did a weigh in this morning - I have put on 500 grams since last Monday. While it is disappointing to be gaining weight rather than losing it, I am happy that it is only 500grams. I know now that I am back home and have more control over my diet and when I eat that this weight should come off easily and I'll be back on track. I have posted some pics of my holiday plus today's weigh in. This morning I had a 6am session at the gym working on chest, biceps and abs. It was a good work out and I particulary felt a lot of burn in my biceps today.

  • Wyn Malloy
    4 Sep 2014
    3:53 PM

    Day 39 first day of my 4 day girls getaway. So far so good with nutrition. I resisted the French champagne that was in the limo to pick us up from the airport! I stuck to the water. No chips or cheeses either... almonds & burn bar for me. I have attached 2 pics. The first one is my bottle of water in the foreground with the champagne bar in the limo in the background. The 2nd pic is of me with my water with my friend the birthday girl with her champagne.

  • Wyn Malloy
    3 Sep 2014
    7:31 AM

    Day 38 6am gym session. Today was supposed to be cardio day, however I did back and abs instead. Tomorrow morning I fly to Byron Bay for a 4 day getaway to celebrate a friend's 50th birthday. The next 4 days will be my first real big test of the challenge nutrition wise. We will be eating out a lot, so I am hoping that there will be healthy choices available or at least a chef who has some flexibility. I'm all packed ready for an early getaway. I've got a container with protein powder & bars, oats, X50 green tea & almonds. Skipping rope is also packed so I can continue with the skipping challenge

  • Wyn Malloy
    2 Sep 2014
    7:50 AM

    Day 37 Leg Day!!!! I had a good session at the gym this morning. I did a PB for squats 74.5kg. At the end of the session we had some extra time, so we did 4 sets of static wall holds. My legs were really tired by the time we got to the holds. I was only able to do a max of 45 sec hold. I realised when I was in the shower after my work out, that I forgot to bring in my pre-prepared steak for lunch. After cooking it last night, I left it out to rest and completely forgot it about it! I've got my vegies, but no meat. I will go to a nearby convenience store and hopefully be able to get a can of tuna for my protein fix for lunch. I've got everything else in my drawer at work... .but no tuna!

  • Wyn Malloy
    1 Sep 2014
    7:58 AM

    Day 36 - Start of week 6 A new week, a new month and a new season!!! Time is flying!!! We're almost at the halfway mark. 6am session at the gym working on chest, biceps and abdominals. My right shoulder is quite sore today from bursitis. It particularly hurt when doing the chest presses and flyes. As i got to the heavier weights I wasn't able to do as many reps as normal. I did a weigh in this morning. I am now 63.1kg. A loss of 6kg since the start of the challenge. I am doing Janet's skipping challenge, however I haven't been able to find my skipping rope at home. The trainer at the gym has very kindly lent me one from the gym. I plan on skipping after work. I will also have a more thorough look at home for mine. PM UPDATE After work I went to the park to do the skipping challenge. It was raining so I did it in an undercover area. The ground was quite wet and I ended up slipping a few times when doing the burpees. Next time I do it, I'll up the tempo when skipping to push myself a bit harder.

  • Wyn Malloy
    31 Aug 2014
    8:14 PM

    Day 35 Today was my 7th straight day of working, all up I've worked 60 hrs since Monday. I've got another 3 days of work before I get a day off. I ate according to the nutrition plan, however I didn't get any exercise in today. Today was supposed to be cardio day, however I was absolutely pooped after working so many hours. I gave myself a rest day from exercise to give my body a rest & recharge the batteries. However, food preparation for the week ahead still needed to be done. I'm planning an early night. I need a good sleep Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Wyn Malloy
    30 Aug 2014
    6:15 PM

    Day 34 i started work at my 2nd job at 5:45 this morning. I took my bag of pre-prepared meals with me. Lunch was a yummy mustard & chicken salad. After work I went back to the same state park that I went to last Saturday. I did a longer & steeper trail. This one took me to a gorge lined in granite. On the way back I saw an echidna. I've attached a collage of the trail including the echidna. I'm back home now & my muscles are starting to tighten up. After dinner I will probably have a soak in a Radox bath. Dinner tonight is salad & swordfish which has been marinating in lemon juice, garlic, chilli & ginger

  • Wyn Malloy
    29 Aug 2014
    7:54 AM

    Day 33 Shoulder, triceps and abs today!!! I had another good session at the gym this morning. I've just had my fave breakfast of the week - omelette! I'm now having my x50 Green Tea, hoping that it will give me a burst of energy to get me through the day. This morning I saw Janet's skipping challenge on the forum, which I will now do seeing as I've finished the bootie challenge. I love skipping and I find it gets the heart pumping and I work up a good sweat. This will be fun, plus push me that bit further. Looking forward to it!!!

  • Wyn Malloy
    28 Aug 2014
    7:50 AM

    Day 32 This morning gym's session was back and abs. My legs felt really heavy this morning when I was doing my 1km warm up on the treadmill. I had a great session this morning, and I got some pointers from my trainer on improving my technique when doing lat pull downs. For some reason my shoulders kept wanting to raise rather than staying down. So I have changed my grip to ensure that it is my back muscles that are getting the work out, We had a few spare minutes at the end of the session, so we did some extra ab exercises. I've attached a pic of me doing some teapots to exercise the lateral abs. I've also attached a pic of calluses on my hands. I normally wear gloves, but I forgot mine on Monday..... this is the result of one day without gloves! Today, during the workout I felt more tired than normal. I'm not sure if it is my body adjusting to the first week of a new more amped up program. I'm at my desk now ready to start work for the day and I've got my x50 green tea. So hopefully this will help the energy kick in!

  • Wyn Malloy
    27 Aug 2014
    7:44 AM

    Day 31 6am session at the gym for cardio day. After a 1km warm up on the treadmill I did 3min of skipping, 10 ladder runs, ali shufffles, star jumps and boxing. I had a good boxing session doing a mixture of circuits which really got the heart pumping and I worked up a sweat. I have attached a pic of the boxing session. I've just finished my omelette for breakfast. I go to the gym at work, then head straight from the gym to my office and have breakfast. At work we don't have a full kitchen, but we do have the basics - microwave, sandwich grill (which I use to heat up my chicken and steak for lunch), toaster etc. On omelette days I prepare the omelette the night before then heat it up once at work. I've attached a pic of my omelette prep. After work I went to get some more protein powders as I'm getting low. A went to a local store which is massive. As well as having a good health foods section, there is a big fresh produce area and an amazing deli and bottle shop. Normally when I go there I would stop by the deli and gets lots of yummy cheeses, pates, dips etc then go to the bottle shop area to get a nice bottle of French champagne. And that would be dinner! Today I just stuck to the health food area & the fresh produce area to get some fish for dinner. I've attached a pic of what I would normally buy and a pic of what I did buy. when I got home I went to the local park & did a circuit of star jumps, push ups, dips, squats & shuttle runs.

  • Wyn Malloy
    26 Aug 2014
    7:39 AM

    Day 30 6am session at the gym this morning working on legs. Our gym doesn't have a lot of machines in the way of legs, so improvisation was required. With the lying leg curl, my gym buddy and I took it in turns putting resistance agaisnt each others legs while the other one was doing the lying leg curl. We also did some one legged fit ball hammies, squats, deadlifts, leg press, calf extensions on the leg press and standing calf raises between sets while waiting. We did 4 sets of 10 for each. I've never had a gym session where I have just done legs. I've attached a pic that may be me tomorrow! As mentioned yesterday, I am still doing the bootie challenge. Today I found myself doing squats while in the shower!!! Just trying to maximise the occasions that I can fit some squats in! However, I refrained from doing pistol squats...... it would've ended in carnage on the wet tiles!!!!

  • Wyn Malloy
    25 Aug 2014
    8:01 AM

    Day 29 - And the start of a brand new week..... week 5!!!!! 6am session at the gym this morning working on chest, beiceps and abs. I must say I'm loving the new program. It feels like it has been stepped up a level and I could definitely feel the difference!!! I did a weigh in this morning and my weight is 63.8kg, a loss of 0.7kg since last Monday. I'm definitely feeling a lot better and a lot lighter. I still get quite tired, but I think that is partly due to working 6 days a week. I'm finding the X50 green tea is helping with my energy levels. Last night I watched Fred's weekly message. I have been doing as he suggested and keeping a record of my workouts since the start of the challenge. However, I haven't been keeping a record of my nutrition. I am following the diet plan, however I will now start keeping a Excel spreadsheet of my daily intake. I have been doing Janet's bootie challenge for 2 weeks now. It was only a two week challenge, but I loved it, so I've decided I'm going to keep it up. Update... I'm super excited!!!! Someone today commented postively about my weight loss :-)

  • Wyn Malloy
    24 Aug 2014
    3:39 PM

    Day 28 Last day of week 4!!!! We're now a third of the way through!!!! Woo hoo!!!! The last 4 weeks have flown!!! Today is my one day off work for the week. And usual I have to cram as much into the day as possible.... grocery shopping, food prep for the week, washing etc. After an early start, I made the mistake this morning of sitting down!!! And I got well and truly settled into lazy town! I was so exhausted & could easily have settled in there for the day. BUT I thought I need to really lift my game and get some exercise in. Usually on the weekends I like to go for a longish run. Today I didn't really have time for that but I still felt like I needed to get a good workout in. I ended up jogging to the park at the end of my street and did a circuit. I did: 50 star jumps 20 standing calf raises 20 incline push ups 30 squats 20 stepups 20 dips x 6 times i then went for a run around the lake. For my cool down, I decided instead of walking home the most direct way I would go a longer way around the block. I love walking around my area and admiring all the different architecture. There are a lot of beautiful old buildings. A lot were built in the Gold Rush era. I've attached a collage of some of them. When I got home I had some lunch & did some washing & also food prep for the week ahead. Now I'm on the couch with my X50 Green Tea & about to have another read of the edition of Maxine's News that is the Shape Up Challenge special edition. I'm need in some inspiration & focus. I don't think I have mentioned that as well as giving up alcohol, I have also given up coffee for the challenge. I know we are allowed coffee, however I'm a cafe latte kinda girl, so I thought I would just give coffee a miss altogether. Today was the first day where I felt that a coffee would have been nice. And I think the only reason was that on my walk home from the park I walked pass a newish cafe around the corner from my place and I could smell the coffee. Anyway... I just kept walking.....

  • Wyn Malloy
    23 Aug 2014
    6:41 PM

    Day 27 - Today I worked at my 2nd job. On the weekend when I work, I start work before 6am, so that I can get in my 8hrs of work but still finish at a reasonable time and still have some of the day left. After work I drove to a National Park which is about 45 mins away. I did a trail run which was a really good work out. Some parts the terrain were very steep & rocky. I could really feel it in my butt, especially seeing as I'm doing Janet's bootie challenge. The trail was up & down a gorge which took me to an outlook which had an amazing view across the gorge, mountains and river. It is a popular spot for abseiling. I've attached a pic of the scenery. ive done 180 squats today as part of the bootie challenge. The muscles are sore so I'm thinking a soak in the bath tonight is a very good idea

  • Wyn Malloy
    22 Aug 2014
    8:25 AM

    Day 26 - I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!! After being locked out for 2 days until I checked in, I'm back!!! This may sound weird, but for a girl who never used to like to blog before the challenge, I missed getting on line and being able to blog. See.... I'm a changed woman already!!! I also missed being able access the forums as well. Particulary the thread re our squat bootie challenge. I haven't been able to check in each day to find out what our new squat of the day is. I've still been doing the squats and mixing them up a bit. I'll jump back on to the thread as soon as I've posted this blog and post my squats for each day that I've miseed and also find out what squats I've missed. Not being able to access the website fully felt a bit isolating. Luckily, the group I'm in (the fabulous #BikiniBodyChallenge2014) have set up a Facebook page, so I was able to communcate that way and not feel completely like I'm in the challenge wilderness. This morning I did my weigh in, measurements, photos and fitness test. I have attached some photos to show the comparison. I am disappointed with the photos. To me, visually I can't see any change as yet. But I am excited with all my stats. In the first 4 weeks I have lost a total of 20.5cm, the biggest change was the stomach, where I lost 4.5cm. Overall, I have lost 5kg so far. I have improved in all aspects of the fitness test. However, my burpees need more work! During my few days lock out, I got some Green Tea 50x. I am loving it. I am finding that I have got heaps more energy that I previously had. OK.... better get stuck into some work for today! It's good to be back online :-)

  • Wyn Malloy
    19 Aug 2014
    7:43 AM

    Day 23 - 6am session at the gym working on shoulders, biceps, triceps and abdominals. We added a new exercise today to alternate with when doing the tricep pulldowns. Even though it is a back exercise, we decided to do some face pulls today as well. Start of Week 4 and I am starting to feel the difference - I'm feeling lighter and stronger. But still tired. I'm still using the spreadsheet to keep track of each session and the weights we've been lifting. This has been a huge help and a big time saver when at the gym.

  • Wyn Malloy
    18 Aug 2014
    8:22 AM

    Day 22 - Start of Week 4 and we are a quarter of the way through.... woo hoo... the weeks are flying!!!!! I did my weekly weigh in this morning. Weight = 64.5kg, a loss of 1.2 since last week and a total of 4.6 since starting. I've already reached one of my goals - I wanted to lose 4kg by the end of Week 4. I know that I'm not supposed to be so focused on my weight, but I find it is a good gauge for me so that I know if I'm on track. I'm not sure whether it is because my body is used to weight training since I've been going to the gym for many years. However, I will be doing measurements every 4 weeks. I did my measurements at the start of the challenge and I'm looking forward to doing them again at the end of this week (Week 4) to see how I'm progressing. i had a 6am session at the gym this morning working on chest, legs and back. I can definitely feel myself getting stronger and I'm lifting weights easier than I have been. I've made notes on my spreadsheet of which exercises I can increase the weight next seesion. I've attached a pic of my weigh in and of me doing 70kg squats. Today's squats for the bootie challenge are squat jumps. I won't be able to do these discretely in my office like I have been with the others throughout the challenge. It is out into the open plan for me and SQUAT JUMP!!!!!

  • Wyn Malloy
    17 Aug 2014
    1:57 PM

    Day 21 - last day of week 3!!!! Today is rest day for the bootie challenge. However, I didn't realise. I had already done 2 sets of 30 before I got on the forum & saw the post from Janet letting us know that it is a rest day. I'm working at my 2nd job today & I'm super tired . I planned on doing some cardio after work, but I'll wait & see how i feel when I get home. I'm thinking it may be best to take another rest day to recharge the batteries as it feels like I may be coming down with a cold. Update - I got home and was absolutely exhausted, so I decided to give the cardio a miss. Instead, I had Fred's energy drink and an early night.... bliss!

  • Wyn Malloy
    16 Aug 2014
    7:40 PM

    Day 20 - Rest day I still did my squats as part of the Bootie Challenge. I did 180 all up for the day.

  • Wyn Malloy
    15 Aug 2014
    8:00 AM

    Day 19 - 6am session at the gym working on shoulders, triceps, biceps and abdominals. With the bicep curls, we are working our way up the rack and are getting towards the end!!! I woke up this morning feeling great. Normally by Friday it is a struggle to get out of bed. For the last 2 weeks I have been having Max's Nitetime shake before going to bed, and I'm finding that I have been sleeping alot better! Once I'm asleep, I'm asleep! No stirring through the night and before I know it it is morning time and time to get up and go off to the gym. I am still however getting quite tired towards the end of the day. My favourite breakfast of the week is today - omlette with kale and baby spinach. I have attached a pic of an email that came through this afternoon. It is Friday afternoon and I get this email from the Champagne Gallery. Normally I would skim over the email see which 6 pack I want and place an order. Today, after taking a pic of it, I deleted the email. Temptation has been removed!

  • Wyn Malloy
    14 Aug 2014
    8:00 AM

    Day 18 6am start at the gym for chest, legs and back day. My training buddy Heather and I are both starting to feel stronger and are surprised at the weights that we are now lifting quite easily. I have been keeping a spreadsheet of the weights lifted at each of our sesions. At the end of week 4, I will go back and do a comparison of what we were lifting to what we are now lifting. I'm definitely in the zone..... I'm like a mad woman on a mission. My focus is on getting the best possible results that I can!!! The switch has been flicked and it is go go go :-) I'm loving the challenge and it feels like a completely different experience to last year. Don't get me wrong, last year I was focused as well and got great results. However, this year I seem to be amped up at a whole new level, and want more than great results ;-) Day 4 of the Bootie Challenge - 270 squats done. I did a set of 30 after breakfast, before morning snack, after lunch, after afternoon shake, after work, before dinner, after dinner, before night shake, before bed. This was in addition to the squats that formed part of my workout this morning. I did 4 sets of 8 squats, the last set squatting at just under 70kg.

  • Wyn Malloy
    13 Aug 2014
    7:47 AM

    Day 17 - 6am start at the gym for cardio day. I started with a 1km jog at 13.2km. Followed by 5 x 100 skips, 5 shuttle runs, 10 min on bike at level 10 doing Kilamanjaro program, sprints on treadmill (5 x 200m with 20 ab crunches between each sprint). Sprint speeds - 14.2, 14.4, 14.6, 14.8, 15 km/hr) Bootilicious Squat Challenge - So far I have done 2 sets of 30 squats - before pre workout shake and before breakfast. I'll keep the same pattern going as yesterday i.e. do 30 squats before each meal and snack/shake. UPDATE I ended up doing 8 sets of 30 squats (240) - before pre workout, before breakfast, before morning snack, after lunch, before afternoon shake, before dinner, before night shake. I'm loving this extra challenge. I'm now associating food with squats. At lunch time I was sooo hungry that I went straight to my lunch and completely forgot about the squats. As soon as I picked up my knife and fork to start eating I remembered the squats. But since I was starving, I waited until after lunch to do that set of squats.

  • Wyn Malloy
    12 Aug 2014
    7:48 AM

    Day 16 I had another good session at the gym this morning. I worked on shoulders, biceps, triceps and abs, I increased the weights for biceps and tricps, however I couldn't go heavier for shoulders due to my bursitis and not being able to get a full range of movement. I incorporated another exercise into my ab routine. Plank jacks with a val slider. It is a plank, however you have val sliders under your feet and move your feet out then back in again. It not only works the abs, but legs and butt as well. Speaking of butt, yesterday I started the bootie challenge that Janet put up on the forum. before every meal you do 30 air squats. I only saw the post just before lunch, so I decided that I would do 30 squats before every meal, snack and shake. Yesterday I did 150 - 30 before lunch, 30 before afternoon shake, 30 before dinner, 30 before yoghurt and berries (2nd part of dinner), 30 before shake. So far today I've done 60 - 30 before my preworkout and 30 before breakfast. OK.... need to start work now..... PM UPDATE it was a busy day work wise, as after I finished at my full time job I went to my 2nd job. I did manage to get more squats in during the day. I did 210 all up - a set of 30 before pre workout shake, before breakfast, before morning snack, before lunch, before afternoon shake, before dinner, before night time shake. I mixed it up - pulses, slow down with a burst up, different feet positions. I am definitely feeling it!

  • Wyn Malloy
    11 Aug 2014
    7:33 AM

    Day 15 - Start of Week 3 Weight = 65.7 kg - a loss of 1.3kg since last week. The usual 6am gym session this morning working on chest, legs and back. With chest and legs, I went heavier than last session. For the back exercises I stayed on the same weight as the last sessions, as I'm still struggling on the last 2 sets. I have just added a picture that Janet put up on the forum.... it is a great reminder, and a good way to keep focused on the overall goals.

  • Wyn Malloy
    10 Aug 2014
    6:21 PM

    Day 14 - end of Week 2 First thing this morning I did the grocery shopping to stock up for the week ahead. Shopping is heaps easier on the challenge - go to the fruit & veggie section, followed by meat then eggs... quick & easy! Today was cardio day so I went for a 9km jog. I deviated from my usual route and went to a local conservation park. I got to see some wildlife, run on a bit rougher terrain & slightly higher gradient. This was capped off with a nice view of the city. On the way home I passed a park that has different exercise stations. Normally I jog straight past & don't bother looking to see what they have. Today I decided to stop at one & have a look. I'm glad I did! There was a rotating one that worked the abs. I did 10 mins on it & could really feel it work! i normally struggle to find an ab exercise that I can feel it really working. Loved it, I'll have to go back to it on my next run. This afternoon was the usual Sunday prep for the week ahead. Ive taken some pics to do a comparison of my progress in the last 2 weeks. The love handles are slowly going!!! Ill try try and have an early njght tonight as I'm still getting quite tired. But I guess working 6 days a week doesn't help. Im still loving the challenge and sticking to the nutrition & exercise plans. I'm looking forward to the 4 week check in point to see how I'm progressing.

  • Wyn Malloy
    9 Aug 2014
    12:06 PM

    Day 13 Rest day today. Actually, I should say "rest from exercise" today. I'm working at my 2nd job today, so it isn't exactly a restful day. Tonight I went with a friend to see a movie at Gold Class. Normally this would involve champagne and/or cocktails and an array of nibblies. To help resist temptation, I had my evening meal beforehand as per the nutrition plan. I took a Burn bar with me and ordered a green tea to have with it. My friend gave me a belated birthday present (my birthday was in May).... a bottle of champagne!!! Normally this would be the perfect gift for me! Instead of putting the champagne in the fridge when I got home, I decided to put it at the bottom of my wardrobe...... Out of sight, out of mind!!! Plus it isn't chilled!

  • Wyn Malloy
    8 Aug 2014
    7:37 AM

    Day 12 I had a good session at the gym this morning working on shoulders, biceps, triceps and abs. We added a few diferent ab exercises today - hanging leg raises and reverse sit ups. Today is casual clothes Friday at work. Today I am wearing my jeans and they are feeling looser....... woo hoo! I've just finished my yummy omlette for breakfast with kale, baby spinach, cpasicum and a little bit of tomato and spring onion in it. I'm at my desk ready to start work for the day......

  • Wyn Malloy
    7 Aug 2014
    11:58 AM

    Day 11 That's weird, I did a blog first thing this morning but it has gone!!!!! I'll try and remember what I wrote. This morning was the usual 6am start at the gym. Today was chest, legs and back plus some abs at the end. We've been gradually increasing our weights for most exercises. However, with the flys I have problems. I've got bursitis in both shoulders. It is a bit of a balancing act to find the right weight where I can push my muscles but not lose technique due to pain in the shoulder. It's not even the end of Week 2 and I'm starting to notice changes - clothes are fitting a bit easier and love handles are gradually dwindling... woo hoo!!! The only downside is that I still get quite tired though. Hopefully that will improve over the next week or so.

  • Wyn Malloy
    6 Aug 2014
    7:34 AM

    Day 10 I was at the gym at 6am this morning for cardio and abs. I started with a 1km warm up on the treadmill at 13km/hr. This was followed by: 3 x 100 skips - 30 second break between sets10 min on the bike at level 10 doing the Kilamanjaro programgrinder for 10 mins5 x 200m sprints on the treadmill with a 30 sec break between each sprint - increased the levels each sprint 14, 14.2, 14.4, 14.6, 14.8crunchespinloaded crunchesI've attached a pic of my gym. Despite it looking empty in the pic, there were people there! I strategically took pics when no one was in a particular area. I read an interesting post on the forum today regarding tiredness, which was very reassuring. Tiredness and lethary is due to the change in metabolism. My body is now burning and converting excess fat stores for energy and repairing and growing muscles, and as a result tiredness and lethargy kicks in. Apparently, as my body gets used to fuelling in a more efficient way, my energy levels will pick up , and my body will work better than it ever has.

  • Wyn Malloy
    5 Aug 2014
    7:43 AM

    Day 9 I had a really good session at the gym this morning working on shoulders, biceps, triceps and abdominals. We will be changing our seated alternate dumb bell bicep curls to concentrated curls from now on. We were both struggling with the last set, and one of our gym buddies suggested doing a concentrated curl. It worked a treat! We could feel it working the muscles more. So we decided that we will now do them for all sets. The lying tricep curls were great today too. I got the arm wobbles while being spotted in the last set and could really feel the burn. Love it! I'm still updating my spreadsheet after each workout and it is being a very useful tool for our workouts. One of the guys at the gym saw it and asked me to email it to him, as he is wanting to track his workouts too. Today is a big day work wise. I'm working at my full time job during, then I'm going straight to my 2nd job. So it will be a long tiring day! As the day progressed my glutes got sore from the squats yesterday. It wasn't too bad though, I could sit and stand without being in agony!

  • Wyn Malloy
    4 Aug 2014
    9:00 AM

    Day 8 and the start of a brand new week... Week 2!!!!!! I weighed myself this morning - I now weigh 67kg, a loss of 2.1kg in week 1..... woo hoo!!! This morning's gym session was chest, legs and back. We added more legs to today's workout - we are now doing barbell squats, deadlifts and calf raises. I train with my gym buddy Heather who is also doing the challenge. While we are waiting for the other one to finish their leg exercises, we do the calf raises in our break. I have bought a 2nd pack of Maxines' Burn so I can alternate the flavours. I did have chocolate and have since bought strawberry. I felt I needed a bit of variety. Yes, it is possible for a girl to have too much chocolate (even if it is protein shakes!!!) I have joined a group that I found through the Forum - #bikinibodychallenge2014. It looks like a great group of girls who are all banding together to inspire and motivate each other...... love it!!! After work the sun was shining and I didn't have to go to my 2nd job, so I decided to do some more exercise. I did an express high intensity workout. I jogged to the local park at the end of my street as a warm up (approx 500m away), followed by: 50 star jumps20 push ups (on toes)50 body weight squatsI did another set of the above, then did a lap of the lake (approx 1km). I then repeated all of the above. My cool down was the walk home where I did some stretches All up it probably took me approx 30 min. In that time I did 200 star jumps, 80 pushups, 200 body weight squats and 3km of run/jog. It got the heart pumping! Where I can I will try and do a 2nd session in the afternoon, and fit in as a many sets as I can and vary the exercises that I do.

  • Wyn Malloy
    3 Aug 2014
    2:38 PM

    Day 7 First thing this morning I went grocery shopping to get my supplies for the week. I also got some more containers so I can do a bit more prep for the week ahead. It was a freezing cold day today, but at least the sun was out! I went for an 8km jog. At about the 5km, my ankle which I rolled 3 weeks ago while in Bali on a boot camp, started hurting. So I eased off & did some interval training. When I got home I did a circuit of the body weight exercises that Fred went through on this week's Muscle TV. For lunch I made a yummy cleansing Kale Salad that I saw in the nutrition section of the Forum (thanks Fred for posting, it was delish!). I had the salad with tuna.. This afternoon I met a group of friends at a local wine bar to celebrate a friend's birthday. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be to there & not drink! I also said no to the apparently very yummy ice cream birthday cake!! I wasn't tempted at all. I knew that I wanted great results in this challenge more than I wanted the wine or the cake! So yay for me! I impress myself sometimes.... hahaha!!!!

  • Wyn Malloy
    2 Aug 2014
    7:32 PM

    Day 6 and today is my rest day.

  • Wyn Malloy
    1 Aug 2014
    10:44 AM

    Day 5 - I was at the gym at 6am this morning. I swapped our program around a little bit. My gym isn't open on a Saturday (I go to the gym at work). So I will be doing Saturday's weight progam on a Friday, and cardio will be on Saturday. I had a good work out this morning. I got some useful tips from one of my gym buddies regarding my technique. On some exercises, I was going too heavy with the weights and was losing some technique. I've dropped some weights back down so that I can concentrate on making sure the technique is correct. I've attached a pic of my mid morning Burn bar that I'm munching on as typing this :-)

  • Wyn Malloy
    31 Jul 2014
    8:27 AM

    Day 4 6am session at the gym this morning with my gym buddy Heather. Worked on chest, legs, back and some abs at the end of the session. We found the spreadsheet that I've set up really helpful with our weight training. There was no guessing what weights we started and finished on last session. Yesterday a delivery arrived with some more Maxine products. In with the products there was a sample size of N.O.-Explode. I had some before this morning's session. I'm not really sure if it made any difference. It did taste horrible though! My trainer gave me some samples of other supplements to try. Which I will over the next few days/weeks. I've attached a pic of my lunch on the go at work today. Grilled fish, salad & brown rice. All pre-prepared, with the fish & rice being warmed up at work. My work buddies are jealous :-)

  • Wyn Malloy
    30 Jul 2014
    7:32 AM

    Day 3 - 30th July Hit the gym at 6am for cardio. After my 1km warm up on the treadmill, I did a circuit of skipping, shuttle runs. random program on cross trainer, and Kilamanjaro on the bike. Finished off with some teapots for the abs. I've attached a pic of the spreadsheet that I've set up. I'm using it to keep track of workouts, weights lifted, muscle soreness etc. I'm finding it handy to use so that I know for the next workout what weights I need to start and finish at. I've got a comment section at the bottom where I'll make a note as to whether the weights that day were too hard, too light, or OK. I've been feeling really dehydrated the last few days, so I'm drinking heaps! But I still seem to be thirsty. I've just had my yummy omlette for breakfast - kale, capsicum, onion, mushrooms, tomato, thyme, and now I'm at my desk ready to start work for the day.

  • Wyn Malloy
    29 Jul 2014
    7:54 AM

    Day 2!!!!! I woke up with a bit of muscle soreness from yesterday.....yay!!!!! It may sound strange, but it is a good feeling! I hit the gym at 6am. Muscle groups worked on today were - shoulders, biceps, triceps and abdominals. I had a good workout. I've got bursitis in both shoulders, so I have to be careful when working the shoulders. I mainly felt pinching when doing the side raises, but apart from that all good! I've just had my breakfast of yoghurt & chocolate burn with my green tea. I must say, I do enjoy this more than the oats! I'm now at my desk ready to start work for the day. PM UPDATE As the day progressed, my quads got sorer. So when I got home I had a nice soak in the bath. Very tired tonight, so i had an early night. Today I worked at my 2 jobs. I work full time, plus I have casual job that I work at a few evenings a week once I've finished at my full time job, plus one day on the weekend. I left home this morning just after 5am, and got home after 7pm. So it makes for a long day. A soak in the bath and an early night were definitely needed!

  • Wyn Malloy
    28 Jul 2014
    8:04 AM

    The Vital Stats - Day 1 Weight - 69.1kg Bust - 96cm Chest - 84.5cm Waist - 79.5cm Hips - 96cm R & L thigh - each 58cm The lead up to the start of the challenge - Goals have been set - Action plan has been drawn up - Self assessment has been done - Initial fitness test has been completed - Food preparation for the week has been done - Nutrition plans and exercise plans have been printed out - Fridge and pantry have been cleaned out and any temptations have been removed - I've brought into work an emergency stash of protein bars, tuna and almonds - Motivation is high Nutrition I've just had my first breakfast of oats and protein powder. I can't say that I love it, and I must say it bought back memories of last year's challenge! At least the green tea helped to wash it down! The Workout 6am session at the gym this morning with my gym buddy Heather, who is also doing the challenge. We both did the challenge last year and were happy with our results. However, in retrospect we could have pushed harder with the weight training and the weights we were lifting. Today was back, legs and chest. My warm up was a 1km jog at 11.6km. I'm recovery from a fractured toe and a rolled ankle, so I'm gradually building up to a faster pace. Today was trial and error day - trying to work out what our starting weights need to be, so that we can really push ourselves hard on the last few sets. There are some exercises that I feel we can start heavier next time. I've set up an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of our weights and progress. I'm at my desk now, so I better get stuck into some work!!! P.S. I don't really see myself as a blogger, but I'll see how I go. I know a lot of the competitors last year found it really useful in keeping themselves accountable, to keep track of their progress and to keep themselves motivated. So I'll see how I go with it and hopefully I can learn to love to blog! PM UPDATE I finished work early and it was a lovely afternoon, so I went for a run down to my local river. I was getting electric shock type pain at the site of my fractured toe, so I only did 4km. I'm still testing out how far I can push myself with the healing fracture. I pulled up OK afterwards, so all is good!

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